1. Brad says

    This is a good example of why I’m skeptical of Obama’s pretty words in support of same sex marriage. This lawsuit should go forward as should the legalization of same-sex marriage, but the president could issue an executive order suspending deportations pending the deliberation of the law suits and the shepherding of legislation through congress. Meanwhile, despite his pretty speech of support, Obama does nothing, as usual, to back up his words. He wants our campaign donations but doesn’t really want to do anything for it. Watch, he’ll be re-elected and then after the tepid support of failed legislation (if any at all) the WH will throw up it’s hands and say, oh well. DADT barely was repealed despite WH reluctance to support it in any way and the Justice department continued it’s vicious campaign to enforce the law to the very bitter end. That’s what Obama does when he “supports” lgbt rights.

  2. says

    @Brad, if you’re skeptical of the administration’s actions on DOMA, you must be 100 times more skeptical of a Romney/Republican majority, right?

    Because while the Dem’s are fighting for stays on deportations pending a resolution of DOMA (which the President’s DOJ finds unconstitutional) the Republicans are working to preserve DOMA and, in Romney’s case, undo all the existing marriages of same-sex couples via the federal marriage amendment he supports. I’m guessing the fates of these same-sex married couples, who absolutely deserve to stay together, are more secure under the current President–whose DOJ is working against DOMA tho the Repub’s are trying to kill funds for that–than under a Romney administration.

    If you think otherwise, tell us and these couples why . . .

  3. MSquare says

    I am one half of a binational gay couple, or better said: I was. After two years of distance and finding no solution, DOMA got the best of us.

    I also had contact with Immigration Equality. We donated and also seeked help in desperate moments. I am all for anyone doing something for the gay community, whatever their motives are, but to write “Immigration Equality, the totally excellent non-profit” is a hyperbole to say the least.

  4. MichiganExpat says

    Given the importance of this lawsuit, couldn’t these interviews be recorded on something besides an iphone? Or at least not recorded in a dark concrete block hallway with a dozen other people all talking at the same time?

  5. says

    I am also half of a bi-national couple. I also reached out to Immigration Equality. And my Congressional delegation and party leaders (in Hawaii — one of the bluest of the blue!). And Stop the Deportation guys. It’s gotten me no where. :,(

    While I’m so glad to see couples *who are already united here* get some reprieve, couples like us are still waiting to unite in this country. We’re coming up on FOUR YEARS of forced separation. Sure, we talk every day on Skype and I visit as much as I am able, but it’s not the same. And it’s taken a heavy financial and psychological toll on us both. This is the most cruel effect of DOMA of all, and yet we have no one helping us in any way. I’m so tired and discouraged and frustrated. We need relief posthaste. Will anyone out there help us? Does anyone really give a damn?

    Last year, I learned about a provision of the executive branch that could unite same-sex bi-national couples, and what’s more — the Obama administration has used it to reunite a gay couple in June 2010! When I found out about this, I was ecstatic to see precedence. But the ‘honorable’ Sen. Inouye’s staffer refused to do as Kerry had to intervene in their case. More details of this is on our website under the Open Letter link.

    I sent this link out last week to several LGBT web site, and not one has cared enough to follow-up with me or post the link.

    Please sign and share our petition to the White House:

  6. Simon says

    1) Many people say ‘God hates gays’ and keep using the word ‘God’ not ‘Jesus’. The fact is Jesus Christ NEVER CONDEMNED HOMOSEXUALITY and Christ is the God for Christians. Some may then say God is the Father, but there’s no such religion of ‘Godian’ , ‘Fatherian’ or whatever. So for people to still believe ‘God hates gays’, either those people are taking GOP as ‘GOD’, (GOP are indeed one of the biggest bigots and of course the false ‘God’), or those religious nuts are worshiping a different ‘God’ other than Jesus. Either way homophobes bigots are not followers of Christ but ANTICHRIST rather as they share a different view of belief from Christ!

    2)In the religion Christianity, the believers are followers of Christ and it’s clearly stated by Jesus that His top 2 commandments are above all other biblical laws and they should follow those. The top 2 commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. So again, religious nuts just like pharisees, are ANTICHRIST who are obsessed with all others nonsense religious laws which they put as higher importance to those of Jesus top commandments! Jesus condemned such religious nuts just as those pharisees.

  7. says

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  8. James Troia says


    I have signed your petition and posted it on facebook and also in my facebook group too.

    I have asked people to share it as well :)

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