Ukrainian Gay Activist Beaten As Media Looks On


Via The Daily Beast comes this disturbing image of Gay Forum of Ukraine leader Svyatoslav Shereme getting beaten during an announcement that a scheduled gay pride parade had been called off.

Rather than intervening, it appears at least one photographer spent the time instead snapping a picture.


  1. princely54 says

    @Marty, as well as most of the continent of Africa, Indonesia, China, the Middle East and chunks of the US. I wish this kind of thing ONLY happened in Ukraine, but I can see this happening to varying degrees in many places.

  2. Francis says

    True, Princely. I don’t think it would be to this extreme but the crap we’re seeing throughout the south and Middle America, social conservatives, when it comes to the hate they display towards our community, doesn’t give us much place to hail ourselves as the standard of treatment as a country towards LGBTQ citizens. But still, it is true that Eastern Europe as a whole is ultra backwards on this issue.

    Every single LGBT person who is out in these communities are extremely brave, and especially the activists, where simply walking outside your house could see you get beaten and killed.

  3. barilla says

    Recording brutal events to spotlight them for the world takes precedence over dropping everything to help. And you’re going to race in between him and 4 (or more) crazed bashers? Doubt it.

  4. Sethboy says

    I’m not sure if this was a photo made by a passerby, a participant, or a working journalist.

    If the first, yes they should have stepped in to help – but at the same time the image stands as a powerful visual signal of the reality of anti-gay hate – a photograph is worth a thousand words.

    If a participant, they must have gotten some sick satisfaction from watching their comrades – and should be equally punished and suffer.

    If a journalist, their job IS to record events – NOT to participate in them. A journalist in a war zone, for example, does not pick up a rifle to help the troops – he takes pictures. This is similar.

    No matter who took the picture, the bottom line is that this sort of sick violence and deep hatred must one day be ended. This photo is a powerful weapon to be used by advocates fighting for equal rights, fair treatment, and the safety of all people.

  5. AdamA says

    What Sethboy said. If this is from a photojournalist, your insinuation of guilt is unwarranted. Sending images like this around the world is their job.

  6. Randy says

    If it weren’t for photojournalists, sites like this wouldn’t have much to put in their articles. Like this.

    The person with the camera made a judgment call that it would be more effective to take the photo rather than take on a violent group of people.

    Unless you’re certain your intervention will help the victim, don’t do it. Two victims and no news story is much worse than one victim with a news story and possible justice.

    The perpetrators you don’t see here are the police who failed to protect this man against at least three attackers who clearly planned this in advance. Where were the police?

  7. vanndean says

    Note the masks worn by perpetrators. If you know that what you are doing is criminal, you take precautions to make sure that you are not identifiable. If their cause was “just” there would be no reason to attempt to be anonymous while committing this act.

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