1. says

    The use of gay images is OK when selling the US as a tourist destination but states are allowed to vote on gay marriage, interesting when tourist dollars are involved, maybe gays should boycott all states that deny gay marriage and only travel and spend our money in the states and DC where we have more rights and see if that gets us any attention.

  2. Disgusted American says

    LK – well as a Tax Paying Gay american – as Far as Im concerned the south doesnt exist in my america…and america will be spelled with a SMALL (a) doesn’t deserve a capital A

  3. paul says

    hmmm…land where you can dream of equal rights but not actually have them. Until all states have full equality then you can’t paint a picture of America as gay inclusive. I don’t think you can put politics aside in this respect.

  4. Pete n SFO says

    I like it…

    We’re far from perfect, but we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

    Overall, this is a nation of beauty strengthened by its diversity. It feels good to recognize that once in a while.

  5. Alex says

    Does anyone think these ads will continue if we get a Republican administration ? Watch for the gays, Hispanics, African- and Asian- Americans to all be deleted. Come visit Whiteland!

  6. JP says

    Aw this made me teary eyed, and I never cry.

    The cute gay couple, the Holi Festival…aahhhhhh.

    I’d so make my parents immigrate here again if they hadn’t already. haha

  7. says

    Friends, don’t underestimate the progress that has already been made in the USA on many fronts ….towards equality, not just towards gay rights but in racial rights and women’s rights.
    Sure we need to have on high visibility jackets; sure, there is only a short two seconds of gay men in the ad.

    But from such little advances do we move forward…..and I truly believe that USA public is moving towards a really open diverse gay friendly society in which it is becoming less acceptable to discriminate against us.

  8. bart von says

    I thought I saw the gay couple on a street car in New Orleans. I want people to know that New Orleans is very gay inclusive. I live here and can speak to it’s openess. I hope yawll vist us.

  9. Darrell says

    I will give the US Tourism board credit for the micro inclusion of the couple on the New Orleans street tram and the song choice of “Land of Dreams” too bad in most of the United States, The politicions do not yet realize that the “Land of Reality” is next door and called Canada. Even our right wing anti-gay politicians and voters know that we have moved on and are on top of the “equality” list on the planet. But this is a another step that American society has taken forward to have this on a toursim video. The other question is when do the protests against airing it on U.S TV networks during primetime start????

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