‘Will & Grace’ Creator Max Mutchnick Finds Obama’s Position, That He is ‘Evolving’ on Gay Marriage, ‘Wholly Offensive’

Yesterday I noted that Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, and Debra Messing had responded to VP Joe Biden's reference of their show in his Meet the Press remarks endorsing marriage equality.

Kohan_mutchnickSaid Biden in the interview: “When things really begin to change is when the social culture changes. I think ‘Will & Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody’s ever done so far.”

Variety spoke with show creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick.

Series co-creator David Kohan called the reference “thrilling and surprising and humbling.”

Mutchnick, who is an event chair of an LGBT fundraiser for Obama in L.A. on June 6, praised Biden, but has more pointed words for Obama:

…he said that the President “needs to catch up with his vice president in terms of his views.”

“I have always thought that his language, where he has stated that his views are ‘evolving,’ I personally find that wholly offensive,” Mutchnick said. “I can’t imagine what it would be like to say that about other minorities in the United States. I couldn’t speak that way about other people.”

“The reason I feel most offended by this is because I don’t believe the President believes this,” Mutchnick said. “I don’t believe he is evolving. I believe he is a man seeking reelection, and he all but breaks it down into Morse code.” He was referring to the nuance of the President's position, as he tries to woo LGBT support yet does not embrace same-sex marriage for fear of jeopardizing votes in key swing states.

He added, “The President should take a page from his friend Oprah Winfrey who takes a page from her friend Maya Angelou. ‘We do better when we know better.’ I believe the President knows better.”

Mutchnick says he's writing his check on June 6 for Joe Biden.


  1. Fenrox says

    God damn, Screw Biden for dropping Will and Grace as a thing. That show was horrible sitcom drivel and I hate that everyone involved with it now has to respond. I could care less what will and grace think of 2012 marriage equality.

  2. Polyboy says

    “Wholly offensive?”

    I find people offensive who cannot see the forest for the treesl; who cannot see the nature of national elections; who will not understand that if they cut off the nose to spite the face, they will bleed to death.

    I find those people offensive.

  3. antbnyc says

    You have it exactly right Polyboy. It’s far more important for the President to win and continue his incremental (and far-reaching) policies that have improved our equal standing more than any statement on behalf of same-sex marriage ever could. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he says he thinks I should be able to get married. I care very much that gay men and women can serve their country honestly and openly – etc etc etc.

    Hopefully he NC vote on the gay marriage ban amendment – which is going to pass – will remind us all how much they (the conservative majority) still truly loathe and fear us and hate the idea that we should have civil rights equal to theirs. If you can’t see this then you’re not looking.

  4. carl says

    Yes, let’s all jump on the bandwagon to crucify Obama who (horrors) is trying to win this all-important election. Are the activists (this blog included) actually willing to lose in November for this pyrrhic victory? Absolutely incredible.

  5. ScottNYC says

    Obama is the cool guy dating someone, the LGBT community, he is so ashamed of that he won’t tell his friends about us. He makes promises, “I’ll introduce you to my friends, “assures us, “oh, baby, you know I love you” and gives us excuses “my friends are jerks, I’m embarassed of them,not you.”. So we give him money, we support him, and we wait.

    How long do we wait until we call him out, or move on? Until then, Obama’s behavior IS offensive and we are pathetic.

    Obama’s reelection does not guarantee anything, especially if social conservatives take over the senate and keep the house. The president, no matter who it is, can make the changes we want by themselves. Pinning all of our hopes on a man who can’t go farther than say he is “evolving” is a huge mistake.

  6. Corey D. says

    @ScottNYC You and the other whiny/bellyaching members of the LGBT community drive me to drink! You never acknowledge all that the current administration has achieved; your pessimism does nothing to forward our cause.

    You’re quick to point out Obama’s reelection guarantees NOTHING, but Obama failing to be re-elected does indeed guarantee a few things. It guarantees a repeal of DADT (Romney is on record saying as much). It guarantees at least 2 new right-wing Supreme Court appointments (as Ginsberg, Kennedy, and Breyer are all very near retirement.) Thus tilting a very Right leaning Court firmly Right for the next 20 to 30 years or so! Then where would we be!?

    My own position on Marriage equality has “evolved” greatly since I came out over 15 years ago, allow this President his evolution “cover,” Obama is demonstrably a strong ally of the LGBTQ community.

    Please know and try to keep in mind, any unilateral/Executive Order can also be UNdone with one.

  7. MichaelJ says

    I agree with with Polyboy, Corey D. et al. It is one thing to urge Obama to do the right thing. It’s another to attack him for not doing something that will likely harm his ability to get re-elected in six months, which most of us would regard as all too important given who dominates the Republican Party. And, if as ScottNYC suggests, Republicans end up controlling Congress, it is all the more important not to have a Republican in the White House.

  8. ScottNYC says

    Corey D- i am not sure if I was whining or belly aching and I sure hope I am not the cause of your problems with alcohol. My point is we should demand more from the leaders we choose to support. Obama refuses to sign an executive order to protect LGBT against workplace discrimination. This would be an easy thing to do if he had a spine. With more pressure on him, instead of giving him blind support, may be more effective at getting what we want. (Just because an executive order can be reversed does not mean it should not be signed now.)
    Obama is working for the support of those who will not blindly follow him. Currently he is courting Hispanics, women, and middle class in swing states. He knows the black and gay vote are safe so we are taken for granted.
    I am a fiscal conservative and socially liberal. Obama has implemented fiscally liberal policies and not done much at all for liberal social issues. He is a huge disappointment to me.

    I am proud of the politicians in my state of NY who stood up and voted for gay marriage, which even included some republicans, to whom I sent thank you letters. We should praise our politicians when they do good and complain loudly when they don’t. Staying quiet so someone has an easier chance at reelection, is not a winning strategy. He would have no more motivation to push our agenda in a second term than he does now, especially with a likely more socially conservative congress.

  9. Yuki says

    I haven’t a problem with Obama not yet outright stating support for marriage equality. He’ll definitely do much more for us than Romney ever would, and if we have to wait until he’s in office again next term before he finally states his support, that’s fine by me. I’d rather wait than risk Romney winding up in office.

  10. says

    You guys are leftists first and gay second, that’s obvious. I rather like the guy dating thing. You forget that Obama is playing on an international stage, and he wants to be in good favor with the homophobic islamic poobahs around the world. You don’t get elected president of Kenya for life supporting homosexuals. He does not intend to evolve any further than voting PRESENT on gay issues.

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