1. TampaZeke says

    Yet his church is packed every week and NO ONE from his congregation has spoken out against him.

    From his bubble he sees no reason to change.

  2. Bart says

    Who cares what this inbred hillbilly thinks about anything? He’s a bloated turd. God hates him or he wouldn’t be this miserable of a soul. And he has a congregation of idiots and married cousins. Why give him anymore space on this web site.

    We all know these douchebags exist. We all know they become preachers because they can’t make a living any other way. We all know they’ll die off and end up exactly where they deserve…in the dirt.

    God doesn’t want them, neither do we. They are antithetical it anything that is good or righteous. So stop advertising them.

  3. Keith says

    The reality is that one can no longer preach in a vacuum, and expect that only those already accepting of the message will hear it. Everything, even those words spoken in a place of worship, are now open and available to everyone. I often wonder what impact this will have in the long term. Will preachers create more of a subtext in their messaging and preaching to prevent such reactions? Will they escalate their rhetoric to create more attention and potential congregants to their institution? Will congregants hearing these messages simply accept them without question or comment? The reality is that this type of religious rhetoric is dying with the older congregants who attend such institutions. Younger attendees are more willing to reject such divisive and provocative speeches, and prefer to focus on other social issues around poverty, protecting the unborn, and economic equality. Another interesting thought/question, “What if the entrance test to heaven was the question, ‘How did you treat those who were different from you while you were alive?'” How many of his ilk would be allowed through the pearly gates, if such gates actually existed? Dante’s Inferno suggests that he and others like him have a special level all to themselves.

  4. Swiminbuff says

    He is such an example of good Christian values isn’t he? Hanging? Amen brothers and sisters. Concentration camps? Amen brothers and sisters. Praise the Lord.
    Has this man ever attempted to read and understand the Bible? I suspect the last book he read was Mein Kampf and that told him everything he needed to know.

  5. Shelly says

    Why do you say that, Timothy? God knows I typically find comment threads on any side of any issue overrun by tribalistic hyperbole so interchangeable you could play MadLibs with them and just swap out code words for “evil inhuman monsters out to destroy everything” and so forth, but so far this particular set seems relatively tame, even thoughtful (@Keith, beautiful post).

  6. Elizabeth says

    I will stand before this man and see what kind of preacher he his. You think he would have the (balls) to try to kill me or put me in a cage. Ill tie him up like a dog with a collar and feed him like a dog that he is.

  7. Troy says

    TampaZeke is correct. CNN reported on this tonight on Anderson Cooper’s show, and reporter Gary Tuchmann interviewed some of the Pastor’s parishioners and they all said they stand by him.

  8. says

    Im no fan of religion on any level, even so I have to stop and wonder, is Jesus just an afterthought to these people? would Jesus rant and rave hate like this? This man is just an ugly little fascist and Christianity is just a handy shield that allows his ugly message to propagate.

  9. ophu says

    He seems to think he canthrow in a random “Bless God” here and there and that makes it–what–Godly? I hope Christians are listening to this and thinking “No, it’s not Godly. And it’s not even OK.”

  10. Arthur Shuey says

    Let’s stick to topic here. The man’s aim is to have the “gay gene” die out, according to his sermon, and he proposes to bring about that result by putting all gay people in concentration camps.
    The flaw in his logic is that he’d miss the gay people born of unions he approves of, those between men and women. The man must have missed that one crucial day of biology class.

  11. Diana says

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. The Pastor has the right to say what he think because there is Freedom of Speech. People do not want to get AIDS.

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