1. Fenrox says

    Haha! I would be down for this for my memorial. Maybe a big turbine on my back for extra lift.

    To the people who didn’t like it, You buried your animals or flushed them down the toilet. It’s all strange.

  2. Bri says

    @nullnaught How great will it be when this artist gets it in his head to create something like… a human centipede or something? Disturbing.

  3. Bob R says

    Sorry, something just not right about this whole idea. Perhaps when he dies he should be taxidermied into a commode, because he appears to have crap for brains.

    On a positive note, glad to know there are loonies somewhere besides America. I was beginning to think we had that market cornered.

  4. Tom says

    “Perhaps when he dies he should be taxidermied into a commode, because he appears to have crap for brains.”

    I’m sure he won’t care if you did. Because you know… he’ll be dead. Dead things don’t feel any pain or care about things.

  5. NullNaught says

    Hey! It’s great to see you there; I’ve missed seeing you for a while. I am glad you are still out there. Write me any time; I think you know my address. :)
    Yeah, it is very distrubing, isn’t it? Curious how that is most of what I love about it and most of what the people disgusted probably hate.
    Thank you very much for the kinder tone of this post at me. I’m glad you didn’t just tell me “You suck!” because when you do things like that it makes you look childish and uneducated which you are not.

  6. Mike says

    Ha, GREAT! Also interesting are the revealing comments on death and what is or is not “acceptable” on death and treating a body later. A body is only a vessel people! And here I had thoughts on having a friend leave mine at the curb in an old bag . . .

  7. Randy says

    I’ve never much liked considering my future burial or cremation, but I’d relish the idea of my properly embalmed/taxidermied head flying around to annoy conservatives.

    By that time, the quadracopter could probably even be made entirely autonomous, with flashing eyes and a loudspeaker. So, if all goes according to plan, in forty years or so, you may see me flying overhead on my way to the Republican convention.

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