CNN Poll Shows Massive Shift in Acceptance, Understanding of Gay People

CNN today released the results of a new poll which reveals a sharp trend in pro-gay American attitudes:

Prop8A CNN/ORC International survey released Wednesday also indicates that the number of Americans who say they have a close friend or family member who is gay has jumped from 49% in 2010 to 60% today, the first time in CNN polling that a majority of Americans have said that. In the 1990s, most Americans said they did not know anyone close to them who was gay.

"Attitudes toward sexual orientation have also changed over that same time period," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "In 1998, a majority believed that someone who is gay or lesbian could change their sexual orientation if they choose to do so. Today, only a third feel that way, and the number who say that gays and lesbians cannot change their orientation is almost six in ten. Those shifts probably explain the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage."

According to the survey, 54% now say that marriages between gay and lesbian couples should be recognized as valid by law, with 42% opposed. Sentiment is strong on both sides of the debate, with more than three-quarters of supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage saying that they feel strongly about that issue.

The poll also indicates strong partisan and generational divides, along the lines of what you would expect.

Full results HERE.


  1. BABH says

    And coming out isn’t just for gays and lesbians anymore. More and more straight people – including the President of the United States – are coming out publicly in support of gay rights.

  2. Trutrh says

    This is also why we are seeing a spike in crimes against LGBT people. The hateful, ignorant homophobes know they are losing and that their ability to keep those filthy fags in the closet is coming to an end and they can’t stand it! With this being largely a generational issue it will only be a matter of time before we have FULL equality and it’s making the homophobes heads explode!

  3. Bill says

    It’s total bs. Unfortunately, gay people as naive and clueless as they are will believe this poll instead of reality. The numbers are up because every gay rights law has been voted down by the public. There isn’t a threat of gay people being on a level playing field so you hear these fake opinions.

  4. Mason says

    What are you talking about! “every gay rights law has been voted down by the public”. You’re completely wrong, Bill. Many cities in this country have anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community, including the one I currently live in. Did you mean to say that every time marriage equality was put to a popular vote it was voted down? If so, that much is true. When you put the civil rights of a minority up for a vote the majority will historically prevail over the minority. This is why civil rights of any minority should never be voted on!
    On a side note, you sound old, pessimistic and bitter. I thought so!

  5. candide001 says

    If Romney wins and the Supreme Court gets two more right wing religious wackos, all of this will be on hold and even rolled back. Bishop Harry Jackson, Brian Brown, and Tony Perkins will be frequent guests of honor at the White House. The “god hates fags” contingent will be even more energized and emboldened.

  6. Booka says

    @ Mason- be nice, just because you might be correct in somethings doesn’t make it ok to go all “Mean Girls”. @Bill- I think it good that you remain skeptical and vigilant…that said; you must impossible to live with.

  7. Luke says

    Until we actually win a gay marriage vote somewhere, the polls are essentially meaningless and only measure how many people lie to pollsters.

  8. FunMe says

    This explains the high number of homophobes, especially those HATEful fake Christians. They know they are in the minority and they will soon be relegated to being in the wrong side of history.

    Meanwhile, Maggie the NOM cow is probably s***ing in her big girl stretch pants!

  9. David B. says

    when cornered, questioning straights bash… this doesn’t bode well for the future…