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Colorado Group Going After Lawmakers Who Opposed Civil Unions

ColoradoInspired by their equality allies in New York, where activists lobbied hard against elected enemies of same-sex marriage, a group based in Colorado says they will soon start targeting lawmakers who opposed civil unions there.

A new group called Fight Back Colorado will target lawmakers in November who helped kill civil unions during the legislative session.

The organization has not announced which lawmakers it will go after but treasurer Roger Sherman of Denver said it will be "smart and methodical" about where it spends its money.

The group is modeled on successful efforts in New York to elect and defeat lawmakers based on their gay-rights stances, that led to the New York legislature passing a bill allowing gays to marry, Sherman said.

He said that wealthy gay rights advocate Tim Gill of Denver is expected to contribute to fundraising.

The civil unions bill passed the state Senate earlier this year, but GOP House leaders refused to call a vote, and Fight Back Colorado wants to guarantee lawmakers get a chance to have their voices heard.

"A lot of folks never got to vote on this, but they allowed their leadership to do this so they had a hand in civil unions being killed,"Brad Clark, director of One Colorado, told the Denver Post.

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  1. Good. This is how we're going to get things done regarding our civil rights. We're going to have to fight and fight hard, and fight back against institutional bigotry. I'm going donate some money to this group and I advise everyone to do the same, and send a message that, yes, even in Colorado, we as a community have a voice, and we will not be spit on. We have to do this countrywide, maybe then Republicans will realize that messing with us is a losing proposition.

    Posted by: Francis | Jun 27, 2012 9:15:13 AM

  2. The tides are turning :)

    Posted by: joest | Jun 27, 2012 9:17:39 AM

  3. Give 'em hell, ladies and gentlemen.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Jun 27, 2012 9:43:33 AM

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