1. Steve-ATL says

    It wasn’t long ago when beauty queens were standing on a stage expressing divisive anti LGBT friendly opinions, and just this past year our Miss USA marched in Pride and vocally supported gay marriage and now we have a Miss USA in favor of trans women competing in the very same pageant as them for the first time. Times are a changin’…stay positive.

  2. says

    Why are there always people like Benny who complain whenever transgender content is posted? Gays and lesbians do not fit gender norms or gender roles AT ALL, and most homophobia comes from that fact. Guess who else doesn’t fit traditional gender norms? Trans folk! This notion that gays and trans people have nothing in common is just ridiculous and speaks to some kind of internalised homophobia. Whether you’re “straight-acting” or not, the fact that you’re a man who sleeps with other men makes you a gender bender in some way, and no amount of phony distancing from trans people changes that.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “This has nothing to do with gay people. Stop telling gay people that they are linked with transsexuals”

    But ya’ are, Benny….ya’ are!

    Oh, Benny, you know we got rats in the cellar?

  4. says

    Class. Act.

    And intelligent to boot. If Carrie Prejean can get fake tits, then so can another woman who may have been born with a body that reqired “some other surgeries”

    rock on, Miss Culpo, way to represent!

  5. says

    Beautiful lady and beautiful heart! I am proud to have someone so compassionate represent our country. Bigots are slowly dying out, and beauty with compassion is what is being rewarded today. Congrats Olivia.

  6. Huh says

    I assume youre talking about Miss Universe, not realizing this is a June 2012 post about Miss USA. But the location doesn’t have anything to do with why she won. The last time a host “country” won the pageant was 2001, when Miss Puerto Rico won in Puerto Rico. The contest was in Las Vegas in 2010, and Miss Mexico won.

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