1. says


    and very true. GOProud’s collection of Wimpy White Boys are truly the most gutless turds in America.

    a group of eunuchs running around hoping that if they suck up to their piece-of-sh*t parent’s bigotries that maybe they won’t get cut out of their Wills after all.

    fail. at. life.

  2. Randy says

    “Sharing is caring” — also a good song by Dan Bull.

    Two critical things the video missed:
    1. The “house” is really made of cards
    2. The “field” is really a dustbowl

    US politics needs some serious fixes if it is going to solve the problems of the 20th century (don’t even think about solving the problems of this century… ain’t gonna happen)

  3. Q says

    Are you kidding me? A video that shows gay guys picking cotton while “Overseer Obama” whips them. Yeah, ’cause slavery is super funny! This country’s racist history (and present, apparently) is just a barrel of laughs, ain’t it?

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