1. Jumper says

    I can only hope the next 18 years will be as wonderful as the last 18 years have been with the love of my life. Congrats guys and every wish for a wonderful life together! MWAH!

  2. Michaelandfred says

    @DMS and so many others, your strength and resilience and unwillingness to be denied not just basic dignity, but full rights as citizens and human beings made this possible. My husband and I, and generations to come thank all of you for making this possible.

    Congratulations you two!!

  3. TampaZeke says

    Beautiful, sweet and so genuine. The fact that it’s NOM’s worst nightmare is icing on the wedding cake!

    Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

  4. says

    What a beautiful world we live in……thank you Harvey Milk, Stonewall, Act Up, and you countless warriors who have endured the contempt of the ages to bring us to such a happy couple and such a spectacular proposal.
    Congratulations, guys !

  5. The Milkman says

    A hearty congratulations to the happy couple. Hopefully one day soon we’ll all have the opportunity to enjoy equal treatment under the civil law.

  6. says

    Think of the money we can save on fireworks, as heads explode across the land at this… There are many things about the future to which I don’t look forward; but this…my envy of and happiness for these young men and the future that is becoming possible is boundless… I wish you the love you share lasting beyond your final breath…

  7. UFFDA says

    How piercingly sweet.

    Every one of these events is historic, in time unprecidented, revolutionary and harmlessly, happily subversive to the senseless governance of love.

    Congratulations Kyle and Tommy you have every reason to look forward to a full life together.

  8. says

    It is sorta difficult to answer the phone with a shaky voice from crying at work, but I could not tear my eyes away from this. I am in awe of your love for each other and wish you EVERY happiness!!! Congrats, gentlemen!

  9. ex-comm ave says

    This BU is not the homophobically-led, unwelcoming BU that I went to in the 1980s. It apparently has gotten vastly better there.

    One thing that adds even more poignancy to me here is that probably some of the supportive, serenading singers are straight. Cool.

  10. Kyle says

    Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments. In response to ex-comm ave – almost all of the guys in the group singing to us on stage are straight – it’s a WHOLE lot of bromance happening up there and is why we love them so much!

  11. Rob says

    Here’s wishing them the same warm love my fiance and I share. I directed a similar group years ago and we were all gay or bi, but closeted. What a huge freakin’ emotional mess because we all felt so deeply about each other and couldn’t show it. We had uneasy relationships with women who liked the music but we really yearned for one another. Nice to see that it has gotten better. You want it, go get it. (And they don’t hurt women with their ambivalence.)

  12. Ben says

    I hope it is not too late to weigh in on this. It is a lovely and moving video.

    I’d like to ask Kyle to share some more background on the Dear Abbeys. As someone commented, they really do seem like some kind of real-life version of the Warblers. What % of the group is gay and what % straight? Are they all the straight guys completely cool with gay people or has there been some homophobia? Do any of the gay students even remember the former BU President John Silber, who was virulently and loudly anti-gay?

  13. Kyle says


    At any given time there have been usually 1-3 gay members (out of 15) of the Dear Abbeys at least in the last 5 years that I’ve been close with the group. As I say in the video, they’re a family, and there has never been any homophobia in the time I’ve known the guys – just plenty of bromances. Check out their website ( or their youtube videos of their performances – they’re exceptionally talented, and their love for music and each other makes them extremely unique. Their new album, Proclamation, is absolutely stellar (and Tommy solo’s 1/4 of the songs).

  14. Ben says

    Thank you so much Kyle. I did check out the website and I watched some other DA performances on YT. Tommy’s voice is stunning. I especially liked his and the group’s cover of Lost.

    Since 50,000 people have now watched this beautiful proposal, I hope you’ll check in from time to time and let us know how life is going. For now, I’ll wish you both my greatest wishes for a long and happy life together!

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