Equality Ohio Executive Director Ed Mullen Resigns After ‘Disorderly Conduct, Menacing’ Charge

Equality Ohio's Exectuive Director Ed Mullen has resigned, WBNS reports:

Court records showed that gay rights organization director Ed Mullen III went onto another man's property Saturday and threatened him. Mullen was not available for comment on Thursday.

MullenAccording to Back2Stonewall:

while details are sketchy it appears that on June 16 at 7:21 PM CPD were called to 231 Buttles Avenue in Columbus responding to a call of a disturbance.  Upon arrival Mullen was arguing with the victim whose name is unkown.  Columbus Police questioned Mullen but were weary of the answers that they were being given.  Including the fact that Mullen told the Police Officers that “he was from Chicago and was in town temporarily”.  Columbus Police decided to take Mullen downtown for further questioning at which point Mullen’s turned to the victim calling him a “f**king asshole” and telling him that “the war was on” at which time Mr. Mullen was placed under arrest.

Equality Ohio released the following statement to Towleroad:

Yesterday, Equality Ohio accepted the resignation of Ed Mullen, our Executive Director, effective June 29. Since he joined our staff in January 2011, Ed brought tremendous vitality and keen legal insights to our organization, stabilized our operations and financial support, and led the development of a nationally recognized strategic plan. The boards of Equality Ohio owe a debt of gratitude to Ed for his leadership and we wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.
Leadership transition planning is underway. The Equality Ohio boards will appoint an Interim Executive Director very soon and charter a national search to find a new leader who will continue the tremendous gains which have been made in the last year.
As the statewide authority advocating for LGBT families with over 30,000 members, we will not waver from our strategic plan that is already in place.  Our two legislative priorities remain the passage of the Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB335 / SB231) and enumeration of the safe schools legislation which was passed last year (HB208). We will continue to work with LGBT rights organizations throughout Ohio and nationally to achieve those goals. Equality Ohio will also continue its leadership in the formation of the broad statewide coalition pursuing marriage equality for all Ohio families.


  1. The Milkman says

    OMG that happened right next to where I used to live. Yikes.

    Just goes to show that even those of us doing good work for the community can fall down occasionally. To quote Latrice Royale, it’s okay to fall down. Get up. Look sickening. And make them eat it.

  2. TJ says

    That neighbor could have been a homophobe, or could have been the one who started it. Until more facts come, I won’t belittle a person who is part of my community.

  3. IonMusic says

    Many people get arrested, some for silly things, and some wrongfully. No great details are being presented. This man has nothing to be ashamed of yet.

  4. QJ201 says

    Typical wonky response from the board of LGBT non-profit.

    It should have included this statement:

    The board assures the community that we will thorough vet the next ED to avoid being placed in this awkward situation again.

  5. Kyle says

    Him being a leader for gay rights is what he will be remembered for, and mistake or not, he has my admiration for that and always will. I respect someone like this, who may have had a hiccup, over a p**sy closet case who is living a life in hiding.

  6. Ron says

    OMG. I know him; not well but he did live in Chicago and we trained together for a triathlon for a charity a couple of years ago. He always seemed like a nice guy. I don’t know what happened here but it’s ironic that this incident occurred in my hometown.

  7. JusDaFacts says

    You mean like black leaders in AA organizations don’t get caught doing wronful things? how about religious leaders? or hispanic leaders? Typical is your quick HOMOPHOBIC reaction here. Check your homophobia you piece of dirt, or you will be called on it here

  8. ThisNow says

    @ QJ201
    Oh look. You’re a straight @$$ rimmer who loves to throw gays under a bus. He nor they have any explaining to do. He’s innocent until proven guilty. I’d also be more inclined to believe the version of a story from this man than some hetero neighbor or cop. He sounds like he’s done great work for my people. Sorry you resent that.

  9. bite-johnson says

    Meh. Who cares? Loads of people get arrested every day. Doesn’t make them bad, and doesn’t take away from the great work they’ve done. I’d overlook an arrest from a gay civil rights leaders over some “law abiding” homophobe any day. Screaming at your neighbor is less offensive to me than homophobia. There’s something really worth arresting someone over.

  10. 2EastCoastDudes says

    They don’t have anything to explain you homophobe. Taking your resentment on our LGBT activist groups because you hate the advancements we made won’t make those advances go away. Better get used to it..fool.

  11. Jackson says

    authorities should arrest REAL criminals like Dhuran Ravi who contributed to the suicide of a sweet gay boy through bullying. 20 days of jail? when that piece of dirt filth should be deported after serious punishment. but God Forbid the breeder gets punishment for homophobia.

  12. Random Reader says

    I’m kind of confused. Where does this article say anything about a neighbor, heterosexual, or homophobe? All we know is that Mullen was on someone else’s property, in the heart of the short north, Columbus’ gayest neighborhood on Pride weekend. I doubt this person would live in that part of town if they were homophobic. I don’t know the details of this situation, but I fear that everyone here is searching for homophobia on too little info.

  13. ratbastard says

    The colors on the digital camera need to be adjusted. Red or pink coming out a bright,deep red is a common problem with many cameras. He probably in reality has a mild sunburn.

  14. ratbastard says

    And mugshots are designed to make people look ‘bad’ and guilty. People often haven’t been allowed to clean up / freshen up, sometimes people haven’t slept for an extended period and consequently look like sh*t, but prosecutors like this.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “Great. We finally get a gay male leader who actually acts like a man….and this is his fate……”

    Yes, I know where you’re coming from, Rick. What size do you think Mr Mullen wears in women’s shoes? A 14 maybe?

  16. Kevin says

    probably got drunk, who cares? no big deal. i expect the bigot part of the media to make a story where there is none. mullen, thanks for all your great work in helping advance our cause

  17. Willie says

    As a former long-time resident of Columbus and a current long-time resident of Chicago, I can help clarify the record on a couple of points:

    1) Ed is a good guy. This seemingly minor transgression doesn’t change that fact.

    2) Buttles Ave., where I lived for a number of years, is about 80% gay and rather high tone. The homophobe theory does not compute.

  18. jim says

    Obviously there’s more to the story (as always). A simple arrest doesn’t seem like grounds to resign the position you’ve been successfully leading for a year and a half.

    On the other hand, it could be grounds – Equality Ohio, despite being a supposed “grass roots” org, has always struck me as rather clubby and elitist, as far as who’s running things.

  19. Duncan says

    “…Columbus Police questioned Mullen but were weary of the answers…”

    Are there no proof readers left on this planet!!?? “WARY of the answers…”


    LOve and Kisses….

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