1. says

    monsters like this man are the reason for youth suicides. i know many were champing at the bit over Dharun Ravi, but the reality is that ravi’s words and actions would have meant NOTHING in a country and culture that wasn’t already polluted with anti-gay prejudice, thanks to this bigot and the many GOP talking-heads who drum up anti-gay bigotry to win the votes of America’s Low-Thinkers.

  2. Rick in Cincinnati says

    …we rightly discriminate against people who:

    rip off convenience stores -> Harms another person.

    burgle houses -> Harms another person.

    drive while drunk-> Harms another person.

    eat the faces off homeless people -> Harms another person.

    gun down servicemen on military bases -> Harms another person.

    embezzle funds from employers or clients -> Harms another person.

    or beat their wives… -> Harms another person.

    adults, even priests, who have sex with children. -> Harms another person. (And priests just get shuffled around by church hierarchy.)

    teachers who have affairs with students. -> Harms another person.

    teachers who moonlight in the porn industry. -> We shouldn’t because they’re not harming anybody.

    students who engage in sexting. -> We shouldn’t because they’re not harming anybody, unless the sexts are unwanted.

    rapists -> Harms another person.

    those who expose sexual partners unknowingly to the AIDS virus. -> Harms another person.

    adults who commit statutory rape against minors. -> Harms another person.

    We discriminate against homosexuals and prostitutes by refusing to allow them to give blood. -> Being gay and being a prostitute are two different things. Even so, if the prostitute is having safe sex with their clientele and making sure they get tested regularly, I’m not going to have an issue with them giving blood. And for being gay, that harms no one as well, so discrimination is unjust.

  3. kpo5 says

    You never need to justify discrimination against the individuals Fisher mentioned.

    You never need to say, “well, a murderer is like a molester” or “a thief is like an adulterer” or “a guy that chews off another guy’s face is like an arsonist.” Whenever bigots like Fisher attempt to explain why the world should discriminate against us, they have to use a comparison.

    If LGBT equality were so bad, people would know why. We wouldn’t need bigots like Fisher to tap-dance around it.

    Come out and explain why LGBT equality is bad without comparison, without metaphor. Until you can do that, give me my equality.

  4. Jed says

    by his logic then i guess we also have a license to discriminate against him and his ilk who immorally preach hate against law-abiding americans.

  5. TJ says

    The extreme right wing Christianists can back pedal all they want when called out (“oh, we don’t really expect to put the queers behind fences, or kill them.”), but, in fact, their rhetoric is dangerous, and they do mean it.

    I was reading a report on evangelical after school programs – allowed in public schools – where young children read Bibel stories about God commanding death to all (Saul? I’m not a Biblical scholar). He spares some livestock, and the king. The lesson taught? You are not in compliance, you are not done, until you do exactly as God commands. No shades of grey. It’s there in black and white.

    So when the whack jobs call for discrimination – and worse – they mean it. And they should be held accountable.

  6. D.R.H. says

    This is where the freedom of speech goes too far. This is hate speech. This is propaganda. This is reprogramming weak-minded people to justify hatred-based actions. When people like Fisher start rewriting the English language, his followers believe their ignorance is justified and we start seeing murder and beatings and horrible acts against innocent people. The ignorant, simple-minded idiots who worship these monsters eat this stuff up without a second thought about it.

  7. Michaelandfred says

    Someone please call the nursing home and tell them Bryan got out again and is terrorizing the neighborhood again. And to bring his medication, poor old thing.

  8. turing's ghost says

    ….and they wonder why they are classified as a hate group? Why is Focus on the Family still a tax exempt organization (see FS-2006-17, February 2006 for 501(c)(3) organizations)?

  9. andrew says

    Andy Towle posts this extremists nonsense because he knows it causes the gay knee jerkers to go nuts. Why doesn’t he post the opinions of the more reasonable voices of the left and right?

  10. NullNaught says

    You hypocrite! YOU TELL GAY PEOPLE TO COMMIT SUICIDE JUST BECAUSE THEY QUESTION YOUR PRONOUNCEMENTS! “Why don’t you do your best Sylvia Plath…” You tell gay people to “grow a pair” and tell them their testes are small. Straight homophobes say things exactly like that to gay people to make them feel horrible and it works and you know it. YOU ARE HOMOPHOBIC FILTH! You can’t deny your words are meant to hurt as bad as possible. That is why you choose to claim you are gay and then victimize actual gay people. If you are gay, you are a sociopath because you say the most hateful hurtrul homophobic slurs to other gay people without conscience! You are unaware how wildly inapropriate your appropriating other peoples handles “jokes” are. You don’t see how other people are repulsed by you even when people started out “adoring” you (UFFDA) you end up nauseating them in the time it took for winter to turn to spring. He told me as much and you saw it. You don’t realize how repelent you are. Everyone knows that is you doing the misapropriations because you are no more clever than homer simpson “Look at me, I’m stupid Flanders!” That is the level of your parody. That is how much insight into other people you have. You can’t empathize because you are a sociopath.
    TJ, you are not Littlekiwi’s friend because you never defend him like you do me. Well I call you on it this time. Admit all that I say about those concrete examples is true, and stope condoning it, or you are every bit as sadistic as perverted littlekiwi.

  11. NullNaught says

    @David Ehrentstein
    I suppose you assume that because I point out Kiwi’s behaviour (do you want to deny any of what I said? I beg you to PLEASE, because I will just expand on my theme that Kiwi is a psychopathic traitor, if he is actually gay)that I am defending the scum in the article. NO I AM NOT. I noticed kiwi’s hypocrisy and felt compelled to point out what a revolting person he is.
    Do you care to deny any of my concrete examples of behaviours he has exhibited over and over, contest my conclusions, or make more absurd suggestions about my political affiliations?

    You never instructed me how to get my homepage. I want to know. You never answered any of my questions. YOu made a few vague statements and left. If you think that is instruction, you are mistaken. I don’t know what you wish to call it, but an instructor is responsible to get his explanation understood.
    Do you want to explain to me how and where I can get my own home page that is not on a virus-prone site (Facebook, I understand) nor is it a site where you can only upload videos, or do you want to continue to sh!t all over yourself making demands you know for a fact I can not meet? That is sadistic behaviour, you know. (as in you are a psychopath.)

  12. TJ says

    How did I get dragged into the rant?

    NULLNAUGHT, I agree with KIWI when he’s right, and call him out when he goes overboard – when I bother to read, and bother to respond.

    I have avoided responding to you because I don’t want to encourage you when you start sounding obsessive, which is often. I also haven’t been posting here as much lately, because I’m really tired of all of the negativity and attacking – not of the subjects of posts, but of fellow posters. I’m tired of doing it, even if I feel justified, and I’m tired of being attacked. It gets way too “Lord of the Flies” here as of late.

  13. JJ says

    @Andrew, we need to follow hate leaders so we can map out there influence. If we weren’t following these people, we’d have no idea of the connection between them and the kill-the-gays movement in Uganda. We’d be oblivious to the link to Richard Grenell’s resignation and these guys and the influence they have with Mitt Romney.

    You didn’t give any examples of the moderate voices that are excluded here. So, who are they? How bout some links to stories please that weren’t reported here.

  14. says


    now run along.

    the reality is that all these anti-bullying school measure, while much needed, are not addressing the grown-adults in positions of power who are responsible for this continued culture of prejudicial and utterly indefensible anti-gay bigotry.

  15. JJ says

    Nullnaught, this thread is about “AFA’s Bryan Fischer Says Gays are Like Miami’s Face-Eating Cannibal and Deserve Discrimination.” If you can’t stop making littlekiwi the topic of every thread, I’ll ask to have you banned and your posts deleted.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “It gets way too “Lord of the Flies” here as of late”

    Who’s Piggy? Rick?

    Imagine if we were in person….blood all over the place.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    I take that back. Piggy was sensible, kind and diplomatic in the novel. “Harriet Craig” would be a better character for Rick.

  18. TJ says

    DERRICK – Had to google “Harriet Craig.” I can’t remember seeing the JC movie, but it somehow rings a distant bell. But brilliant choice! Score!

    I don’t know if there would be blood in real life but then again, there is one guy posting here who has defended that Canadian psycho porn creature, so I’d hide the ice picks.

  19. says

    He’s identifying behaviors rather than identities, and many of the categories he lists do not face discrimination. It’s stretching the definition of discriminate to say we discriminate against people who perform the illegal acts he lists, but saying we should discriminate against gay people because some gay people perform illegal acts is like saying we should discriminate against Christians because some of them commit acts of terror.

  20. NullNaught says

    More blurted vague incomplete sentences rather than instruction.
    It is my understanding youtube is video only. The only person I have who can walk me through it believes it is video upload only. If this is not so, make that explicit and tell me how I can do it. It won’t make a difference for various technical reasons it would be too inconvenient for me to use youtube.
    Does have a way to upload photography? Because if it doesn’t, it is of no use to me. I would rather not even visit if it is pointless, so if I can upload photography there let me know and I will check out if it reproduces people’s work adequately; if it does, I will probably use it at some point. I need to discuss something that bares directly on the subject with you first. Thank you anyway for the information I have been able to force out of you so far. Keep it up, we are almost there.

    JJ convince me anyone has ever been banned for doing nothing illegal; has anyone ever been banned for initiating off-topic comments? How is it off-topic when I am responding to a comment made. I was rebutting kiwi in the light of his past behaviour and words. I am allowed to respond to other peoples comments aren’t I? You do notice I comment on topic and about other people’s comments quite often and I don’t suggest other people suicide in an environment where that runs a hightened likelyhood of producing the requested results. That is actually far more of a threat of real life damage than anything I have ever said. Is it not so? Should not Kiwi be banned for hate speach long before I am?

    TJ, may I respond to that after a little more thought? I owe you a debt of gratitude for steping in on 3 different occasions when I was having problems. In truth you are a prince to me and I am trying to repay my debt in some small measure by interceding with you. May I do that thoughtfully, rather than rushed? Would you stick around for a while to see if I come up with what I feel I need to say to you today? Do you know how sincerely I wish to help you, who I look up to?

  21. says

    follow the directions.

    anyone can do it.

    but fischer is right. we are just like man-eating cannibals.
    because me eating someone’s face, against their will, is totally the same as my boyfriend and i going to the movies, followed by a dinner, followed by a night together in bed.

    yeah. totally the same.

  22. NullNaught says

    True or false: Anonymity is to free speach what secret ballot is to democratic voting in that anonymity allows a person to speak their conscience just as secret ballot allows a person to vote their conscience and because of that they are both good and it is evil to demand a person’s identification in this here environment where we are exchangeing these views right now?
    If true then call him on it because he just demanded my I.D. again. Tell him he is attacking free speach. Be the true-blue I heart the aclu liberal that I believe you are.
    If false then please explain.

  23. DRG says

    NullNaught who are you? Why are you so nasty…STOP POSTING! Also, why are you intent on computer blogs and commenting on them if you don’t seem to understand how to use the internet. Maybe you should go back to newspapers and op-eds.


  24. NullNaught says

    is your reading comprehension that poor? I told you to tell me if they allow me to upload photos or I would not visit the site and you have to try again. Do they allow photo upload?

  25. Leo says

    The grocery list of issues that Fisher ticks off are not matters of “public policy”. They’re part of the penal code and they’re in the penal code because they involve injury to others.

    Rape is illegal not because it runs counter to some people’s sense of sexual morality or appropriateness— it’s prohibited because it’s a violation of another person.

    The whole rant is idiotic.

  26. Leo says

    The grocery list of issues that Fisher ticks off are not matters of “public policy”. They’re part of the penal code and they’re in the penal code because they involve injury to others.

    Rape is illegal not because it runs counter to people’s sense of sexual morality or appropriateness— it’s prohibited because it’s a violation of another person.

    The rant is idiotic.

  27. says

    you can upload photos. as you would know by clicking my name and seeing my blogspot page.

    now stop stalling and get to work.

    and thank you LEO!

    I’ve always felt that people who say “What next, legalizing rape and murder??!” were batsh*t insane. they’re literally saying that not only can they not tell the difference between two lesbians getting married and a grown man raping a 4 year old, but they’re saying that if the bible didn’t tell them “not to”, then they’d not know that rape and murder are wrong, and would be our there themselves raping and murdering.

    oh the plebes….

  28. says

    This Fischer tosser looks like he has never been happy a day in his life.

    And are you guys telling me that a piece ill bred manure like this guy is tax-exempt ? Now what planet has that law ?

  29. NullNaught says

    Thanks. I will check it out. I will probably use it, but I won’t provide with a url until you admit 2 things. Anonymity is good because it provides a chance to speak one’s conscience freely and that is a liberal ideal. Admit it or I won’t turn yellow.
    The other thing is I don’t need to provide any further evidence than my behviour and my words to demonstrate we are very different people who nobody could confuse. I won’t post with a url to satisfy your bullying demands. If I do it, it will be because you admited these things first.
    I warned you we had something to discuss first.
    So I take it you will admit these things so that I can turn yellow without encouraging your behaviour?

  30. FunMe says

    Can someone please send a cannibal to this Bryan LUNATIC and have him stfu once and for all?

    I blame Ronald Reagan for allowing CRAZY people like this one to be out on the street.

    Oh, and isn’t he inciting violence? Lock him up now! I don’t care if it is the LOONEY place or JAIL … just lock that queen up now!

  31. andrew says

    Gay marriage is now legal in many states. Wouldn’t Little Kiwi and Nullnaught make a lovely couple? Could we get Ratbastard to be the ring bearer? And get Rick to be the minister. Oh what an insane event that wedding would be!!!!They were all made for one another. Crazy gets what crazy is!!!!!

  32. Mary says

    OK, even within the context of anti-gay politics, what Fischer said was uncalled for. Gay sex is not like theft or murder or rape. If his argument against gay sex/gay rights is religious then he has to be told that the U.S. is not a theocracy, and that anyway, the Bible does not tell us to try to establish God’s kingdom on earth (His kindgom is in heaven.) If his argument is sociological or the social stability argument (the one I used to make until recently) he should at least say that the negative effects of a pro-gay policy will not be due to any evil behavior on the part of gays themselves. This argument holds that behavior that is harmless on a small scale could be disruptive to society if practiced on a large scale.

    This argument is nuanced and calls for a delicacy that he is not showing here. Instead he’s just coming off as a bigot. And a naive one, at that. Instead of worrying what MIGHT happen when homophobia disappears, why not worry about what already IS happening now, …..and among “Christian” people (plenty of whom vote Republican) – illegitimacy, divorce, tons of premarital sex and adultery, neglect of children, etc…..? Why worry so much about gays destroying what the “silent majority” has been destroying so well for the past 50 years?

  33. Michaelandfred says

    There’s an idea Funme. Let’s send a bath salts jacked up crazy, a rapist, a murderer, a mugger….who was left?… To good old Bryan and when they’re done, ask him if he wouldn’t have mabe preferred attending a same sex wedding.

  34. Mary says

    I agree with Nullnaught about the ballot AND the internet allowing us our privacy. I mean what would really be changed if we found out that someone’s real name is Tom Smith and not “Gayguy2012″, that he lives in Bakersfield, North Carolina, or is 32 years old? It has nothing to do with the logic of his ideas. If “using the internet as a burka” allows us to communicate ideas freely and influence others for the good well then at least SOME burkas serve a good purpose!

    And Kiwi has a habit of pushing people’s buttons, so I understand why some people react emotionally to him. But the difference here is that Null can accept correction – Kiwi never does. Also, Null can end a lengthy series of posts by saying “Thank you I will check it out.” Kiwi, who you all know I find fascinating, ends his discussions by telling people to F*** OFF AND DIE IN A CAR FIRE! So who needs correction more?

    And TJ, you once said that I could be expected to evolve “when dogs possess opposable thumbs.” So I guess we can call the dogs up now for a game of cards?

  35. andrew says

    One of the things wrong with democracy is that it gives morons like: Little Kiwi, Nullnaught, Ratbastard, et al the right to vote. Just read their rantings and fear for the future of our democracy. Oh, don’t count The Fuzzy Fruit, he isn’t even a citizen and doesn’t have the right to vote.

  36. says

    i’m spoken for. thank god 😀

    anonymity is what people use when they don’t believe in freedom of speech – if they believed in freedom of speech they would not speak anonymously.

    anonymity is a coward’s way of saying ______ with zero culpability. anonymity does not enable free speech – it’s actually the opposite.

    Fischer indicts himself in this digital age with his bigotry. Years from now these clips will be available for future generations to see just how sick bigotry in our culture is, and was, and who was out there promoting it.

  37. says

    i’m one half of a bi-national couple 😀
    rather than be happy with the freedoms and protections afforded LGBT people in the two counties of my citizenship (Canada and the UK) i still work for LGBT Equality in America.

    you’re welcome, btw.

  38. NullNaught says

    You just made the point that this fisher person will be punished for his speach. That he should, were he wise, shut up. In other words, not speak his mind. You want him to worry about the future of his reputation and thus not risk it.
    We do not have zero culpability. We have I.P. adresses. You bet if I called for the imediate violent overthrow of the government, that I would have a visit from homeland security – should it be credible. Is this not so? What culpability then has been shed? How can something that enables you to speak your mind be anything but an enabler of free speech?
    How are you defining “Free Speech”, “Anonymity”,”culpability”? Do you have any idea what you just said?
    Congratulations! I didn’t know you were together with anyone!
    I have never followed a link you have supplied or clicked on your yellow name because I don’t want to benefit you with a “hit.” I understand that could possibly be of beneft to you. I also didn’t want an image in my mind of you. It would make being civil to you, which is barely possible, into an impossibility. For what it’s worth.
    I am sorry you can’t understand the concept of freedom. Good luck with that.
    You don’t have to admit we are different. I was pulling your leg. I am your sock pupet here to amuse you. There I blew your cover. YOu are playing with yourself in public.
    Since you can’t understand “freedom” and you are constitutionally incapable of admitting you are wrong, I may turn yellow anyway. :)

  39. Mousie says

    Oh my god, nullnaught… if you didn’t seem crazy before…

    Keep it in check dude. This isn’t about freedom of speech, it’s about doing yourself a favor.

  40. Mundusvultdecipi says

    Truly repellent how Fischer conflates violent and illegal acts with entirely legal, loving relationships between same-sex couples. As a European I appreciate that the US is rightly proud of her admirable constitutional protections of freedom of speech; but I sometimes wonder if commentators such as this cross the line into advocacy of hate speech; happily public rejection of this repellent outlook continues, incrementally, year on year and I would hazard a guess that within 20 to 30 years that homophobia will seem as shameful an anachronism as opposition to interracial marriage.

  41. NullNaught says

    You are right of course. Thank you for bringing me to my senses. I am on medications and they work very well to limit my obsessive/compulsive disorder; but when I am am told by a nice guy like you something as honest as “keep it in check” and it is about doing myself a favour I listen. I will assume you are right because you mean me no ill that I can see. I will try to keep it in check.
    Thank you deeply. :)

  42. cb says

    The key words with most anti-gay groups are “tax exempt”. If all the money made by groups like this were TAXED, they would fine a real job. I just do not think gay life is that big a deal for most people? Most of us have a hard time worrying about our own life. For anti-gay groups it is all about the money. But if you DO spend every day of your life worrying about “the gays”, you may just want to talk to someone.

  43. TJ says

    NULLNAUGHT – what makes you think I will do anything you say to do, such as telling KIWI anything? KIWI knows what I think of his nastier side. He continues to do as he pleases, which sometimes is about being right on the mark, and sometimes is about gasoline enemas (hint: you are under no obligation to do anything KIWI tells you to do, either).

    Also, why do you assume I have been following whatever kuffuffle you two have been engaging in? Some may find it amusing. Others, like me, can grow weary and choose to skip over the posts in search of more enlightening commentary.

    When I have paid attention, I have noticed that you tend to see things in simplistic, suspect “if-then” paradigms. For example, today’s KIWI is a homophobe – because he doesn’t, apparently, like some gay people? Because some gay people piss him off? And your challenge to me – prove I believe in liberty by agreeing with you and telling KIWI off. Really?

    But really, I don’t want to engage in a battle with you. Let’s just give it a rest for today, shall we?

  44. DavyJones says

    I’m glad he’s owning up to his ‘discrimination’, and I hope those that agree with him (and unfortunately there are many) will take their cue from him and likewise start calling their policies what they are: discrimination.

    Once that’s done, and out of the way; we can work on changing minds about whether it’s right to discriminate against LGBT folks.

    The anti-LGBT movement is showing it’s ugly side more and more as they lose ground, and more and more of those who before were ambivalent at best are starting to see them for the ugly, hateful bigots they are. Fisher saying things like this only helps us.

  45. UFFDA says

    MARY, NULLNAUGHT, KIWI, TJ – my goodness you all just make my head spin. And even my innocent name gets thrown into the deal. MARY keeps the levelest head, TJ gets his feelings hurt, NULLNAUGHT goes every which way and KIWI goes on jabbing his stilletto in like a sadistic masseuse. What a crowd.

    This Fischer guy…he can’t really think can he? So who listens besides those of us who enjoy our defensiveness? We could stop reading him before he’s going to stop demonstrating his obsession with gay men. Let him take all the time he wants before he meets the man of his dreams. He’s not to old to have a boyfriend who can show him what he’s really talking about…and missing.

  46. antisaint says

    The people who watch this man voluntarily think and believe that Homosexuality means Gay/Anal Sex, and Fischer is perpetuating the lie. That’s the cycle that needs broken. Sex has nothing to do with the rights we seek.

  47. TJ says

    Really, UFFDA? You revel in the uncivil discourse, engage in the very same ridicule you call some others out on, denigrate others for being genuine as you attempt to smarmily wax gran eloquent on what you deem moral, and actually think you can get away with a disingenuous “Huh?”

    What, you?

    Yes, you.

    You remind me why attempting to communicate with strangers on the Internet is so unsatisfactory. Because assumptions of a common humanity wind up being sadly naïve. Knit on, Madam DeFarge..

  48. UFFDA says

    OK you’re all worked up, I get that. Is the quote from Dickens? I don’t know…if so the relevance is strained. So is all this uber sincerity. Don’t mistake that there are lots of people I respect on this site, moreso all the time. Sometimes, it’s true, I can be too careless in comment.

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