Former Gabrielle Giffords Aide Ron Barber Wins Race to Replace Her

Democrat Ron Barber, a former aide to Congressman Gabrielle Giffords, won the race to take Giffords' House seat, The Hill reports:

BarberIn what both candidates predicted would be an extremely close race, Barber finished 6 points ahead of Kelly, taking 52 percent of the vote to Kelly’s 46, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

In Pima County, home to Tucson and the grocery store where Giffords nearly lost her life, Barber led Kelly by double digits. Even in the more conservative Cochise and Pinal counties, where Kelly got the most votes, Barber performed better against Kelly than Giffords did two years ago.

"A year ago I never dreamt that I'd be standing here, thanking you for your support," Barber said in an address to supporters, as reported by the Arizona Daily Star. "But, as you know, life takes unexpected turns," he added, as he stood next to Giffords and her husband retired Navy officer Mark Kelly.


  1. ratbastard says

    This is simple to understand; he received the sympathy vote because of Ms. Giffords being shot. LBJ won in 1964 for the same reason, over the JFK assassination. Hell of a way to win an election.

    And whatever happened to the batsh*t crazy dude wearing the red bikini underwear who shot her? Why do these cases take so long to adjudicate?

  2. Steve says

    LOL the statement “LBJ won in 1964 over the JFK assassination” ….really. I guess it couldn’t have possibly been because of his opponent at the time huh?

  3. Mike says

    Ratbastard, I don’t know if you’re from AZ, but I am and you are wrong. Kelly is seen as a huge douchbag around here and is one of the reasons Gifford won this heavily republican district in the first place. So it’s not that “simple to understand”, as you callously put it.

    And props to Steve- 1964 was about a lot more than JFK’s assassination.

  4. ratbastard says


    Nah, not really, he won basically because he got the sympathy vote. It’s quite possible JFK would not have won re-election, actually. His assassination placed him in the history books, instead of being a sort of Catholic Jimmy Carter.

    It’s commonly accepted by all in Massachusetts that Ted Kennedy kept on getting re-elected [at least in the beginning] through the sympathy vote from especially old folks, elderly women, etc.

  5. ratbastard says

    And LBJ had some MAJOR scandals surrounding him and was generally disliked outside his district in Texas. He may very well have ended up being successfully prosecuted and doing prison time if JFK’s assassination hadn’t catapulted him into the presidency.

  6. ratbastard says


    I said he won the sympathy vote [which I believe to be true], I didn’t say there were other reasons for him winning. But I bet that sympathy vote really helped with that spread.

  7. MarkUs says

    As a nonObama fan I’d rather have the news today that Obama has added another “let’s write this one off, probably” swing-state to his list with North Carolina, that is: Wisconsin. I’d have thought Iowa would have been crossed off before Wisconsin. I still think most will fall to Romney one by one because you got Carter Two on your hands.

  8. MarkUs says

    Romney. Like the majority will this year after realizing Obama has no clue how to grow the economy. Been there/ Done it before in 1980. People are delusional if they think Obama gets reelected in an economic depression.

  9. say what says

    markus please never procreate

    The human gene pool can’t tolerate anymore crazy like yours

  10. Dback says

    I firmly believe if the Democrats have Giffords and Daniel Hernandez, the gay Latino aid who helped save her life, speak and appear together at the convention in late summer, that would be a helluvva media moment. It would remind folks what Democrats at their best stand for, even when their lives are at stake.

  11. GeorgeM says

    I actually feel sorry for you and anyone that may be in love with you. To put money ahead of ones freedom under any circumstance is sad. Romney will hurt us, constitutional amendment (he wants)DADT and so forth. It’s my opinion that gays who vote for republicans Like him deserve what ever happens first.
    But in the end it IS your right to vote any way you choose and I’ll defend that

  12. GeorgeM says

    “let’s write this one off, probably” swing-state to his list with North Carolina, that is: Wisconsin

    Where did you get that, I’d like to read up on it