Former Head of Bronx LGBT Center Charged with Larceny for Embezzling $338,000 for Personal Use


Lisa Winters, the former head of the Bronx Community Pride Center (she was fired in 2010) has been charged with larceny over her embezzlement of at least $338,000 in funds for her personal use, the NY Daily News reports:

Winters…used the dough to pay $25,751.74 to Eyes on Africa for a personal trip and $15,953 to a dog-walker, authorities said. She also paid thousands of dollars for trips to the United Kingdom, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Carolinas, according to the criminal complaint. Winters was fired from center by its board of directors in January 2010 after proof surfaced that she misappropriated funds, according to a Department of Investigation report.

Winters was arrested June 15 and charged with grand larceny and 23 counts of falsifying business records for allegedly cutting checks for her benefit to the tune of more than $143,000.

She was freed without bail at her arraignment. The Bronx district attorney's office is still investigating whether additional charges may be brought, a spokesman said.


  1. Strepsi says

    See? We gay people ARE just like everybody else — we have lying assholes too! But to steal from an LGBT Center? That’s low.

    Not Roy Cohn low, but nevertheless, Lisa, there’s a plaque in the gay Hall of Shame waiting for pickup.

  2. qj201 says

    And where was the Board of Directors of this non-profit? The role of the BoD is provide fiscal oversight. I guess they weren’t getting treasury reports…for years.

  3. buzz says

    Another example of weak internal controls and fiscal oversight causing a not for profit (that depends on charitable donations) to lose a boat load of money. An annual CPA audit and some separation of duties over the payments could have prevented this.

  4. I'll Never Tell says

    The BoD? One of the members is Michelle Lopez. She threw Lisa Winters under the bus but her daughter Raven is Ms. Winter’s goddaughter. Also, Raven went on a cruise with Ms. Winters and her partner. Said cruise was to be used for fundraising purposes but ended up used for Ms. Winters and her friends personal use. I’m sure mommy Michelle,BoD Member, turned a blind eye to the cruise and probably helped Ms. Winters cover up other misappropriation of funds before she got scared they woudl come after her to!

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