Gay Occupy Protesters Plan Pride Demonstration In San Francisco


Occupy Wall Street activists will be march alongside other groups during this weekend's LGBT pride parade in San Francisco. Under the name OccuPride, the coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals are planning an in-march demonstration to protest the "economic oppression" of corporate "pink washing."

From the Bay Area Reporter:

In a phone interview this week, organizer Craig Rouskey would not confirm that [Oakland Mayor Jean] Quan was among its targeted Pride participants. The gay San Francisco resident would only say, "We have a list of targets."

Rouskey, 34, added that a stoppage of the parade is also likely, but would last no longer than 10 minutes.

"We are not doing sit-ins or die-ins. We are planning cool, direct actions aimed at community building and fun," said Rouskey. "I hope everyone enjoys it and thinks it is really cool. We are doing this for our folks. We love our community."

"This is actually a queer community network of groups that have come together to work on this collectively to confront economic oppression evident through the Pride parade and pink washing," he said. "We want to do it in a way that is supportive of our community. We don't want to piss off people doing good things in our community."

Mayor Quan has been under fire since she led the dismantling of Occupy camps last October. It's unlikely she'll come into direct contact with OccuPride, though: that group is marching in the parade's 94th slot, while Quan will be in the 113th slot. Organizers said they aren't intentionally trying to keep the political rivals apart, but described the arrangement as "fitting."


  1. Paul R says

    I support Occupy, but this isn’t the time or place for that. Not to mention, they won’t be able to pull it off. Every cop in the city works Pride.

  2. Rick says

    A great example of one of the main things that has gone wrong with the gay movement–activists trying to tie gay people and gay rights to Leftist causes, the result being that in the popular mind, gay equality gets seen as a Left vs. Right issue rather than simply an issue of basic human decency, thereby alienating a large swath of the population and making it very difficult for us to progress beyond 50% of the population being sympathetic towards us.

    If you want to support Leftist causes, go ahead–there certainly are those that I support–but please stop trying to link gay rights to them. You only damage our cause by doing so.

  3. Mrs. Sippi says

    The very fact that they still use the term Occupy after its colonial use and roots has been raised to them over and over shows their lack of solidarity. As someone who has protested corporate “rainbow washing” of pride events for more than 10 years – I love to think the issue will be raised, but I still don’t trust these folks to bring all of us together and to work for a movement representative of out diversity.

    I will actually be marching for the first time as a supporter of the ACLU – who are the grand marshals and who have been major supporters of ending police violence (massive leadership in Davis and Oakland), the work against gang injunctions, the passage of Seth’s law and so much more in recent years. I hope Occupy folks notice that and say hello.

    Good on them for exercising their right to protest. I just hope their movement moves past it’s origins as a place for angry straight white anarchist dudes (esp in Oakland) to one that moves a broader agenda. We see signs of that and that’s good. I know there are a lot of us hoping to see it as a space finer tuned. Dropping the name Occupy would be a huge message to many communities.

  4. Mike in Houston says

    “We are planning cool, direct actions aimed at community building and fun,” said Rouskey. “I hope everyone enjoys it and thinks it is really cool. We are doing this for our folks. We love our community.”

    Yet another meaningless gesture from generation YouTube…

  5. says

    The protesters of Occupy have every right to protest, as long as it is done lawfully. The rioting that went on over the past few months was a disgrace. The crime and criminal activity at these camps was sickening. And Occupy Cleveland attempting to blow up a bridge and making domestic terrorists out of themselves was unforgivable and inexcusable.

  6. Lucas says

    How is the “Occupy” movement gay-related? Keep your protests in front of corporations and out of our Pride Parades.

  7. Jesse says

    These people don;t represent me or anyone I know in San Francisco. Per usual, their aim is to shanghai Pride and LGBT rights for their own need for attention (and a hand out).

  8. says

    Time and again, groups that call themselves “queer” demonstrate how they aren’t interested in anything but forcing all of us to adopt their priorities. They are issue fascists with a Lefty radical agenda that often has zilch to do with Gay Rights movement goals. They will never succeed at pulling the entire LGBT populace into their fringe-dweller world . . . never!

  9. says

    Weird, whenever the marginal gay left does the least little thing it’s seen by some as an example of how the gay movement has gone–oh no!–horribly wrong (never mind that the gay far left has little influence over the movement as a whole), but when the gay right makes idiotic statements about equality being a distraction or how Mitt Romney is really on our side, any criticism of them is viewed as !hysterical! by the very same people.

    The activists will do their little activity in SF (it is SF, after all, not Cleveland) and it will have zero effect on the gay movement, despite dire warnings to the contrary by the selective hysterics.

  10. ByTheBay says

    Ugh. I’m so sick of Tommi Mecca and that whole pack of unwashed, misguided, shrieking a-holes.

  11. Dave says

    Anonymous wear the mask of Guy Fawkes a Catholic terrorist who tried to kill the king and his government and take over and set up a Christian dictatorship. These Anonymous people hide their face like the KKK because they are Christians. Some pretend they are gay
    and cause trouble to make gays look bad, this is all part of their psychological warfare that the anti-gay Christians are using to make trouble and they think no body is smart enough to figure it out.

  12. Scott says

    Wow….. Definitely some interesting responses. Again, I agree with much of what Occupy believes in at it’s heart (although tethering it to some identifiable, realistic goals seems to be failing) but I don’t see how this is a good idea. Stopping the Parade? Why? How is stopping a parade celebrating a still-marginalized minority- no matter if you yourselves are part of that minority and claim to be doing it for the whole’s benefit-how is that good for that minority’s ultimate goal of equality and civil rights? I’m a progressive, but I don’t think this is fair to Pride and the people cleneatig Pride.

  13. says

    remind me, what was the official vodka of the Stonewall Riots?
    look at what we’ve become: shallow self obsessed empathy deficient action figures losing touch with what it means to be human.

    the Castro’s become an outdoor suburban mall on its way down: empty storefronts, chain stores, and billboards, bolted to the sidewalks.

    where do you people get your information on Occupy or OccuPride, (two different things) anyway? I applaud both, even if I’m not a fan of all their tactics or outfits, because they understand a rising tide, in this case justice and compassion, floats all boats. they are addressing it in the way they feel is right while most of us passively circle the drain.

    these comments are proof that if you stare into your handheld long enough, it’ll play you an ‘It Gets Bitter’ video, in real time.

  14. Patty says

    Also, total BS on it only disrupting the parade for 10 minutes. Try at least 30 minutes.
    Right message, totally wrong place for it.