1. Eric says

    I think this video is far more moving than any fancy church wedding I’ve ever attended or seen on video. Reduced to the essentials, with only the power of love on display.


  2. tinkerbelle says

    Beautiful except, who wrote those vows? I expected someone to break into song at any moment. I would have had a hard time keeping a straight face if I had been either one of them… but congratulations! Sorry to be a drag…

  3. Mary says

    David and Paul really seem to love each other. I wish them the best.

    Ironic that this wedding took place in Iowa, the same place that threw out the liberal judges for implementing gay marriage. The people of Iowa seemed really angry over the judges decision…..But they didn’t vote a Republican majority into the state Senate in 2010, which is what they would have to do to get a state constitutional amendment overturning gay marriage started. My guess is that they had a temper tantrum and then gradually came to see gay weddings as either non-controversial or maybe…poignant? But whatever caused their change of heart, it looks as if gay marriage is here to stay in Iowa.

    And Robert, congrats!

  4. rascal says

    I really believe that getting even ONE of these wedding videos in front of gay kids could have a more transformational effect than dozens of episodes Will & Grace or Glee or even Modern Family.

    Hmm. Maybe that’s exactly what the wingnuts are afraid of.

  5. Cecilfirefox says

    lol, they are so cute.

    The ripping of the shirt is an Army thing when you marry someone in the service, he gets to keep that patch. 😉

    I can’t to live in a state where I can do that.

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