Gay White House Guests Flip The Bird; White House Responds

One week ago Friday, at the White House's LGBT Pride Month reception, President Obama delivered a stirring speech, a trans man proposed to his girlfriend, and many pictures were snapped. Two of them have now made news.

Reagan-ears2Both pics were taken in front of the Ronald Reagan presidential portrait. In one, photographer Zoe Strauss mugs furiously; in the other, Matty Hart, of Solutions for Progress, Inc. (which helps eligible families obtain public assistance), smiles mischievously. In both, the pictures' subjects flip off their dead president.

From The Philly Post:

Hart posted his photo on Facebook with the caption, “F*** Reagan.” Strauss simply posted hers without commentary. After all, the murderous facial expression and double-barreled bird-flipping seem to speak for themselves. Comments ranged from “you forgot to add with a chainsaw” on Hart’s “F*** Reagan” note, to my personal favorite, “star wars … up yours,” on Strauss’s.

Strauss … declined to comment for this story (“I’m keeping out of the press!” she texted me), but made crystal clear her position on Reagan by posting on Facebook a long list of things that happened under his watch, including the Supreme Court’sBowers v. Hardwick decision, upholding the constitutionality of Georgia’s anti-sodomy law, the Iran-Contra affair and the invasion of Grenada.

Additionally, Strauss posted Reagan’s memorable statement on LGBT rights from the 1980 campaign trail: “My criticism is that [the gay movement] isn’t just asking for civil rights; it’s asking for recognition and acceptance of an alternative lifestyle which I do not believe society can condone, nor can I.”

The Log Cabin Republicans have since responded:

In a statement Friday, Christian Berle, deputy executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, criticized Hart and Strauss for insulting Reagan, whom Berle said gave aid to the pro-gay GOP group's founders as California governor in the 1970s.

"It is unfortunate that the image conservative America is seeing today of LGBT people is of gay leftists misbehaving at the White House, rather than the millions of patriotic, decent LGBT citizens, many of whom, like Log Cabin Republicans, hold President Ronald Reagan in high esteem," Berle said. "These photographs have hurt our community and make advocating for inclusion and equality more difficult. The participants should be ashamed."

… and so has the White House:

"While the White House does not control the conduct of guests at receptions, we certainly expect that all attendees conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Most all do," Shin Inouye, a White House spokesman, said. "These individuals clearly did not. Behavior like this doesn’t belong anywhere, least of all in the White House." 


  1. Alex Parrish says

    I hardly think showing a disrespectful gesture to the portrait of a dead politician rises to the level which deserves this sort of press. Personally, I wouldn’t have done it; not because I respect the man (I REALLY REALLY disrespect what he did and continues to do to our nation ) but because — come on — it’s the White House! The poor judgement shown by a couple of folks with genuine reasons for malice against the man are being turned into another political 10-second attack on liberals. So what? What would you expect? In this political climate, any gaffe is fair-game for the vultures. I can only hope the Dems will play the game as convincingly — but I doubt it. Dems are famous for wresting defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Rick says

    Just another example of how the culture of effeminacy manifests itself–people who are so far removed from the social mainstream and so restricted to the social margins that they do not know how to behave themselves in respectable society.

    The same trash that parades around at Pride.

    I am glad the Obama Administration itself learned a lesson about what these people are like….and I hope that the larger gay population around the country uses this incident as a learning experience about how including the “T” in LGBT soils us all and severely damages our ability to gain acceptance or respect, as well as how the culture of effeminacy in general has a corrosive effect on everything it touches.

  3. FancyPants says

    I would criticize Rick’s comments, but I think I’d need to actually have some clue what he was talking about first. So I won’t bother other than to say this incident doesn’t appear to have anything to do with transgendered people. By all accounts, the transgendered people at the event behaved themselves like grown ups.

  4. niles says

    I’m very disgusted with the conduct of these people in the White House. They have brought disdain on the gay people of the USA by their callous and disrespectful actions. And no, I’m not a Republican or Reagan lover, just a citizen who holds certain institutions like the White House as a special place to show respect for the counry. And yes, I’m aware of the attitude that being gay gives you the right to not act like a decent human being.

  5. Javier says

    Good response from the White House. Vulgar and immature people do immature things, even in the White House. Unfortunately, such people tend to be so selfish and disrespectful that they don’t care if their personal misdeeds may negatively impact entire movements and people. We need more mature and wiser leaders.

  6. KP says

    Rick, neither of the people were trans so please shut the hell up. Your prejudices against transgender people and effeminate men are getting really old. If you want to hate people for no valid reason, go join the commenters on Fox News.

  7. Rick says

    @KP The proposal involved transsexuals. Totally inappropriate behavior in that setting.

    The two photos referred to in this instance involved typical effeminate, in-your-face activist types–precisely the people who tout “gender-non-conformity” (including inclusion of “T”‘s in LGBT) and whose ideology stresses behavioral non-conformity in general……and this is the kind of incident that mindset leads to.

    They are a disgrace to gay people everywhere, but this is what happens when a movement lets itself be taken over by extremists, as the gay movement has, doing severe damage to its viability and credibility in the process.

    I am sure they got no flak at all from any of the other activists in attendance, because they all share the same mentality.

  8. intristin says

    @ Kile Ozier – I agree 100%, I think you summed it up the best. Zoe Strauss and Matty Hart need to grow up, they don’t seem to understand or simple do not care how childish behavior like that reflects on the rest of us. Yes, Regan was a monster who did horrible things, but there many more mature ways to express that. Acting like children in the White House is not one of them.

  9. Larry says

    These actions were in memory of David Wojnarowicz and Peter Hujar and payback to the conservatives who had Wojnarowicz’ video removed from the HIDE/SEEK show in DC.

  10. Terry says

    I agree with Alex Parrish. And while that episode was very poor judgement…um, conservatives…can we respect the CURRENT President of the United States? You know, as in not interrupting him, shouting questions at him while he’s giving a statement in the Rose Garden? Things like that.

  11. Chris says

    @terry,I would suggest that this action was direct full of the current president as well, since they were invited guests of this white house.

    @larry….it really doesn’t matter what there actions were about. It seems that that just makes it a double fail, not only did they embarass themselves and everyone else, they didn’t make their point.

    And would somebody please get @rick his meds,

  12. anon says

    Don’t expect the DC establishment to back this sort of behavior. For a normal citizen to be invited to the WH for a reception would be considered an elevation above their normal station, requiring the greatest supplication. Basically, don’t embarrass the current administration with your antics.

  13. ratbastard says

    It was a childish thing to do and will be used for propaganda purposes against Obama. End of story.

    As far as Reagan: My main problem with him was the neo-liberal economics he ushered in that has proven to be a disaster. But I seriously doubt he was anti-gay or particularly homophobic, especially considering the business he was in. And AIDS ‘activist’ from that era also share some of the blame, especially by not allowing the disease to be treated as a public health danger, like syphilis, typhoid, etc. I know this will upset some people, but at the early stages [early – mid 80s] folks with AIDS should have been treated humanely but still isolated and prevented from any possibility of spreading the disease. Bath house and other places where public sex occurred should have been shut down, and anyone knowingly spreading the disease should have treated as the criminals they were. And finally, access to the blood supply should have been greatly tightened up.

  14. Magic Finger says

    Understand the sentiments, although I disagree with their actions.

    But this is a tempest in a teapot. We had Bush administration officials flipping the bird at the Constitution in the White House for the better part of 8 years.

  15. Rick says

    @Chris You can snark to your heart’s content, but anyone who does not see the link between the “show-your-a$$” in public mindset that infects most Pride celebrations (and that is driven by the gender-non-conformist mindset) and incidents like this is just deliberately blinding themselves to reality.

    @HEYMRPHIPPS No, I don’t have to look up Stonewall. And its significance has been grossly exaggerated as has the degree to which drag queens were involved in it.

    The gay movement would have proceeded with or without Stonewall and I am quite sick and tired of hearing that because a few drag queens threw their shoes at police one night, they deserve some kind of eternal gratitude or consideration. They were probably so drunk that they didn’t even know what they were doing and I am quite sure they were not driven by any sense of liberation ideology

  16. Rick says

    @Chris You can snark to your heart’s content, but anyone who does not see the link between the “show-your-a$$” in public mindset that infects most Pride celebrations (and that is driven by the gender-non-conformist mindset) and incidents like this is just deliberately blinding themselves to reality.

    @HEYMRPHIPPS No, I don’t have to look up Stonewall. And its significance has been grossly exaggerated as has the degree to which drag queens were involved in it.

    The gay movement would have proceeded with or without Stonewall and I am quite sick and tired of hearing that because a few drag queens threw their shoes at police one night, they deserve some kind of eternal gratitude or consideration. They were probably so drunk that they didn’t even know what they were doing and I am quite sure they were not driven by any sense of liberation ideology

  17. rayrayj says

    Re: Rick

    I’m a very Masculine, Southern, country, blue-collar, white male. I only wish I had the opportunity to flip off the SOB, dead or not. Really man what is so threatening about feminine men or T’s?

    More generally regarding flipping off Reagan, even if I have respect for an abstract concept such at “the office of the President,” or the white house, this was a person who left a legacy of dismantling social programs and regulations that protected the poor, the middle class, and the marginalized; and we are still dealing with the repercussions. The mere fact that he was president and is dead does not magically make him less worthy of the bird than Limbaugh, Beck, Cheney or Helms.

  18. doug105 says

    I voted for Reagan the first time around was my very first vote in fact,
    only to hear his medicine and morality speech a few year later.
    That was the start for me to know there is something wrong with the rethug party.
    Screw Reagan they should have tryed to burn his picture.

  19. John Gile says

    Why do people have such a lack of decorum. You were invited to the White House by the President. Strange sense of immaturity. I was at the event–two women were actually standing on furniture to take photos. Reagan’s AIDS policies and his legacy is pretty dismal. But remember his work against the Briggs Initiative in California. And to those who say “he hated gays”…please, he had more gay friends and staffers. Let’s find more civility and love and forgiveness in our community–that transcends lines in a powerful way.

  20. NY2.0 says

    I pretty much detest Ronald Reagan and the damage he has done in the past not just to equality for gays but economic equality for the masses to this day. However, doing something as crass and flippant as this not only dishonors the former president but it also dishonors the sitting president, his family and the institution of the presidency.

  21. Larry says

    Let’s just say that there are many people in the LGBT community who are glad this happened (that a few brave souls gave Reagan the finger in the White House) and are especially happy that many in the LGBT community are embarrassed by this. You need to be embarrassed and should be ashamed of yourselves.

  22. johnny says

    I don’t see this as newsworthy, another “so what?” moment in history. Yup, bad taste, but so were the Salahi’s. :-)

    And to the idiotic Log Cabiners:

    Count me as one gay man who absolutely does NOT hold Reagan in high esteem. He was a puppet for the far right, an actor in a suit and was most likely not fully mentally capable to be president during his last 2 years in office.

  23. says

    I remember turning around and almost blocking her shot when she was taking this pic. I was very surprised to see her sticking her middle finger up at the portrait it took me a minute to get what she was up to. It so surprised me because this event was so much fun everyone was smiling and laughing. What she did was so negative and innapropriate it was a big contrast to the rest of the night. She should have behaved more respectfully and I am sure she will not be getting another invite.

  24. Not Amused says

    It was childish, embarrassing, and brainless. I voted against Reagan in ’80 and ’84, but wouldn’t even think of a stunt like that, especially if I was a public figure like these people are.

  25. Eric says

    I have a lot of trouble with the phrase “behavior like this doesn’t belong anywhere”. That’s really a pretty frightening comment.

    The WH needs to learn drive and frame the discussion instead of constantly reacting to everything.

    Also, all of the available data shows that the Reagan administration really started most, if not all, of the policies that began the internal rot of the United States that has led us to where we are now.

    Finally, we have a lot of very real, very serious issues, and other countries look at how upset we get about petty things like this and just shake their heads.

  26. Amazed says

    Although Reagan was a senile idiot the White House is a Democratic sanctuary where childish self-attentive behavior behavior is beyond unacceptable. Their behavior had nothing to do with being TRANSGENDER or TRANSEXUAL!

    The idiot (Rick) that made that connection between activist effeminacy and Transgender people should get out of his tiny little world and see the real one. You’re lucky to have the ‘T’ in L.G.B.T. on your side. None of the rest of you know what REAL discrimination is like! We can’t hide 99.9% of the time. We live it!

  27. Amazed says

    As far as the opinions of the Log Cabin Republicans: No one cares, not one bit. The L.C.R. never helped anyone of importance and no one cares what Reagan did for some unknown self-conflicted, self-loathing idiot. Siding with the G.O.P. is just WRONG! Like a Jew siding with the Nazi’s there’s NO EXCUSE. Get Help!

  28. Chris says

    The problem with that, is that these were guests invited to the White House, as part of LGBT pride month recognition. This wasn’t a protest, or a march, so their actions not only disrespected Reagan, but also the president who invited them and all the activists who have worked for decades to achieve the day when groups like this are invited to White House.

  29. Randy says

    “Behavior like this doesn’t belong anywhere, least of all in the White House”

    Yeah… they’re just jealous they can’t do it themselves without getting fired.

    This is a proud moment for all LGBT people, and as a silent and peaceful expression of free speech it is also a proud moment for all Americans.

  30. Bob R says

    It’s the White House, the people’s house and that should be respected. I think it was bad form to flip the bird to this monster’s portrait while guests of the current President. It reflects poorly on him.

    More appropriate would be to just piss on Reagan’s grave. Yes, I think that would send a much more appropriate message, since he pissed on America’s gays and poor for the 8 years he occupied the office and tried to convince people they were being “trickled down on”, not pissed on by him and the GOP. Personally, if given the chance, I would much rather piss on his grave, after eating a big meal of asparagus.

  31. JT says

    I’d take the opportunity to flip off a portrait of Reagan any time I get it. Except at the White House. Of course, the right wing would make a mountain out of this mole hill no matter where the picture was taken. Showing disrespect to one of the worst presidents for the LGBT community is perfectly fine and within the limits of free speech (and I would say deserved), but context is everything.

  32. says

    Kissing under the portrait and proposing in the hallway are considerably classier. They really convey the same message.

    I am somewhat tempted by Bob R’s counter-proposal, though!

  33. The Milkman says

    It wasn’t wrong. It was just bratty and unimaginative. Imagine what the Act-Up folks would have done with that opporunity… now THOSE were some inspired protests. This? Meh. Not so much.


  34. Robert says

    What they did was what I would have done. Anyone who thinks it was wrong and should not have been done is an idiot. It was a statement of self expression, and it harmed no one. Trying to act like a scolding adult to a bunch of rambunctious children only makes you and the white house sound like assholes. Who the hell do they think they are? They’re murdering people and they’re scolding people for being pissed with a monster?

  35. rayrayj says


    Although I see your point, I would argue that this was not merely a celebratory event but instead it was a political event, even if it was not a march. The while house was using LGBT folks and their supporters to make a political statement. Some of the activists at said political event took advantage of the opportunity to make a different political statement.

  36. says

    Whatever one thinks of their behavior (I personally see it as Milkman does–bratty and unimaginative), it’s barely newsworthy. A few people acting out cause they could. Reagan’s crimes against gay people were major stuff, and this was a minor response to them, and rather late in the historical game.

    Of course, the LCR’s (and a few commentators here) will be drama queens about it (they’re trying to outdo GOProud with their theatrics to legitimize their sad existences), for their own foolish political gains, and the hysterics are more juvenile than the White House shenanigans themselves. This means zero–just more media debris, here today, gone tomorrow.

  37. gomez says

    as jon stewart would say: “you’re not helping”

    who behaves this way?

    congratulations, childhish leftist activists for disrespecting a dignified lgbt event at the highest office in the land. this will be the dominant takeaway in the media for this event. happy? you are utterly stupid

    the right will make much hay of this, further promoting the message that the left and glbts are immature vulgar brats. making mature and reasonable people’s job on the left that much harder.

    @larry (kramer, i bet): you have it completely backwards, you need to be embarrassed and should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this juvenile idiocy. will you ever grow up, kramer?

    @robert. “rambunctious children”, your words. and you think it’s ok to behave this way as adults at the white house? and we’re the assholes? wow, just wow.

    @rick. this has squat to do with trans people or effeminacy, get a grip, and everything to do with a counter-productive streak of immature attention whore tactics that occasionally arise on the left

    finally, reagan certainly deserves appropriate scorn in appropriate and productive settings, unlike here

  38. Bud Burgoon-Clark says

    They should have dragged the miserable bastard’s portrait out on the front lawn, pissed on it, doused it with gasoline, and set it afire. He went to his grave with the blood of my loved ones, friends, and colleagues on his hands.



  39. NYNiceDude says

    Self loathing gays use stories like this to really jump on the ENTIRE gay community and proudly show off their homophobia. Much like the Conservative press will jump on a story like this to get out their homophobia

  40. says


    Totally agree. Internalized homophobia needs to come out somehow…and stories like this enable those who have bigotry toward the gay community to feel like they can freely express it, with blanket statements and “get away with it” Glad it’s transparent for some of you as well

  41. Klien says

    Seriously? so what? OH MY GOD, they flashed a finger at a picture!!!! How are we all going to survive. STOP GAY MARRIAGES.

    Just shows how dramatic the anti gay crowd is and can be

  42. Shock says

    Gays have blown it. This picture of the lesbian giving the finger to a painting of Reagan, is Republican gold. And was she even around when Reagan was ignoring gays? Everybody’s gotten so bold on Reagan. (a dead man) This generation are idiots. Pity they didn’t experience what it was really like back then. Back when gays were fighting for their lives, not fighting for “marriage.” Karma’s going to bring you down. The people you despise so much are going to win. Then we can have open season on your pathetic threats and tin opinions. FYI: I love men

  43. J.J says

    Hahaha these dead presidents some of you apologist are defending wanted gay men in quarantine. They HATED you. H-A-T-E-D you. Not just hate…but HATE. Keep on defending them while rimming every hetero you meet. Some of us don’t like to play pretend

  44. Facts says

    LOL I knew the self hating homos would be all over this one. They gotta et their pent up anti gay hate out…stories like this give them the perfect outlet to get off all their irrational, crazy hate for an LGBT community.

  45. says

    There’s far worse illegal immigrant children ahve done to protest the Dream Act not being succesful IN FRONT of Obama. They were celebrated. This is nothing more than a punching bag for anti gay bigots to attack gays. Hardly newsworthy or worth anger from regular folks with any mental stability.

  46. JusDaFacts says

    Read the post above by “SHOCK”…it’s the exact reason why we SHOULD do things like this. To piss off bigots like him and hopefully cause them cancer so they die an early death. Glad this event got your blood boiling, shock. There’s plenty more where that came from, cuz gone are the gays of your time who apologized for being bold.

  47. Chuck Mielke says

    Frankly, I get really tired of sanctification. The White House is the people’s building, as is the Capitol building. They are not shrines; they are not temples. These places symbolize what the people hold sacred: freedom of speech, equality, opportunity. If a citizen can’t express him/herself in such a place then where the heck is it more appropriate? As far as “disrespecting the dead,” please! When did ancestor worship become the law of the land? When did it become immoral to recognize the failures, foibles, and fanaticisms of deceased citizens? Some say, “I wouldn’t have done it.” But when did that become a criterion for the behavior of others? “Oh, I’m sorry; I guess I should ask every other citizen if my idea’s a good one and refuse to act if even one person disagrees?” Aren’t we tired of being held to someone else’s idea of “normal”?

  48. Qazzo says

    Disrespectful, embarrassing, shameful and completely out of line. The general public will see this and be reaffirmed that LGBT have no class and decorum, and that Obama is a tool for allying with them and allowing them to set foot in the White House at all. I don’t care what you thought of Reagen, he was president and he’s now passed. This behavior goes beyond just him. You’re in the White House; show some respect and tact.

    On the other hand, I’m sure Mitt and the GOP are thrilled this happened. They just got a nice little piece amo to use in his campaign against Obama, and the gay community.




  50. says

    “On the other hand, I’m sure Mitt and the GOP are thrilled this happened. They just got a nice little piece amo to use in his campaign against Obama, and the gay community.”

    Oh, please. The hand wringing over this! It’s not a Nanny State, yet. As if only the right-wing can find “amo” to use against their political opponents. All it would take is a quick Google search to find right-wingers and tea baggers doing all kinds of juvenile–or worse–things in response to former and current Democratic presidents. If they want to use those silly tactics, bring it on. Intelligent people can move on to more important things than someone flipping the bird at a portrait.

  51. Amusement says

    In some countries those people in the photographs would have been executed by now. This mutation JF is so busy wishing death on everything, I would suggest a trip to Miami and some bath salts, so he could really eat his bigot enemy. Good luck . Hope you survive your first bashing. What ever you can do for the cause.

  52. Ronnie says

    Chuck: So normal is standing on the furniture and flipping off the paintings? What is more disgraceful election wise is how the White House staff handled it. Of course they didn’t want that to leak out regarding a gay event, which are rare. I think Obama was in the back room counting cash from the gay fundraisers to realize what was going on. I wonder how visitors will react to Obama’s painting? Since he’ll only have one term, it’s hard to say.

  53. Jay says

    I side with the people who flicked his picture off. Lots of homophobes here going off on gays. Knowing stories like this piss of the homophobic crowd makes me celebrate this gesture

  54. SoccerEnthusiast says

    Good! We need more active activism in our community. These apologist gays who always want to play nice guy are THE reason we are where we are and are held back. They are weak, and don’t have a pair, so want us to be as weak and miserable as they are. It’s those who fought, and fought hard that brought about change.

  55. IndieMusicBird says

    When you show passion for what you want, people take notice. GLBT have great reason to be passionate. We have way too many injustices to face to not be angry, and strong and vocal. I sometimes feel we’re not foreceful enough. We don’t have to beg to get rights. We are entitled to freedom and rights.

  56. FanofDance says

    LOL Rick is posting with about 20 different handles here. He’s loving this story, and being able to piss on the gay community. PICK ONE HANDLE Rick!

  57. Bob says

    Good for them! Nothing gets accomplished by sitting idle and begging for change. We’re a people that were used, abused and mistreated…we have EVERY reason to stand up and express our outrage with people who fought against our existence.

  58. QuestJourney says

    Why do gay people always have to act like some diplomatic beauty queen? We’re human and when we have emotions that need to be expressed, we have every right to express them. And as others noted, we have a lot to be expressive about. The list of suffering from the right is endless and needs to be brought to their attention.

  59. ProudDad says

    This is NOTHING compared to the antics of religious people and the right wing. The right wing show farrrrrr more vile displays on an hourly basis. The right wing have made a profession based on their hate, and proudly displaying that hate. We’re supposed to feel guilty about this? This is angelic compared to what the right wing does on a regular basis in every setting.

  60. 2EastCoastDudes says

    To the anti gay person posting with different handles, and making sweeping generalizations about gays now being seeing as unclassy because of this story…..uhm, like you religious people don’t get in front of cameras and preach unadultrated insanity, hate speech, and a cesspool of drivel regularly? You can’t ever compare what gays do as a reaction to your insanity…to your insanity. Your side takes the cake and buffet table in terms of disgusting, deplorable acts. And no matter how many different names you sign with, the stories on this blog about you religious, cultish sheeps prove that.
    We gays have a lot to be proud of. You people are the ones who should cut yourselves in shame.

  61. Jason says

    It’s The White House. Maybe you flunked history. You all deserve what you’ll get. Stupidity can make one stumble in life. Every negative is suspected as “homophobe.” I don’t think you’d know one if you meant one. But you never know about the enemy within. That’s the vote getter. That’s the one who can get you off and screw you over.

  62. letsbehonest says


    F-ck you and your straights you piece of breeding dirt. You haven’t been around an intense gay man who WILL crush your skull if you come at him the wrong way, hetero vile slob

  63. SoccerEnthusiast says


    How exactly will straights crush us? by drinking too much? having a drinking game? beating their wives, or be one of the 54% that files for divorce? Straight men only wish they could be as cultured, educated and refined as gay men. Straight men are the missing link. Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking differently.

  64. Red Velvet says

    That breeders can read this story and it upsets them makes me chalk this up as a victory for us. Job well done. The day we “obey” the big straight master to attain our rights is the day we don’t have rights. Straight people are no one for us to have to answer to. This notion that we need to be “on our best behavior” for the heteros is coming from a self loathing Conservative crowd on the side lines. It is degrading and insulting. Straight people are neither our adults or our parents. We don’t need to censor who we are for them nor do we need to apologize for what we are to them. Their sense of entitlement is what needs to be broken.

  65. says

    I agree with the sentiment that gays shouldn’t have to constantlybe fearful of what heterosexuals think of them. Do heterosexuals lead their lives consumed with what we thought of them? maybe if they did, so many heterosexual men wouldn’t be out molesting children.
    If heterosexuals buy into their false sense of entitlement, that’s one thing. We certainly don’t have to.

  66. Bill Perdue says

    There are no heroes in the White House and haven’t been since Lincoln was murdered.

    For 147 years we’ve been offered one lesser evil after another and recently each new lesser evil has been worse than the one they replaced.

    LBJ was a mass murderer of GIs and Vietnamese and Nixon increased the murder rate and began to add students from Jackson State and Kent State to the death toll.

    Carter began the attack on unions with deregulation.

    Reagan upped the ante, cemented the alliance of the Republicans with theocrats and was personally responsible for the deaths of those who might have lived if the alarm had been raised.

    Bush1 began the bloodbath in the Gulf.

    Clinton signed DADT and championed and signed DOMA, set the stage for the Depression with NAFTA and financial deregulation and is personally responsible for the murder of half a million Iraqi children and babies.

    Bush2 and his military murdered a million plus Iraqis, pushed deregulation and tax cuts to the limit, promoted HIV by promoting abstinence and cut taxes for the rich.

    Obama was, until a few weeks ago a personal bigot about marriage equality, murders GIs and civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan and has done nothing to stop the depression and much to make it worse. His idea that marriage rights are trumped by states rights is pure bigotry.

    Each has forgiven or ignored the crimes of their predecessors although all of them are guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against workers, women, ourselves people of color and imported workers.

    None are worthy of anything except our disrespect and contempt (unless it’s being investigated for giving trillions to rich or as war criminals guilty of crimes against humanity).LCR, LGBT Democrats and GOProud and should be ashamed for supporting any one of them to any degree.

  67. UFFDA says

    DAYLAN – loved hearing from you and that you and Brandon were invited to the White House where, of course, you knew how to behave. And SO glad that many of the posters here were not there and never will be.

  68. say what says

    ask old timers from ACT UP about why ronnie ray-gun’s pic should be flipped off

    & if not for ACT UP in the past many of you who are -HIV would be positive and those of you who are positive would be dead.

    ACT UP knows exactly why ray-gun should be flipped off….besides the simple fact that our dead presidents are not gods needing everyone to genuflect

  69. anthonyj says

    It may seem disrespectful but at the same time, what Reagan did to gay folks during the AIDS era in the 1980’s was despicable. He not only flipped them the bird but sent all people with HIV to a very early grave by denying them AIDS research funding, cutting off AIDS assistance programs, etc. I was in the middle of it at that time watching hundreds of people I knew die and Reagan never once mentioned the words gay and AIDS during his presidency. He just swept in under the rug and meanwhile, it was the biggest pandemic this country had ever seen. His lack of concern was horrible and disgraceful. The Worst President Ever.

  70. Derrick from Philly says

    Bill Perdue:

    You wanna’ move to St Petersburg? NO, not the one in Florida. I think you still call it Leningrad. The revolution aint coming, Bill. FDR made sure of that.

  71. Rick says

    All you have to do to understand why we are 0-for-33 in referenda is read this thread.

    Wanna know why 6 decades into our movement, it is still legal under Federal law to discriminate against us? Read this thread.

    Wanna know why bullying is increasing rather than decreasing? Read this thread.

    I am convinced that the entire purpose of the gay movement for many of you is to be able to show your ugly, uncouth, classless, trashy a$$es in public, not to eradicate homophobia in society.

    And if that is your purpose, you are accomplishing it, while failing miserably at gaining acceptance or winning political battles.

    Anybody who defends behavior like this deserves all the flak they get from society and deserves all the political losses that have been heaped on them–it just saddens me that so many decent gay people are being soiled by association with you.

  72. ggggb says

    I feel like it’s kind of irritating and part of the reason I wouldn’t like anybody who would rise to the level of any position at the white house—and least of all the ones that are there—that everyone would be expected to display deference to the man who presided over the country’s genocidal reaction to an epidemic and was a generally speaking terrible man! They should not have been reprimanded.

  73. andrew says

    Iam a liberal democrat who never voted for Reagan. However the immature and disrespectful behavior of these gay “adults” is embarassing. I hope that they have sent an apology to their host, President Obama. They acted like immature junior high school students. The President was trying to dignify LGBT Pride with a White House reception and he is thanked by these immature gay “adults” DISGUSTING. Hopefully they will never be invited back to the People’s House. SHAME ON THEM. SHAME. SHAME. Shame.

  74. andrew says

    These are immature a88holes embarassing the President and the entire progressive community. Anyone who defends it is helping the HOMOPHOBES. HOMOPHILES with class will condemn this ridiculous and childish behavior. The most embarassing thing is that these “leaders” in the LBGT community are so childish and immature.

  75. andrew says

    I am a proud and out homosexual who roundly condemns the rude and insulting behavior of these immature gay “leaders”. If you are a LGBT person who doesn’t realize that this behavior was insulting to their host, Mr Obama, mabye you will be happy with President Romney which stunts like this may help elect.

  76. andrew says

    Have they apologized to their host, President Obama? Are their organizations looking for some mature adult leaders after this childish display? They should be!

  77. andrew says

    @Eric: This is a response to the very real and serious issues that the country faces? I am embarassed by the junior high school response of these gay “leaders” . Have they apologized to their host, President Obama? If not, why not?

  78. andrew says

    @Sam A: I sure hope that you are not calling me a Log Cabin Republican. I am a lifelong out liberal democrat who just calls immature, rude and disrespectful behavior what it is: RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and IMMATURE! Why don’t you try to respond without the sexual vulgarity.

  79. says

    LOVE what they did! I would have eagerly did the same. They should be celebrated for the courage! Good job to them! A former President is not some God to be worshipped.

  80. Raymond says

    Hmm….Raegan was hardly a friend of the gay community and did some not so kind things to gay men who were hurting, battling a disease and he told them he didn’t care. Our gay brothers died because of his lack of concern. Who CARES someone flipped the bird, except of course for Log Cabin republicraps. Don’t even try to hide behind this argument of respecting class. You gay conservatives HAVE NO class. I’m glad a majority of these comments stand up to the truth.

  81. Truth says

    Considering what the Conservative party has done to our community and continues to do, this is NOTHING. Nothing.

    Constantly LGBT are told to not react, not act, and be perfect little angels while Conservative swing and throw mud. NO MORE. Time for us to get as vocal and loud and agressive as they are.

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