GOP Chairman Of House Armed Services Committee: No Overturn of DADT Repeal On My Watch

McKeonRepConservatives looking to overturn the Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal have no ally in Republican Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon. Speaking with reporters today, the California representative said he won't cede to right wing pressure and launch an anti-gay fight against gay and lesbian soldiers.

"We fought that fight," McKeon, who is currently chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said this morning during a briefing with defense reporters. "That's not something that I would personally bring up."

McKeon, you may recall, is one of the Republican leaders who tried to delay repeal last year. "The department is not ready to implement the repeal because all the policies and regulations necessary for the transition are not yet final," he said at the time.

Clearly he realizes the armed services have cross the rubicon on this particular issue.


  1. says

    What president signed DADT into law, I forgot?? Oh, it was Bill Clinton, Democrat. Just remembered.

    What president signed DOMA into law, I forgot?? Oh, it was Bill Clinton, Democrat. Just remembered.

    Just making sure how all this went down, ya’ll.

  2. woodroad34 says

    The title this article is confusing. It appears that this guy will fight the repeal, rather than saying he’s done with the fighting and it’s time to move on.

  3. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Almost certainly a clever misinformation campaign on the part of Republicans. They know that rolling back the repeal would look peevish and wasteful to independents and moderates and could help cost them the election; a false story like this will help get the issue out of the election narrative. “Oh, so and so said it won’t happen under his watch, nothing to see here, move along librul media”. I bet my LIFE Romney would sign DADT back into law. As I’ve said before his “moderateness” is a great trojan horse – he’s probably one of the most socioeconomically and culturally hard-right presidential candidates ever. Yes, mostly because he’s a Mormon. There’s nothing illogical or prejudicial about that assumption. You didn’t see the Bush families sending money to the Prop 8 campaign, even if they were on-record supporting it. You did see the Mormon church and its members sending millions.

    And since the professional paid troll “Alan” will no doubt post some robotic-sounding drivel in response to me, let me say in advance: stuff it!

  4. St. Theresa of Avila says

    WHo had a majority in Congress Alan, and could have overriden a Clinton veto? REPUBLICANS.
    Can trash like Alan just be banned? Do we know where his IP originates? Probably some soft-money/SuperPAC Romney campaign group. Guess what, hon, you’re not gonna sway any votes here with your garbage and misinformation. Go troll somewhere else.

  5. niles says

    If things go badly in the elections, prepare to have this issue revisited by the republicans. They are chomping at the bit to “punish” the gays and drive them back into the closet- or beyond. A likely scenario is a series of trumped-up charges or controversies that will “force” congress to act to roll back repeal.

  6. Mark says

    I’m very sorry to say that this a-hole is my congressman now. It was Brad Sherman who is great but due to California redistricting I get right-wing nut Buck who likes to get under market mortgages from Countrywide BOFA.

    Hopefully the redistricting added enough independents and Dems to the district to vote him out.

  7. gomez says

    even if romney wins, he may give some mush-mouth about studies of the situation he won’t do anything about it.

    it would look too vindictive against us and militarily a very stupid and disruptive thing to do

    can’t unring this bell

  8. Patric says

    It’s amusing, Alan, to follow your lonely, pathetic attempts to convince yourself that Democrats are no better than the party of homophobes to which you’re devoted.

    Despite your attempts to obscure the real history, here’s what really happened. President Clinton promised full repeal of the then-existing military policy, which prohibited service by gay and lesbian individuals and allowed for witchhunts to root out gay and lesbian service members. As a young newly-elected president who had never served on the national stage before, he naively underestimated the intensity of the resistance to his proposal and made its implementation one of his top priorities at the very beginning of his administration. We now know that that was a mistake but he meant to do well and he meant, as any cursory review of the historical record will show, to repeal the policy entirely.

    Resistance from Republicans and Southern Democrats forced him into a compromise which he hadn’t sought. You clearly believe it would have been preferable had the President never sought a change in the policy in the first place.

    You know you’re grasping at straws when, in order to attack a particular Democrat as anti-gay, you have to cite as evidence an instance in which he proposed the most pro-gay position favorable and was then forced into a compromise because of intense opposition from Republicans. Classic.

    I feel for you, though. It must suck to be a self-loathing Uncle Tom.

  9. gomez says

    even if romney wins, he may give some mush-mouth about studies of the situation he won’t do anything about it.

    it would look too vindictive against us and militarily a very stupid and disruptive thing to do

    can’t unring this bell

  10. unruly says

    I’m with woodroad34, the title is confusing and wrong. It should be “No Repeal of DADT Repeal On My Watch”

    Also, the last sentence should be “crossed” not “cross.”

  11. Matt says

    That’s funny; all that time, he was one of the ones fighting it tooth and nail. Now he won’t support reinstating DADT? Are Republicans admitting what they were in regards to gay issues? You know; THAT word: W-WR-WR-WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

    And another thing; from what he’s saying, the title should be “No REPEAL of DADT Repeal”, or “No REINSTATEMENT of DADT”.

  12. Steve says

    I doubt even if Clinton had waited a bit with his repeal attempt and been more deliberate, that it would have been successful. At that time, the whole atmosphere in the public was still intensely homophobic. That didn’t begin to change until the late 90s.

    As for the Republicans. Repeal not being a priority means they’ll just wait a bit to do it. On the other hand, the handful of realists they have left must realize that they can’t just undo things and shove everyone back into the closet.

  13. anon says

    I think part of the issue is the military budget fight has gotten overly nasty because of attempts to revive DADT, delaying funding of new weapons systems that he is in favor of. So, he’s willing to trade DADT repeal for pork weapons spending. Go figure. Also, the parade of horribles that would happen with DADT hearings is probably too much for them to go through again. You’ve got decorated war veterans in favor of appeal now that would testify in a second, not to mention Colin Powell. It would be a PR disaster.

  14. says

    Sorry. My mother was watching over my shoulder as I was reading this news article and she said “You’d better not be defending liberals or those leftist gays…” and I said “No, mommy! Look! I’m just about to write something about Clinton!” Then she said “Good. Then you can have a piece of candy today. But just one. You’re still a f@ggot and I still hate you.”

    So that’s why I wrote it. I know full well that DADT and DOMA were compromises that Clinton was forced into by an unyieldingly anti-gay GOP at the time. I just can’t admit it when Mom’s around or else she beats me with her bible.

  15. says

    Alan, remember DADT was a compromise. Clinton wanted gays to be out and he was pressured into DADT when the public and Washington turned on him….

    and I’m sure you knew that.

  16. says

    Yes, of course I know that. I just had to type that because my Mom was watching over my shoulder and wouldn’t leave the room until she made sure I made a comment that attacked democrats, even though my comment didn’t make factual sense.

    My family are very devout Christians, you see.

  17. Rick says

    “I can’t wait until old white men no longer run the country”

    Here, here. Let’s all give three cheers to Tom for coming out of the closet and displaying proudly and without reserve the hatred of men that drives the (Leftist) effeminate gay man.

    I hate white men, too. Like Admiral Mike Mullen and Joe Lieberman and Patrick Kennedy and Carl Levin. Like Ted Olson and David Boies. Like Andrew Cuomo and Zach Wahls. Like Barney Frank, too.

    It will be so fantastic when they can be replaced by women like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Like Maggie Gallagher and Elaine Donnelly (who made it her personal life’s mission to maintain DADT). Like Carrie Prejean and the One Million Moms.

    And by blacks and Hispanics such as Ruben Diaz and Fred Luter (new President of the most homophobic denomination in the country. Like Tracy Morgan and 50 Cent and so many other rappers. Like the millions of everyday people who have marched to the polls to vote by overwhelming margins against same-sex marriage in every state in the union. And like the enlightened leaders of sub-Saharan Africa, who are a breath of fresh air when it comes to gay rights compared to those tired old white males in Europe.

    Yes, indeed.

    And now I am going to go escape the horrors of the Evil White Male by immersing myself in some vintage Gloria Gaynor, “diva” of the discos and the black female idol of my dreams…..

    Yes, indeed.

  18. Rick says

    DADT is dead and buried. The Pentagon itself would shut down any attempts to revive it, behind the scenes, because they would have no desire to un-do the changes that have already been implemented. Plus, as long as there are even 40 US Senators who would oppose re-instatement–and there always will be–it would never reach the floor for a vote.

    Time to move on, as this Congressman has done.

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