1. Grover Underwood says

    Why does anyone pay attention to anything GOProud has to say? They should be told to run along and let the adults talk about real issues pertaining to our community. It’s not as if marriage equality is something brand spanking new as an issue.

  2. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Origen and Aquinas wrote about what they termed “invincible ignorance.” These guys aren’t that, but are equally pigheadedly willfully deceived.

    May they get what they have chosen.

  3. Tracy says

    I don’t know about all Gay Republicans, but most of them have a different set of priorities than most of the rest of the members of the LGBT population. They are concerned with protecting their investments and inheritances. They aren’t concerned with marriage equality because then, TAHDAH, they would have to share their wealth.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Amazing what our political life has come to: a straight man defending the social position of gay people AGAINST gay people who (in the name of their own bottom lines) are inimical to the interests of their own.

    Republicans make noise about religion and the bible all the time but they worship money above everything. It reminds of something Jesus quotes in the Gospel of Mark: “Well did Isaiah prophesy about you when he said, ‘this people pays me lip service but their heart is far from me.'”

  5. Chadd says

    The most important issue in the next election is the Supreme Court. The next president will probably nominate at least one, possibly two Justices. A President Romney would tilt the Court to a right wing majority and set Equality back by decades. Anyone who votes for Mittens for (potential and not guaranteed) economic gain is short sighted. You would think that GOProud would know that living only for today is not really that healthy.

  6. kpo5 says

    Why GO”Proud”?

    To be “Proud,” one has to have Pride. Pride, in the LGBT context, does not refer to how one feels about him/herself or his/her bottom line. Pride is about the community. Pride is about caring for the well-being of everyone. Pride is living in Massachusetts and being outraged that our friends on the other coast were denied their equality after the Prop 8 vote.

    GOProud is a black hole for gay Pride. They’re in desperate need of a name change.

    The only thing these people take pride in is their ability to please their fathers.

    //also – ditto, Chadd. A Mittens Presidency would be disastrous for any LGBT issue that meets the SCOTUS. For that reason alone, gays should be flocking to the polls to vote to reelect President Obama.

  7. LiamB says

    So Romney believes gays are a part of America, huh? That is why he wants to kick gays out of the military? Or why he wants to push an amendment to the constitution which would permanently dissolve all marriages between GLBT spouses and prevent others from ever getting to marry? Or why he thinks we should be discriminated against by businesses, and governments?

    Yeah, Romney thinks gays have a place in American society. It’s called the closet. As for the economy, all of the before mentioned effect the financial stability of GLBT citizens, so questioning his position on gay rights is a matter of economic interest.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    It seems we MUST acknowledge that not all gay people are, well, gay to their core. Case in point: GOProud. They are so deceived by their belief in the 1% wealth doctrine that they no longer identify with the struggles of the 99% of gay citizens seeking full equality with the rest of our fellow citizens. Furthermore, IMHO, Obama’s get-Americans-back-to-work policies haven’t – no – can’t work because the Rethuggist control the Congressional purse strings to make these policies and programs happen. Without the funding, no federal assistance to all Obama’s programs geared toward the unemployed. Pretty simple to understand but, as usual, the bank account-gifted GOPers don’t care. So, again, IMHO, f**k them and their Rethuggist candidates.

  9. Tanoka says

    Distract? As in, the way the republicans have been at it for the last year? As in, the way Romney signed NOM’s pledge? As in, the way Santorum cannot open his mouth without something disgustingly bigotted coming out? etc, etc.

  10. Michaelandfred says

    The reality is GOProud is only a handful of very wealthy republican gays. As in life, extreme wealth is the great equalizer. Non of these men deal with getting beaten in a subway, kicked off a plane, denied entrance to a local pool with their kids, treated badly at a restaurant or any of the myriad problems the normal person deals with. When you have money and power, the rest doesn’t really bother you all that much. Sad, but true. As long as they get their tax breaks and keep their wealth, they could care less what the “average” person has to deal with. They skate by, so let the rest eat cake.

  11. Jay says

    This is purely disgusting. GoProud really? What should they take pride in when they are fighting against us and supporting someone who will disolve everything we have worked so hard to gain.
    Romneck always talks about how hard he would be on Iran and yet he is trying to make this country just as backwards, and intolerant of our community and the people that support us.
    GoProud reminds me of the self hating gays that spew out hatred in the light but sneek in a dark back room to get thier fansy on.
    GoPround my foot. They can go to hell, and take the indorsment with them.

  12. says

    I know, why should we go on and on about those distracting civil rights when we could focus exclusively on providing more tax welfare for the über-rich? How selfish of us to demand equality! The rich people will suffer!

    They’re so ridiculously out of touch and lacking in any influence that it’s silly to even comment on GOProud’s absurdity, but it could be noted that actually it’s their beloved Republicans who use “social issues” to distract from their failures, always pleading for “smaller” government while inserting their anti-gay anti-women noses into bedrooms and vaginas across the US.

  13. anon says

    Republicans are expected to fall in line with the nominee, regardless of their views of him, but voter turnout can suffer, as with John McCain, who was too moderate for the evangelicals and too conservative for the large youth vote in 2008. The economy is by far the largest issue in this election, particularly in swing states like Ohio, but you’d expect a gay advocacy group to work on behalf of gay issues regardless.

  14. Tom in long beach says

    The “go proud” prioritize things wrongly. And to be honest I feel there is a racist element to them as well. There is a real disconect going on. They value their fantasy of what a conservative America could be for them above real world equal rights and protection for the whole LGBT community. Meanwhile Republicans continue to use the erroneous concept of “values voters” to get working class people to vote against their own interest.

  15. Brian says

    I can actually almost get why some gays identify as republicans. As every poster here has said, they prioritize their tax rates over gay rights. A stupid decision but I get it. But what I’ll never understand is why they join a gay rights group within the republican party. If they really think as they keep saying, that gay rights are a distraction from the bad economy, then just be regular tax obsessed republicans who happen to be gay. But if you’re going to join a special interest gay lobby within the republican party, then it makes no sense to say gay rights aren’t important. If gay rights aren’t important, then GOProud is irrelevant (I know, I know it is, but surely they don’t think so).

  16. Tom Wieczorek says

    I would have to say that they have their name correct: they are “Proud” that they are GOP. As to having Pride in being gay, i believe they miss that point altogether. How can someone laud a candidate who would deny them their rights to happiness as in marriage (not as in their checkbook)? How could they support a party that denies them the right to solicit or publicly advertise at events? How can someone saying that they are “proud” have pride in the fact that my husband and I can’t claim to be married in the eyes of the federal government for tax purposes and that the GOP is eager to take the case to the Supreme Court in hopes of perpetualizing that denial of our rights? I find nothing to be “Proud” about and think they are more interested in seeing their face on television than advocating for LGBT issues.

  17. says

    funny reversal of truth – republicans talk about gay marriage because they can’t talk HONESTLY about the economy to their base.

    “dear uneducated poor folks, dontcha hate gays and abortions? if so, vote for us!” -GOP

    the truth is the GOP’s economic ideals only serve the wealthiest citizens. that’s why they bring up social issues – without ’em they’d be forced to talk about fiscal policy, thus revealing how they f**k the country.

    and GOProud types, as we all know, can’t promote Equality because doing so earns them the scorn and derision from the bigots whose teat they continue to insist on sucking.

    sorry, boys, those of us with balls know better.

  18. BobN says

    There should be a rule. If your organization doesn’t have even 100 members*, you’re not allowed to yap on TV.

    * exceptions for groups whose potential membership is small, like, say, Nobel Laureates.

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