1. JL says

    This was the most painful thing to watch. Thanks for ruining my morning. Maybe if he wasn’t so negative and stereotypical he’ll find someone. Lame.

  2. Bill says

    Yeah, I thought it was cute. My only complaint, too short. Develop it into a feature length film or at least a short. Seriously. I could see it expanded into a short that would end up in one of those “Boys Life” compilations. The complaints here remind me of the reception, years ago, in New York for “Parting Glances”. New Yorkers thought it was boring because it reminded them too much of everyday life. It got a great reception outside of the city and critical acclaim.

  3. AJ says

    I think the first few post are jokes, right? This was halarious!
    I hope they (the powers that be) decide to make webisodes series.
    More, more, more!!

  4. Nick says

    Oh shut up you stupid queens…this was hilarious and if you don’t think so then you obviously live in lala land and don’t realize that this is how shallow most of you are….the end.

  5. Scott says

    It was sortof funny- in the sense of the irony of an average- looking guy feeling the pain of getting rejected or dumped for not being “hot/sexy” enough, or “cool” enough- and yet turning around and acting the same way to another average-looking guy- whose only “fault” was having a lazy eye.

    This isn’t limited to the gay community- it’s straight people, too. How many times have you been out with your straight buddies- who whine about not getting the “hot” chicks, but turn their noses up at girls who are their equals in attractiveness (as subjective as that is).

    I don’t think we should beat ourselves up or develop collective guilt over this kind of behavior- because a lot of people- not everyone tho- straight or gay- acts this way.

  6. tinkerbelle says

    This is smart. Key word. Look at reality, most of us are like this (except for YOU of course). I’m for the full length show… or film.
    And funny, two great lines out of four minutes has to be a record these days.

  7. tinkerbelle says

    And frankly, he’s not unattractive in my book. Of course, who cares.
    How many dates did the director-producer-actor get out of this? Could be the new advertising gimmick of 2012—or online dating necessity. Raise the bar, set the standard.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    Actually, I’ll bet that H. Alan Scott (real name?) isn’t even single. Too much confidence and willingness to expose himself publically.
    Publicly. Pubically. Pububilically.

  9. says

    Thank you, H. Allan Scott. I will never be able to look at my EVO with a straight face again. Just so wrong on so MANY F*CKING LEVELS… including the level that I have known hundreds of men and women, gay and straight, just like this. Hysterically funny video, but then you run into these people in real life and I just can’t help feeling like I need to take them home with me for some re-raising Mommie Dammit style.

    And to all you pathetic little bitches pissing your skinny-jeans about this clip – take the meth spoon out of your nose, read something besides the latest Armani ad, and grow up.

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