Italian Footballer Antonio Cassano Hopes There are No ‘Queers’ on the National Team

Italian footballer Antonio Cassano, a Serie A player for Milan and a striker for the national team, has caused controversy in Krakow after being asked about gay players on the Italian team in advance of the Euro 2012, the Guardian reports:

CassanoWhen asked about media reports that there were two metrosexual players and two homosexual players in the Italy squad, the Milan forward said: "What's a metrosexual?" before adding: "Queers in the national team? That's their business. But I hope not."

Earlier this year Cassano's Italy team-mate Antonio Di Natale said that it would be difficult for any player to come out whereas the national team coach, Cesare Prandelli, has been supportive of gay footballers.

UPDATE: Apparently the term Cassano used was more like "faggots".

He's now backtracking:

"I am sincerely sorry that my declarations have sparked controversy and protests in the gay community: homophobia is a feeling that does not belong to me. I did not want to offend anyone and in no way do I want to question the sexual freedom of people."

Posted June 12, 2012 at 2:01pm ETC by Andy Towle
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