1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Wait! What happened to Joe Manganiello’s cheese-grating abs? …They’ve been replaced by a trucker-belly? **Oh the humanity**

  2. Jeff says

    That has to be a fake stomach. Not even with his unbelievable abs could hie stick his stomach out like that. Or maybe he did. But how awesome is this guy anyway.

  3. says

    Are you sh*tting me? I wouldn’t eat Doritos off anybody’s abs if you paid me to do it! And is this kind of foolishness really worth a posting @ Towleroad? Used to be, Gay men were known for having class. Guess those days are long gone!

  4. Marc says

    Its not available in Canada because I believe that its on the Comedy Channel and therefore can be seen on their site. They have propritory (sp) rights to their programming

  5. Randy says

    Canada does not suck.

    But out government does. It censors foreign content, so Canadian middlemen who do NOTHING can get rich by implying that they own or create the content themselves, or that they provide some mysteriously valuable service nobody can identify.

    I’d like to see ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox take over some of our Canadian stations, and put an end to this nonsense.

  6. Sam says

    What I wouldn’t give to be her right now. I would not only eat the Doritos, I would lick his abs of all the cheese left over.

    You can obviously tell he’s pushing out his stomach and not wearing a fake fat stomach.


    To those outside the US, follow this site and it will tell you how to get around the block. I use it when I need to view foreign Youtube videos that are blocked from being accessed in the US.

  7. MattS says

    I’m 99% sure that is a prosthetic stomach. Can somebody who works in movie production confirm?

    I’d eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks off any part of Joe’s body.

  8. Padre Denny says

    If you look closely (and weren’t we?), you can see the seam of the fake belly on Joe’s left side at the beltline – it’s not completely tucked in.

    Worry not, abs fans.

  9. Dave says

    The fake belly is a disappointment, funny as it is in the clip. The join is showing just above his trousers. I want to see the real belly! (and eat Doritos off it, but that’s a whole other fantasy…)

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