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Louis C.K. Wishes He Were Gay: VIDEO


Comedian Louis C.K. popped over to Jay Leno's Tonight Show last night to talk up the new season of his show, his ongoing tour and, yes, why he wishes he were gay.

Apparently being straight is tough because you can't say the word "wonderful" — "That strip club was wonderful," has a queer ring to it, he says — nor can you do jazz hands, tell another straight man you miss him or wear taupe. Who knew being straight was such a trial?

While he wishes sometimes he were gay, the funny man is clear that he doesn't want to have gay sex, which really is a pretty essential part of being gay.

Watch Louis C.K. explain himself AFTER THE JUMP.

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  1. Pretty funny

    Posted by: Jake | Jun 29, 2012 9:09:12 AM

  2. This guy is funny... reminds me of a modern day Jonathan Winters.

    Posted by: VDUFFORD | Jun 29, 2012 9:15:29 AM

  3. Louis C.K. is a moron. What a stupid, homophobic thing to say. Gosh, he's almost as homophobically creepy as Adam Carolla.

    Flush these "comedians". I've had enough of them.

    Posted by: bruce | Jun 29, 2012 9:23:49 AM

  4. I'm with Bruce. That this moron is considered not only funny but "cutting edge" amazes me. He's NOTHING.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 29, 2012 9:27:41 AM

  5. @ Bruce and David: You guys really have no idea what you're talking about.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Jun 29, 2012 9:29:35 AM

  6. This posting raises an interesting question: Is having sex an essential part of being gay? I suspect there are many on both ends of the sexual orientation spectrum who don't have sex but consider themselves either hetero- or homo-sexual. I know I was attracted to men many years before I actually had sex with a man. Does that mean for all those years I wasn't gay? Are we defined by who we sleep with or by who we are inside our skins?

    Posted by: barryearle | Jun 29, 2012 9:40:36 AM

  7. It's amazing that the useful gay idiots will find Louis CK funny despite his horrifically stereotypical characterizations of us. What a bunch of twits you are.

    He's your typical lame comedian with not much going for him. He appeals to straights who want to laugh at us, not with us. Flush him.

    Posted by: bruce | Jun 29, 2012 9:41:40 AM

  8. Louis CK is brilliant and far more progressive than most comics.
    This monologue's primary aim wasn't about making fun of gay men, it was about showing how rigid straight men are. He stereotypes everyone, including himself to send up those stereotypes.
    Plus, he's super hot.

    Posted by: Borborygmy | Jun 29, 2012 9:59:24 AM

  9. Jesus he's making fun of the stereotypes - he's pointing out how ridiculous they are. He's making fun of straight men's gay panic. This isn't rocket science.

    Posted by: Jason | Jun 29, 2012 10:01:05 AM

  10. Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, and a host of other comedians who are known allies have done the same. Poking fun at stereotypes or just having fun with them. Most people would give them a pass. Why? We know they support the LGBT community.

    Unlike Adam Carolla who's just a vile person without intelligence, Louis C.K. has actually stood up for gay marriage and equality. He's being facetious on Leno and not serious in any way.

    Louis on race:
    On gays:

    Granted, his humor may not be to some people's tastes (for example I can't stand Lisa Lampanelli even though she has a relatively large following and is a supporter of the LGBT community), but I still would consider him an ally.

    Posted by: Shibby | Jun 29, 2012 10:09:28 AM

  11. Umm..he is well known for saying that he wants Ewan McGregor to f--k his face.

    Just like Bruce and David are well known for being uptight, boring and tired.

    Posted by: shutup | Jun 29, 2012 10:23:33 AM

  12. Funniest human being on the planet and yeah, strangely attractive.

    I also like how he is trying to circumvent all these third party ticket resellers by selling directly to fans on his website.

    Posted by: kirkyo | Jun 29, 2012 10:40:45 AM

  13. People should lighten up and not get their panties in a bunch so quick. :)
    Just Google Louis CK + gay marriage and you'll see the guy's clearly an ally.
    A classic one:

    Posted by: JShep | Jun 29, 2012 10:46:58 AM

  14. I've never seen another straight comedian have a scene like this. Before you label Louis CK a homophobe, watch this scene all the way through to its end, and the way he gives voice to a gay comedian dealing with other comedians use of anti-gay slurs. It's a pretty remarkable scene to appear in any mainstream tv show:

    Posted by: bobbyjoe | Jun 29, 2012 10:49:01 AM

  15. Kirkyo, Shibby, Borborygmy and Jason got it right. Oh, and LOUIS is the best comedy on TV right now.

    Posted by: jeffreychrist | Jun 29, 2012 10:50:20 AM

  16. If that's the case then there's no reason to watch TV.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 29, 2012 10:56:32 AM

  17. CK is hilarious!

    Posted by: Truth | Jun 29, 2012 11:01:28 AM

  18. Anyone here who doesn't think Louis CK is funny clearly doesn't know his body of work. He is one of the few comedians whose body of work transcends traditional stand-up comedy into artistry. And, yeah, I'm a gay guy.

    Posted by: henry | Jun 29, 2012 11:12:50 AM

  19. "Anyone here who doesn't think Louis CK is funny clearly doesn't know his body of work."

    Don't rush to that assumption. I've seen two of his stand-up specials, suffered through several episodes of his television show, and have seen him guest on talk shows, Parks and Rec, etc. Nothing about the man offends me, but Lord, I think he's unfunny and the single most overrated comic in the past decade. I know a lot of people who adore him (hell, I've been dating one for the past year), but I just can't ever understand what makes people think he's a genius when he seems to me to be bringing absolutely nothing new to stand-up or comedy in general.

    Posted by: Jim | Jun 29, 2012 11:28:56 AM

  20. Love Louis CK! I've never heard him say anything homophobic.

    Posted by: maxx | Jun 29, 2012 11:33:28 AM

  21. Apparently it's against the law to find Louis CK unfunny.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 29, 2012 11:47:51 AM

  22. This guy in NOT funny. Plain and simple, I think people hear about him being SO funny from other people so they just go along with it. I've tried to like this guy's act, but there is just nothing there.

    He tries so hard to be the non offensive comedian by saying that he wishes he "was a black guy" or that he "was gay". What is that even supposed to mean? No wonder all the Hollywood liberals just eat it up...

    For someone who considers himself a comedian, he should try COMEDY.

    Posted by: Fuzzy Dunlop | Jun 29, 2012 11:57:38 AM

  23. CK is repulsive, giftless, ugly and cheezy, the pied piper of similar followers.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Jun 29, 2012 12:15:58 PM

  24. You don't have to like his comedy, but he is doing more for through his comedy than the haters give him credit for. Love him.

    Posted by: Coffee&Chicory | Jun 29, 2012 12:16:08 PM

  25. *for us

    Posted by: Coffee&Chicory | Jun 29, 2012 12:16:21 PM

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