1. bruce says

    Louis C.K. is a moron. What a stupid, homophobic thing to say. Gosh, he’s almost as homophobically creepy as Adam Carolla.

    Flush these “comedians”. I’ve had enough of them.

  2. barryearle says

    This posting raises an interesting question: Is having sex an essential part of being gay? I suspect there are many on both ends of the sexual orientation spectrum who don’t have sex but consider themselves either hetero- or homo-sexual. I know I was attracted to men many years before I actually had sex with a man. Does that mean for all those years I wasn’t gay? Are we defined by who we sleep with or by who we are inside our skins?

  3. bruce says

    It’s amazing that the useful gay idiots will find Louis CK funny despite his horrifically stereotypical characterizations of us. What a bunch of twits you are.

    He’s your typical lame comedian with not much going for him. He appeals to straights who want to laugh at us, not with us. Flush him.

  4. Borborygmy says

    Louis CK is brilliant and far more progressive than most comics.
    This monologue’s primary aim wasn’t about making fun of gay men, it was about showing how rigid straight men are. He stereotypes everyone, including himself to send up those stereotypes.
    Plus, he’s super hot.

  5. Jason says

    Jesus he’s making fun of the stereotypes – he’s pointing out how ridiculous they are. He’s making fun of straight men’s gay panic. This isn’t rocket science.

  6. Shibby says

    Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, and a host of other comedians who are known allies have done the same. Poking fun at stereotypes or just having fun with them. Most people would give them a pass. Why? We know they support the LGBT community.

    Unlike Adam Carolla who’s just a vile person without intelligence, Louis C.K. has actually stood up for gay marriage and equality. He’s being facetious on Leno and not serious in any way.

    Louis on race:
    On gays:

    Granted, his humor may not be to some people’s tastes (for example I can’t stand Lisa Lampanelli even though she has a relatively large following and is a supporter of the LGBT community), but I still would consider him an ally.

  7. shutup says

    Umm..he is well known for saying that he wants Ewan McGregor to f–k his face.

    Just like Bruce and David are well known for being uptight, boring and tired.

  8. says

    Funniest human being on the planet and yeah, strangely attractive.

    I also like how he is trying to circumvent all these third party ticket resellers by selling directly to fans on his website.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    I’ve never seen another straight comedian have a scene like this. Before you label Louis CK a homophobe, watch this scene all the way through to its end, and the way he gives voice to a gay comedian dealing with other comedians use of anti-gay slurs. It’s a pretty remarkable scene to appear in any mainstream tv show:

  10. henry says

    Anyone here who doesn’t think Louis CK is funny clearly doesn’t know his body of work. He is one of the few comedians whose body of work transcends traditional stand-up comedy into artistry. And, yeah, I’m a gay guy.

  11. Jim says

    “Anyone here who doesn’t think Louis CK is funny clearly doesn’t know his body of work.”

    Don’t rush to that assumption. I’ve seen two of his stand-up specials, suffered through several episodes of his television show, and have seen him guest on talk shows, Parks and Rec, etc. Nothing about the man offends me, but Lord, I think he’s unfunny and the single most overrated comic in the past decade. I know a lot of people who adore him (hell, I’ve been dating one for the past year), but I just can’t ever understand what makes people think he’s a genius when he seems to me to be bringing absolutely nothing new to stand-up or comedy in general.

  12. Fuzzy Dunlop says

    This guy in NOT funny. Plain and simple, I think people hear about him being SO funny from other people so they just go along with it. I’ve tried to like this guy’s act, but there is just nothing there.

    He tries so hard to be the non offensive comedian by saying that he wishes he “was a black guy” or that he “was gay”. What is that even supposed to mean? No wonder all the Hollywood liberals just eat it up…

    For someone who considers himself a comedian, he should try COMEDY.

  13. Lucas H says

    I love Louis CK! And he’s a total ally, he’s openly supported marriage equality.

    Someone else drew the comparison between hsi brand of humor and Kathy Griffin’s and Margaret Cho’s (I’d add Chelsea Handler to that list). If you’re not offended by them, CK shouldn’t offend you either. And if they don’t make you laugh…then get a sense of humor!

  14. GregV says

    Many straight men worry that they will be thought of as gay because heterosexuals have privieged status. Many gay men have worried about exactly the same thing. Whether the assumption that one is gay is true or false, it can resul;t in losing a job (it was, for example, until recently official policy in the US military), being denied teh right to use a public facility (like a swimming pool in Roanoke) or can even result in being attacked (like when the straight Jose Sucuzhanay was murdered in New York by someone who mistook him for gay).
    Nobody worries about being mistaken for straight because heterosexuals are both socially and legally treated as our superiors in this society.

    I think Louis CK’s humor here could have been more insightful if he had made a very subtle shift in his phrasing to acknowledge that straight men CAN do all the things he said he “wishes they could do” (I do have straight male friends who are secure enough to greet me with a kiss or who who don’t worry what anyone thinks if they feel like using the word “wonderful”) and that society will be healthier when that kind of nonchalance no longer requires any bravery.

  15. Pete says

    I do love how the internet allows anonymous people to think their personal opinions are
    a)solid, unchangable fact, and
    b)anyone who disagrees is automatically wrong.

    As a gay male who happens to find Louis both funny and attractive (but not necessarily a comedy genius), I wish some of the commenters here would keep in mind that they don’t automatically speak for everyone who visits this site- opinions are subjective, and can be changed with knowledge. Get over yourselves.

  16. Dback says

    Louis CK reminds me of Kevin Smith (and maybe Seth Macfarlane) in the way that he’s gutsy enough to question who he is and where he is in society, and comment on it. He’s not always gut-bustingly funny, more wryly amusing, but his observations are genuinely insightful (and even a little wistful). Straight guys like this are major allies for the gay community, in that they aren’t afraid to hold up a fun-house mirror to what America thinks straight men “should” be/do/look like/think/feel, which is how change begins. (And seriously, how many straight men would openly admit among their friends–let alone on TV–a same-sex crush, like Louis’ on Ewan Macgregor? And in graphic detail, no less?)

  17. Lance says

    He is an idiot. I’ve disliked him ever since that condescending video where he chastises the LGBT community on how it handled the whole Tracy Morgan incident.

    Yes, please heterosexual white man, tell us more on how to cope with institutionalized oppression. Surely you are an expert on this!

  18. just_a_guy says

    Louis C.K. is alright as long as he doesn’t believe his own schtick I guess.

    He’s TOTALLY walking on eggshells talking about gay stuff — cuz he ain’t us. And I think he KNOWS that (or should). But as long as he doesn’t believe some of his pronouncements, he’s overall good-natured enough and self-deprecating enough that i kinda find him a tad charming.

    That said, isn’t he stupidly famous for using the F** / F****** word like it means nothing? THAT shtick is TRULY offensive to me. Not cool, C.K. Not cool. (And F*** you for doing it, C.K.)

    But this bit here w/ Leno: kinda dorky-humourous. I don’t think he actually holds himself to those rigid standards, ya know.

  19. just_a_guy says

    Cuz, C.K. every time I heard use that term, it made me wanna spit on you or punch you or something. I mean, I make myself behave like a gentleman, ya know, but those are FIGHTING words to me, C.K. Again, C.K. NOT COOL.

    Despite generally liking a lot of C.K.’s stuff, I’m not sure if I’ll ever REALLY be a fan cuz the F** sschtick stuff is just WAY too doushy of him, even if its in the past (Is it? or does he do it at EVERY show still??)

  20. Rikki says

    It sounds to me like he was being ironic in a way. A lot of C.K.’s comedy is geared towards that sort of humor; he pokes fun at stupid and senseless stereotypes by bringing them to light in a different fashion than what we’re used to. It sounds more like he’s insulting heteronormative privilege without actually saying that word.

  21. InscrutableTed says

    Did you guys watch the video? At no point does Louis C.K. say that gay men have particular behaviours. He just says that straight men are afraid that certain behaviours are gay.

    Which is true. Straight men grow up being terrified of being misidentified as gay (probably because it’s something that you get beat up for in middle school), which leads to a lot of stupid hang-ups.

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