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Magic Mike's 'Raining Men' Strip Tease, Village People One-Sheet: VIDEO


The Magic Mike publicity machine is going into full-throttle with the debut of the film's Village People-esque one-sheet and a new teaser clip which debuted on MTV's Movie Awards Sneak Peek last night of the main characters stripping to "It's Raining Men".

Check out the one-sheet and the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...



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  1. So I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one... but the strippers in Magic Mike don't really do it for me.

    Posted by: JC | Jun 1, 2012 9:44:28 AM

  2. Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer do all kinds of things to me, so yes, looking forward to this movie.

    Posted by: Bobby | Jun 1, 2012 9:49:08 AM

  3. This is so bad. The Full Monty is the real deal.
    @Bobby, Joe M is a dream guy. Matt B is almost as much (to me) as Joe M.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 1, 2012 9:50:52 AM

  4. Joe is the pinnacle here and although a bit unfamiliar to me, Alex Pettyfer is kind of gorgeous looking.

    Posted by: Drew | Jun 1, 2012 10:21:38 AM

  5. Channing Tatum is can rain on me anytime.

    Posted by: zeke | Jun 1, 2012 10:25:57 AM

  6. This is definitely the type of movie that will great on DVD. My eyes were very active just watching this clip lol!

    Posted by: Stefan | Jun 1, 2012 10:33:39 AM

  7. so I'm supposed to believe that male strippers are straight men? ok. I'll suspend my disbelief for that. Then I'm supposed to believe that the women in the audience assume they're all straight men? ok. I'll suspend my disbelief for that. Now I'm supposed to believe that this movie isn't marketed to gay men? Village People? It's Raining Men? I can't. I just can't.

    Posted by: truthiness | Jun 1, 2012 10:34:52 AM

  8. So the PR machine goes into full throttle and we go along because they're shirtless. Oh well....

    Posted by: Butch | Jun 1, 2012 10:35:59 AM

  9. LOL. I personally think this is going to tank in a MAJOR way.

    Posted by: Ted | Jun 1, 2012 10:36:07 AM

  10. Kind of like the male version of "Burlesque," huh?
    It's an interesting test, though: this could get a big audience of straight women and gay men. But if straight men go--obviously, only with the excuse of being dragged by their girlfriends and wives--it'll demonstrate that movies can exploit the market for straight homoeroticism just as sports and mass-market publications do (beyond the occasional glimpse of Daniel Craig in a Speedo).
    If not, it may still show that there's a women's market beyond weepies and chick-flicks, that might be something like the women's equivalent of Tyler Perry flicks.
    Knowing Soderbergh's interest in the sociological dimensions of cinema and in how popular sexuality changes, I would bet that that's where his interest lies.

    Posted by: coolbear | Jun 1, 2012 10:44:09 AM

  11. I think they're spelling it wrong.

    Posted by: JM | Jun 1, 2012 10:50:45 AM

  12. While the ladies typically project that the strippers are straight...and therefor "available" (at-least for their fantasies) it's not unusual for gay guys to perform for the ladies....and the straight guys for the men. One of the large "agencies" here in NJ that handle stripper acts locally for clubs and parties actually tries to enforce it as a policy. It has two advantages from the POV of the agency. One, it reduces that chances that the boys will be suing the gig to set-up out-calls afterwards, thus exposing the agency to potential "pandering" charges. Two, it let's the guys concentrate on performing and they're less-likely to get "turned-on" or get an erection during the's just a "job"....a dance performance, not foreplay.

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Jun 1, 2012 10:54:30 AM

  13. I don't care how bad it may be, I can't wait. Just seeing that pose by Channing Tatum is enough for me. Joe M. and Matt Bomer arent' bad to look at either so it's a win/win situation!

    Posted by: Terry | Jun 1, 2012 10:57:21 AM

  14. I've never particularly enjoyed the sound of shrieking women. Can a soundtrack cockblock?

    Posted by: BobN | Jun 1, 2012 11:39:46 AM

  15. I give it a weekend, then straight to OnDemand!

    Posted by: JerzeeMike | Jun 1, 2012 11:48:56 AM

  16. I always find it odd that when they do covers of songs they get singers who aren't as good. The Weather Girls were so much better than whoever is singing "It's Raining Men" here.

    Posted by: Daniel | Jun 1, 2012 11:59:36 AM

  17. Ted B., I have not seen that many male strippers. However, in my experience it is always a positive if the performers get an erection, both for male and female viewers. I don't think this implies that the dancers are prostitutes or are actually going to hook up with the viewers. However, it is certainly a bonus that would make the show more entertaining. I know many dancers take Viagra before dancing in order to ensure/ encourage erections.

    Posted by: DB | Jun 1, 2012 12:38:39 PM

  18. DB, this is not THAT type of male stripper. Male strippers don't get erections in the more "mainstream" clubs. That is reserved for the sleazier, underground gay haunts or private parties. Most mainstream male strippers don't want to get an erection because the women might be creeped out.

    Posted by: tarheelpoder | Jun 1, 2012 1:44:33 PM

  19. Here in NJ, in a public-venue like a hotel private party, a bar or club, if a male stripper gets a obviously-visible erection while on-stage the Authorities could close the place. And nudity isn't allowed where there's a liquor-license here...AC might be the only exception. For the men; his cock, balls and hole can not be visible to the audience at any point in the a thong is as far as they can strip-down. And the same rules apply afterwards when the dancers mingle with the crowd...and you're not supposed to touch during the "mingling" between the waist-band of the thong and their upper-thigh in a public place.

    For private parties in private homes, well...use your imagination.

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Jun 1, 2012 2:02:31 PM

  20. Matt. Bomer. I admire him for many reasons, but my interest in Magic Mike is just shallow, superficial lust. Don't overthink this, guys!

    Posted by: irisgirl | Jun 1, 2012 2:23:44 PM

  21. All this needs is Burt Reynolds and a pair of cowboy boots filled with vaseline.

    Posted by: Autarchic | Jun 1, 2012 2:32:03 PM

  22. @JC: Nah you're not the only one, I just can't muster any excitement for this either :(

    Posted by: Bryan | Jun 1, 2012 3:12:55 PM

  23. Matt Bomer is the one and only reason I might trudge through this mess of a movie. He's dreamy.

    Posted by: sparks | Jun 1, 2012 4:40:05 PM

  24. That was the absolute worst cover of an amazingly fun song ever. Why didn't they just use the original Weather Girls version? Why f*ck with a classic?

    Posted by: jim | Jun 1, 2012 4:59:21 PM

  25. This should be an IMAX 3-D experience...

    Posted by: jaragon | Jun 1, 2012 5:30:50 PM

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