1. says

    that’s odd. numerous “Christian” groups have made numerous attempts over the years to “ban” others from attending their own festivals.

    from banning condom-distributing groups that attend the Catholic “World Youth” camp-out festivals, to pro-LGBT Equality literature at church and religious events.

    just very odd. actually, it’s not odd. it’s to be expected.

  2. luminum says

    Why would a judge do that? I’ve never attended a Pride parade where all the porto-johns are well-stocked by the end of the day. People need toilet paper, dammit!

  3. Mary says

    There is a time for Bible distribution. But during a gay pride festival is not it. Christians need to learn to respect the fact that the LGBT community is part of America and has its own cultural traditions/expressions. If these parades offend you, don’t attend them. No one is dragging people by the hair out of Bible study groups to view “dykes on bikes.” Even within the context of socially conservative politics (and that includes opposition to SSM) Christians need to develop a greater tolerance for America’s cultural diversity.

  4. Ben in Oakland says

    Personally, i don’t think he should be banned at all. Mostly he will be ignored. Most likely, he’s going to have his feelings hurt.

    However, if he is going to be distributing bibles, then he should buy a booth. Just like everyone else. Stop expecting speical free rights just becuase you’re a christian.

  5. says

    there’s such an interesting slant to “Christian Victimhood”

    we all saw that galling piece of footage that Faux News played 24/7 following the Prop 8 Passage ; the “Christians” marching through the Castro with their crosses and anti-gay signs.

    and the rickety old bigoted lady wielding the massive cross, who had it forcibly taken from her hands.

    this was called “christian bashing” and “anti-christian hate violence”

    yeah. on the passage of a bigoted discriminatory proposition, a collection of bigots took their hatred into the heart of a gay village and then cried “VICTIM!” when their weapons of hate were stripped from them. yeah. victims. *puke*

  6. stevenelliot says

    meanwhile, there is a person dying at home with no friends that could use some hand holding, or a hungry child that could use food, or a homeless person that could use some clothes……
    But this gentleman is worried about gay pride. How sweat. Im flattered

  7. Dave says

    As a local resident, I kind of wonder what everyone’s afraid of. Let him hand out his Bibles. People who don’t want them don’t have to take them. If he’s harassing people, *then* have him removed.

    Last year he was more or less ignored by everyone but the media, who did their level best to create “controversy.” Why play into that BS?

  8. says

    @Stevenellliot, well that’s the reality of religious hypocrisy.

    a financial crisis. families with their breadwinners out of work, with no jobs available.

    and yet…..the religious right has been raising millions and millions and MILLIONS of dollars…… to stop Deb & Sue, who’ve been together for 30 years, from legally marrying.

    because that makes sense.

  9. RWG says

    Face facts: he wants to get inside the festival grounds in order to provoke a negative response, maybe get a shove or a push, which the KKKristians can use in their next “we’re the victims” campaign for money.

  10. Bryan J Blumberg says

    According to the linked story from the Pierce County Herald “Johnson said he’s been distributing Bibles at the Minneapolis Pride Festival since 1995 – and he had no trouble until 2009, when the group refused to rent him a booth over a disagreement on his views about homosexuality.”

    So, he has not been banned because of his desire to distribute bibles. He has been banned because of his views on homosexuality.

    As a matter of fact, every gay pride festival that I have ever been to, which actually does not include the Twin Cities (I’ve been to Long Beach CA, San Diego, West Hollywood, San Francisco and Denver), there have been numerous Christian groups who have rented booths at the festivals. In fact, a few years ago, I picked up a free copy of the Christian Bible in Spanish at Long Beach Pride.

  11. DEAN says

    Let him stand there and try to pass out his bibles. Nobody has to take them. There is also nothing stopping people from walking up to his booth and asking him to point out exactly where in the book it says God is against gay people. Or, point out to him in one of his books all of the passages that God says he doesn’t want us doing that THEY conveniently don’t abide by (eating shellfish, men shaving facial hair, wearing multiple fibres, planting different crops next to each other, etc, etc).

  12. Francis says

    At the end of the day, no-one should be subjected to this type of intentional divisiveness when they go to pride. No-one should be made to feel uncomfortable by this bigot. It is not the time nor place to throw this fable book into the faces of attendees. That’s why I am thankful that this ruling has been made.

  13. says

    Freedom of association. You know, that clause that allows the Boy Scouts to overtly ban gay boys from its ranks? The same clause that allows the group that puts on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston to exclude gay organization?

    See, Mr. Johnson, the freedom of association clause is what allows the organizers of the pride festival to deny you access to the event to distribute bibles.

  14. theotherlee says

    I agree with Dean. Instead of banning him, allow him his spot, or hell even allow him to wander around. But organize a group to follow him around and ask those all important questions.. in addition to what Dean brought up, I’d *really* like to know his stance on incest. I mean, Lot’s daughters got him drunk and basically raped him to get preggers.. and I find it interesting that the Xtians don’t seem to ever bring that part up, or address why they weren’t punished. Does that mean God hates fags, but is A-Ok with incest?

    Yeah, seriously. Organize a group to follow him around and ask him questions. In my personal experience, when confronted with these kinds of questions.. Xtians seem to tuck tail and run.

    Just remember to keep everything civil. If anything shows up on the news, I’d much rather hear about him not knowing the answers (or even better, hearing him try to rationalize them), than having him pushed, shoved, punched or even screamed at.

    Peace out…

  15. Caliban says

    Would this guy be OK with someone coming to his church to hand out copies of The Joy Of Gay Sex on Easter Sunday? No? Then he needs to STFU.

    I’ve had it with these people.

  16. Rob says

    I bet he would be the first to complain if the gays wanted to hand out hiv or pro-gay pamplets at his church, or on the public grounds near his church!

  17. JayTee says

    If you read the actual decision, this dude was never denied his booth to distribute his books. He wanted to be able to walk around and hand ’em out, however, unlike any of the other free-speech participants at the festival. He could always have rented a booth from the parks board and do his thing. He just wanted to stir things up and play victim.

  18. fedorajoe says

    Ban the f*cker. Ban him on the BASIS that he wants to hand out bibles. The bible is disgusting.

    I have to put up with christianist garbage every day of my life. I shouldn’t have to deal with it at pride, a gay bar, a drag show, etc. Those places at least should be allowed to be as queer as they wanna be without the infringement of the moral police.

  19. andrew says

    They should have allowed Johnson to give out his bibles at the Pride event. Then the Pride folks could have opened the bible to the many pages of vile, contradictory and mythological B.S. it contains. Expose that vile primitive tome for what it is.

  20. Dave says

    These anti-gay Christians have already infiltrated into the LGBT community and pretend to be gay when in fact they are spies or there to save the souls of gays or to make trouble. Be on the look out for them as there are more than you might think who go into the LGBT community to influence gays and what is going on. Some of these hidden anti-gay Christians are people who have had the gay conversion therapy who know how to fit in and then there are the ones who are just plain fake gays who say they are gay but are really not. Some of you know about these anti-gay Christians and some of you have no idea that this kind of thing can happen. Many Catholics have told me that the Catholics are are war with gays and anything in war is fair. Some anti-gay Christians are members of the intelligence agencies who have been trained in psychological warfare and have been teaching it to young anti-gay Christians. This is one way they have been getting away with bullying gays to the point that the gays kill themselves, it is because the anti-gay Christians are using psychological warfare to hide their actions. Also some anti-gay Christians are members of the military and they have been trained in psyops which is also psychological warfare and they are using it on LGBT people. For those who think this is not possible take a look at how the Catholics have murdered innocent people through out history and gotten away with using means hard to believe they got away with it but they did. Some of these anti-gay Christians are criminally psychotic and will do anything.

  21. Jay says

    Considering Pride events are run by organizations who pay to use the property their celebration is at, they charge rent for booths, and that being said in this free market society the GOP wants, a private organization can refuse participation to anyone. I was at Philly pride this past weekend, and even the patrons had to pay to enter the festival. I am not opposed to a person distributing bibles at Pride, but an anti-gay person should not be the one doing so. I find it odd he wants to be at Pride, and has been attending Pride since 1995, guess he likes seeing half naked sweaty men walking around. What would the right say if the HRC or NAACP wanted to distribute information at say a KKK rally?

  22. Derek Pearce says

    The religious right can’t have it both ways. Either it’s illegal for the Boy Scouts and St. Patrick’s Day parade to ban gays (and thus guy can be banned from Bible distribution at Pride), or he can roam free with his books and the Scouts and St Paddy’s parade can be forced to not discriminate. If he wants to allow Pride members to distribute lit on the front lawn of his church, then he can do his Bible thumping at Pride.

  23. EdA says

    I haven’t read the 41-page decision (nor do I intend to). But certainly the ‘phobes have been successful in barring GLBT people from St. Patrick’s Day parades, etc. So, “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

    (See also comment by Phoenix Justice, which I had not spotted.)

  24. DB says

    My church always has a booth at San Francisco Gay Pride, along with many other Christian congregations. There is certainly no harm in handing out Bibles, although he should have to register for a booth like all other churches and other groups at Pride. However, if he is expressing homophobic views, rather than handing out Bibles, then he should have to do so outside of the festival grounds.

  25. Blake says

    It seems fairly irrelevant whether it’s Bibles or other religious tracks, or coupons to Joe’s Crab Shack… at Denver Pride at least, you aren’t allowed to hand out anything without purchasing a booth (not that it stops people). Why should he have special permission to just because he’s a Christian?

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