1. Paul R says

    People care about this?

    She looks like a mean drag queen, and 27 is pretty old for this “pageant.” Oh, and it involves Trump, so it’s awful.

  2. Jack M says

    She must be a “Christian.” Maybe she’s afraid a transexual would be judged more attractive than she is.

    And Trump is going to sue her? Gets funnier with every line.

  3. ThomD says

    Simply put: sour grapes, but this one is doing all she can to capture the spotlight. Donald Trump & the “Miss Universe Organization” select 10 of the final contestants – the judges scores, 5 and 1 is “America’s Looser”. The pageant is all about money, she didn’t know that when she paid her $1500 to enter the state pageant? Or the # shelled out to compete at Miss USA? Like the “Opposite Marriage” chick, she’s doing all she can to get media attention. And as an aside, I don’t believe pageants haven’t run their course. Miss America contestants tend to be cut from a different cloth, and I will give some of the Miss USA girls their due: there were in that competition Sunday, some incredibly impressive young women.

  4. says

    what a bitter miserable ugly c**t.

    clearly this is one of those dumb@sses that saw Carrie Precum a few years back and decided that when you lose, you can always make an extra buck and prolong your destined-to-die-soon shelf life by courting the anti-LGBT crowd with some publicly-stated B.S.

    moral fibre? integrity? she wouldn’t know either if they DP’d her behind a toolshed.

  5. Houndentenor says


    I grew up around pageant girls. Imagine a gaggle of Suzanne Sugarbakers and you aren’t far off. They were mostly in the Miss America system since unlike the Miss USA contestants, these young women were mostly very talented (singers, instrumentalists, gymnasts, dancers, etc.). There were always rumors of pageants being “rigged”. I suspect sometimes it was true. Other times it was just sour grapes.

    What’s funny about this is that she was happy to compete last weekend and only resigned after she failed to win. Would she have been morally outraged and resigned if she’d won the big prize? doubtful.

    But ever funnier is that she’s talking about her high moral standards after a series of contests that mostly consisted of parading around in front of an audience wearing a bikini and high heels. She’s only a baby step away from being a pole dancer in a strip club and she wants to sound like she’s Mother Theresa. Having known so many of these young women so long ago, I realize that she probably hasn’t a clue how ridiculous she sounds.

  6. Jon says

    The Miss USA competition doesn’t include a weight-lifting component, does it? Because that’s the only thing I can think of that would give transgender competitors an unfair advantage.

  7. says

    Y’know, you gotta love it. The more these anti-LGBT bigots reveal themselves publicly, the more positive media coverage we trans folks get.

    I mean, hell, we even have Donald Trump speaking out for our side now. Who woulda thunk it?

  8. GraphicJack says

    Why on earth do we still have beauty pageants? Why? They are sexist, objectify women… and why are we still giving pretty people prizes and advantages… don’t they already get enough advantages in life? Make a scholarship based on merit, NOT on whether they look hot in a bathing suit. This is 2012, people. Smart people graduate and can’t get employed and have insane student debts, but we’re giving bimbos who are willing to show skin full scholarships? What is wrong with this world?

  9. the truth says

    You only have half the story. She did not resign because of the transgender issue, that is what Trump and the Miss Universe Organization want you to believe to make them look better. The allegations of the pageant being fixed ARE true, and other contestants are going to speak out in support of Sheena Monnin. Stay tuned.

    While I believe prejudice and bigotry should be fought, I really think it’s sad the way posters have torn her down and criticized her look and other things without knowing the true story. Makes you kind of realize we’re not far off from those who say bad things about all gay people without knowing us…

  10. Nick says

    Sweetie, there is a reason you didn’t place in the top 16 or win…you’re not pretty enough. Plain and simple, Miss USA, unlike Miss America, is about tits and ass…not talent…she’s an idiot and she will live forever knowing that a transgender contestant is prettier and more talented than she could ever hope to be.

  11. marla says

    Nick – I think she could slough off all the other well reasoned criticism, but yours would kill her – “you’re not pretty enough”! And to whomever said it above, agree it is downright bizarrer to STILL be chasing sashes and tiaras at 27 years old! Does the phrase “get a life” mean anything?

    She’s not “ugly” (on the outside) but there’s something a little satanic going on with those eyebrows. If I saw her alone, I’d buy her an appletini (or a half dozen) so she could relax her tight ass attitude and maybe cure her of her homophobia in private – put it down as a public service!

  12. Reppin2 says

    Good riddance. Has anyone seen the hideous trump tower in Chicago. It it not very old and looks like an old 80’s relic….just like Trumps taste.

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