Montana Republican Party Drops Call to Criminalize Homosexuality

At its convention over the weekend (the one at which the "Obama Outhouse" made an appearance, the Montana Republican Party dropped an item from its platform which had received attention in recent years:

Montanagoplogo"We support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal."

The AP reports:

The GOP had held the position seeking to criminalize homosexuality since a 1997 Montana Supreme Court case striking down similar state laws. The party had been criticized in recent years for continuing its request to criminalize homosexuality.

But party executive director Bowen Greenwood says the decision to drop the language came as part of a larger effort to simply shorten a 31-page platform. He says there was no specific discussion on the matter.

The Party retained at item making it clear it supports only marriage between a man and a woman. Montana Democrats added marriage equality to their plank this year.


  1. Ben in Oakland says

    “But party executive director Bowen Greenwood says the decision to drop the language came as part of a larger effort to simply shorten a 31-page platform. He says there was no specific discussion on the matter”

    Can I translate this, please?


  2. GeorgeM says

    I guess the republican party dropping it because of space is almost the same as the democrats putting in marriage equality

    A big effing whatever

    I hope equality minded Montana republicans one day take the party over

  3. woodroad34 says

    I thought the Texas case decriminalized gays Lawrence V Texas. The GOP was willing to go against a conservative US Supreme Court? The Third World Montana GOP needs to read a newspaper or two.

  4. Dave says

    This is part of a bigger picture – recent research for the GOP showed opposition to homoesexuality and marriage equality is now a ‘losing issue’ with voters. So true to their political natures, across the country the GOP are re-tuning their message. Expect more and more of this in the run up to the election, as they try to convince us they were never against us in the first place; and truly,they weren’t; we were just a convenient wedge issue against the Democrats that is no longer working in their favor, so they’re dropping it.

  5. Tim in MT says

    Or, people involved with the GOP got involved and changed the platform.

    This site and it’s readers are such partisan hacks I suppose they can see people actually working behind the scenes in the party to make it more open and inclusive as anything else? Maybe we should be praising progress instead of dismissing it, especially when I’m sure it took the work of people within the party to get it done.

  6. GeorgeM says

    Tim what are you talking about, it said to shorten things up
    Are you even in our community or are you trolling?

  7. Triggerz68 says

    Tim…go jump off a bridge. Sad that some good person died today while someone like you gets to share the same air as us. Die already

  8. says

    news like this drives gay republicans crazy. why? because it’s reality.

    like when they all freaked out when President Obama became the first sitting President in history to publicly come out in favor of marriage equality.

    gay repubs got pisssssed. why? because reality hurts. their own people don’t love them. ouch.

  9. jamal49 says

    TIM IN MT: Honey, when a political party declares it has dropped one of the previously-essential clauses to its party’s platform because of a lack of space, I think I’m within my rights to be just a little bit suspicious of that party’s motives. If that makes me a “hack” then so be it.

    And, spare me the “we should be praising progress instead of dismissing it” because with the Montana Republican Party there is no such thing as progress. Believe me, if the Republican party takes the White House or wins control of Congress this November, I will guarantee you that Congressional Republicans will vote to make consensual sex between consenting adults of the same gender (aka as “homosexual acts” or for the more progressive Republicans aka “sodomy”) illegal, if not by legislation then by a Constitutional amendment.

    In fact, I’m surprised that a GOProudGirl like yourself didn’t suggest that the Montana Republicans just change the wording to “We support legislation to criminalize sodomy.” See? Short, sweet and fits right into the platform. Hardly takes up any space at all.

  10. a different Tim says

    I would like to praise progress, but the republicans have shown over and over again that whatever it takes to get a vote, they’ll do it. Trust me, if lesbian abortion providers were a large enough voting bloc, the repubs would be the first ones to show up at the next potluck with tofu pups and vegan buns.