Moscow Bans Gay Pride for 100 Years

A Moscow court has banned Gay Pride events for 100 years, Reuters  reports:

AlexeyevEarlier, Tverskoy district court ruled lawful the decision of the Moscow municipal government to ban public events that can be qualified as gay parades from March 2012 till May 2112.

Nikolay Alekseyev, one of the leaders of the Russian LGBT community and organizer of gay pride events, told reporters that he intended to appeal the decision in the Moscow City Court Presidium, and that if the highest Russian instance also rules against him, to address the European Court of Human Rights.

Alekseyev explained to the reporters that in 2011, the activists found a loophole in Russian legislation and submitted requests for 102 gay pride parades to the Moscow Mayor’s office. According to the activist, all they got in return was a letter with a quote from regulations, although the law obliges the city authorities to either allow or ban the planned event within 15 days.

At the same time, Alekseyev admitted that he and his comrades never hoped to actually receive a license for the parade but simply needed a formal excuse to turn to the European Human Rights Court.

Moscow bans gay pride for century ahead [reuters]


  1. Blake says

    Nikolai is amazing. You want to know what bravery REALLY is? Look at that dude. No one bats an eye in Russia when a journalist there is simply shot for saying something slightly less than fawning about the Kremlin. Practically the entire state is run by mobster thugs. The homicide rate is three times higher than in the US. The police in Moscow openly collude with neo-Nazis to beat gay rights activists there when they attempt to protest. I can’t imagine the daily and REAL credible threats on his life Nikolai must be dealing with on a daily basis. I’m frankly amazed that he’s still alive.

  2. Really?! says

    The time frame on the ban is so absurd it’s actually kind of funny. 100 years? Why 100? Do these ass wads, who will probably be dead within a few decades (or sooner) really think people will care once they are gone.

  3. Sh1thole says

    I will never visit that sh1thole and give them my hard-earned money as long as they have ridiculous bullshyt like that going on. I’ll spend my travel dollars elsewhere. And why don’t the gays there fight harder? What a bunch of wimps!

  4. UFFDA says

    BLAKE has got it right. No matter certain complaints about Nikolai, Russian gay people are so much more threatened than we that it takes a real hero to lead the way. We have a civilization, they have a bloody mess.

  5. codyj says

    Im NOT surprised,,,in my many years in diplo svc,in the Balkans,I know these folks well, time warp to 1700s,and “steel blinders” on..impossible to debate,or chat with anything NEW, other than their long held beliefs,rigid ,and as cold as a Moscow winter…they have their freedom to their culture ,and beliefs,of course, but I FEEL for the LBGT’s (locked) in their country,so sad…and it probally will be 100 YEARS before equality ,is seen (if ever)