1. says

    Kristen Wiig did the most hilarious impression of Suze on SNL. Kristen Made Suze look like a complete idiot. One of my most favorite skits on SNL.

  2. Todd says

    Well Suze, if it involves money that’s the priority isn’t it? It’s worth changing thousands of years of marriage. Let’s all rally around Suze being “ripped off.” Hair color isn’t cheap either, but everyone needs a signature do.

  3. redball says

    Have always loved Suzie. Love her even more now that I see her getting indignant–dare I say ANGRY–about anti-gay discrimination.

  4. busytimmy says

    Todd, marriage a thousand years ago was nothing like it is today. Neither was raising children. Thankfully these human institutions are continuing to evolve and improve. Hopefully you will get with the program and do the same. Equality: it’s for everyone!

  5. George F says

    That is very courageous of her to go on a TV show and talk like this about her own personal life..

    I admire her now …

  6. Matt says

    I’m in finance, I dislike Suze, I find her answers simplistic. I find her style abrasive and annoying.

    That being said, I very strongly applaud what I think she will do here. I love the commercial, I am pretty sure that I know the entire factual content of the show, but highlighting some of these things for some of the more “red state” members of her audience can be nothing but helpful. Bravo, Ms. Orman

    (Full disclaimer, I’m a registered Libertarian living in NY)

  7. Matt says

    Note: (from the second Matt to post), I’m not the same as the first Matt with his simple “love you Suze” I do still have work/finance related issues with her.

  8. Mike says

    Love you Suze. It helps for everyone to know exactly what you are missing by not being married.

  9. UFFDA says

    Susie Ormon is an extraordinary person, powerful in presentation (and yes a bit East Coast abrasive), a great and dramatic look, sensible as hell and persuasively pissy when she’s pissed. A huge friend.

  10. anonny6 says

    Go Suze,I will be tuning in. And I thought my opinion of her couldn’t get any better. Its great to see advocacy. Not to mention, Suze has a very compelling back story. Where she grew up, her post college years, how her career developed, her life as a gay person, all inspirational.

  11. Temoc says

    Hey, Alan, are just trolling the comments section to get a rise out of people here or do you ever contribute anything that might be considered an addition to an adult conversation? Just asking because I’m new here.

  12. UFFDA says

    TEMOC – welcome, ALAN’s fairly new too but he’s well into his own take on things, mostly inflammatory and not very well thought out. Amusing though in a bu**wipe kind of way, like the class dope playing musical chairs. We all get our turn. Watch out for…you’ll figure it out.

  13. Not that Rob says

    @the second Matt

    First of all good job on the approval you showed suze. She deserved it. It was a great thing she did and she deserved the recognition.

    That being said, duh her finance answers are simplistic. She’s explaining finance to non-finance people. The whole point of her show is to make it simple. Duh. Second ur so right strong confident women are so annoying! They really need to shut their mouths and go back to washing dishes. Also thanks for clearing up the fact that ur not the same Matt as the first one cuz we’re all just a bunch of idiots who would not have been able to figure that out with u adding that second post.

  14. Jonathan says

    The critics of Suze Orman here should rightly be ignored. One calls her answers “simple” yet that is her focus as she is speaking to people who are not savvy in financial matters. Abrasive? I’ve never seen her be anything but polite. So she asserts herself, Matt? That’s your problem, maybe you’re just a bit of a mysogynistic creep. Suze Orman is hugely popular for a reason and we’re lucky to have her speak up. She can speak to people rationally and she is well known and liked. Try being grateful.

  15. Dr. Judy Meissner says


    Suze Orman, you are too smart to declare with a completely straight face that you “are not treated equally” because you cannot marry a person of your same sex.

    Inequality means not being permitted something another citizen is permitted UNDER THE SAME TERMS AND CONDITIONS as that other citizen.

    Suze Orman, you can marry anyone under the SAME equal terms and conditions as every other American. NO ONE in America is allowed to marry under DIFFERENT, unequal terms and conditions as you seek, incredibly, in the name of “equality.” What you are proposing, Suze, is not “marriage equality, but marriage inequality!

    NO ONE in America is ever asked their alleged sexual preference, their alleged sexual behavior or their alleged sexual practices when they apply for a marriage license. NO ONE! EVERYONE in America can marry under the SAME terms and conditions as everyone else. So deal with it, Suze. Do not attempt to insult our intelligence, or yours, for that matter.

    Now, if you want to talk about “Marriage Equality,” that true equality applies equally to everyone! It cannot be granted to a privileged few, but unequally denied to everyone else. It’s hypocritical to demand “Marriage Equality” for aberrosexuals (those who engage in biologically aberrant sexual behavior), yet cynically deny it to all others that, by the same logic, are as equally deserving.

    Aberrosexualists (partisans, whether aberrosexual or not, of the extremist ideology pushing for the “normalization” of biologically aberrant sexual behavior) mock the very notion of equality by demanding “equal marriage rights” for themselves while conveniently refusing it to everyone else in a “loving and caring relationship.” What about those who want to so-call “marry” their blood relatives, minors, multiple partners, or even their lovable, adorable pets? That’s right, Suze! If you can leave your entire estate to your beautiful Labrador retriever, why shouldn’t you be able to marry him (or her?) as well? Shouldn’t “Marriage Equality” apply to these Americans as well?

    Aberrosexualist extremists pushing so-called “Marriage Equality” need to come clean. They need to be consistent at the very least! They can’t advocate “Marriage Equality” for a chosen few, while hypocritically denying it to those who may want to so-call “marry” multiple partners or their grandma so they can be covered by her insurance or inherit her great pension benefits. Otherwise, they must stop pretending to stand for “Marriage Equality” at all!

    Americans in all fifty states already enjoy “Marriage Equality.” Regardless of their alleged sexual preference, everyone in America has the right to marry a member of the opposite sex on the SAME equal terms and equal conditions. That’s what true marriage equality is all about! An equality that equals reality.

  16. wyatt says

    Yes Weissner, and pre Loving -v- Virginia, everyone had the same right to marry someone of the same race. If you want to address an audience of simpletons, may I suggest Fox News, Red State, or Free Republic.

  17. Jason says

    I’m so glad to hear you are 61 and don’t look your age. I’m 56 and really don’t look my age. I usually have to show ID. The way things are going: ObamaCare is going to be ravaged. Obama may not even be re-elected. The Republicans are letting the clock run down and saving their gems for battle. Didn’t Obama ask to contribute gift money? And those brilliant gays in the White House giving the figure to Presidential portraits. With DOMA possibly being upheld, have you thought about your ability to fight? I mean that literally. Prepare for war in the streets because it’s not going to go down at all like we expect. I know you want to be rich being a financial advisor. Sadly, most of your future customers will be conservatives. You’re boldness in coming out, could work against you, Let’s watch and see what happens. Maybe Dustin Lance Black could hide in your basement.

  18. Tolai says

    Love it! Weissner, you’re an idiot, find a clue, please. Otherwise, I love you all!

  19. Jack says

    If you look that good at 61, I don’t think you’re feeling any pain. If you have to pay more that’s too bad, but you’ve made a lot of money and you’re a household name. I bet you were fun in college, but I can’t cry any tears for you. You know a lot about money. You deserve a Cabinet post.

  20. R. says

    I think this “Dr. Meissner” character has a little crush on Suze. She’s stalking her through every media outlet where Suze appears.