Gay Priest Rips Catholic Church’s Anti-Gay Stance in Speech Against MN Marriage Amendment: VIDEO


Today's must-watch video, with several excellent moments.

Father Bob Pierson, a gay Catholic priest, blasted the Catholic Church's stance on same-sex marriage in a speech to more than 200 Catholics in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina on Sunday, telling them why it is okay to vote "no" on the anti-gay marriage amendment hitting the ballot there in November.

To loud applause, Pierson stated: "I cannot remain silent. As Catholics, we can vote 'no'."

Pierson quoted "young theologian" Joseph Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict), in his explanation:

"Our holy father taught in 1967 that we must obey our own conscience, even if it puts us at odds with the Pope. I doubt that he knew that he was going to be Pope when he said that."

Pierson added:

"I believe the church does not have the right to force its moral teaching on others outside our fold."