1. Mitch says

    Ordering by touch screen? Amazing? I ordered like that a couple of decades ago at Arby’s.

    Even better for you, muffin…er, mittens, is when ordering like that you don’t have to come in contact with the folks working part-time, making minimum wage, and probably paying a greater percentage of their inadequate pay in taxes than you.

    Now that’s convenience.

  2. atomic says

    What an idiot.

    The guy is so rich he’s probably never had to actually walk into a store or restaurant to buy anything for himself. He just has someone else fetch him things, cook his food, do his housework. Touchscreens are only amazing if you’ve been living under a rock, or in this case, with a platinum spoon in your mouth for the past 30 years.

    And it’s just so transparently obvious how he’s trying to tell some folksy story to flatter and relate to the populist sycophants in the audience…and equally transparent how he completely fails at it.

    It’s so ironic how the Tea Party Republicans have railed endlessly about how Obama is an “elitist,” and now they’re voting for an actual elitist. Hypocrites.

  3. MaddM@ says

    This is like that time Oprah went to walmart and almost had a stroke because you can buy a pillow for $10

    I await many more occurrences of Mitt making himself look like a mormom Marie Antoinette

  4. Randy says

    Being someone from the mid-Atlantic states where Wawa does exist, first of all, it’s not “Wawa’s”. It’s just Wawa. Let’s go to Wawa. Wawa has amazing subs and slushies. While waiting for the attendants to pump my gas (I’m from NJ!), I stopped into Wawa to get a coffee.

    Second, I shook my head the entire time at Mitt Romney and then laughed SO hard at the reactions at the end.

    I agree this is a failed attempt at anything. Even the older generation and the rural population in areas that might have a Wawa knowhow it works.

  5. Inside says

    MSNBC did selective editing on this. Look for it to be walked back and an apology issued.

  6. says

    Elsewhere in his brain he’s busy wondering how many human sandwich makers can be eliminated.

    Careful Mittens, GW Bush told the Department of Labor to classify those sandwich technician jobs as ‘manufacturing’ and Obama can’t restore sanity without having the statistics show an employment drop in that sector of the economy.

  7. NY2.0 says

    Ugh, this guy is such a phony. Conservatives must be really desperate to vote for this guy.

  8. DannyEastVillage says

    Remember GHW Bush at the supermarket checkout counter 20 years ago? He didn’t know about “scanning” technology.

    Isn’t it comforting to think how well clowns like this understand how you and I live?

  9. DannyEastVillage says

    do people who work for a living actually what to vote for this? What the devil do they think he has to offer them? Even CARES to offer them?

  10. Dave says

    I find all politicians painfully embarrassing when they try to be just like the rest of us – they aren’t. They’re almost all in the top 1% and they have gophers and servants, not to mention the odd secret service agent, looking after them. I doubt Obama has bought a gallon of milk at Safeways in a while. What’s the point here? Do we really expect the leader of the free world to do the supermarket run after a busy day at the Whitehouse? I care MUCH more about their policy views than their shopping experience.

  11. Ed says

    “You mean that you can replace workers with a touch screen? I wish this technology had been around when I was working for Bain!”

  12. Johnson says

    He called it a “touch tone keypad”. What a maroon! A touch tone keypad is a PLL device found on telephones since the 1960’s.

  13. BEAHBEAH says

    I’m 31 years old and have lived in and traveled in damn near every state. I’ve been in gas stations, restaurants all across this country and I’ve never ordered a f**king sandwich with a touchscreen until this past year at a Sheetz in Pennsylvania.

    And I have to be honest, it was a “WTF is this” type of moment. I kind of understand where he’s coming from, so I don’t think this makes him look completely stupid…

    However, everything else out of his mouth makes him look like an idiot. Throw him back on the yam wagon and lets get this election over with.

  14. jrocket says

    “wawa” is the sound of dismay coming from the manse kitchen when there is simply NO MORE panera! No probs tho, cook gets sent to town in one of the caddies to fetch more. And if REALLY necessary, we call on nabes Bunny Bixler to help us out of this simply GHAS-tly situation!

  15. Johnson says

    Yeah, well, you used a “touch screen”, to order your sandwich. Mitt used (in his own words) a “touch tone keypad”.

  16. chris255 says

    Mitt’s coming to Holland State Park where the “doors” to an open public area open @5. He’s been spamming mailers and robocalls to try to get people to come.

    I can’t wait until he tries to pander to Holland. The dunes are the right height. The lighthouse is just the right red. It’s a big lighthouse.

    Nothing of this man’s policies and everything of his fast-get-this-damn-show-over-with pandering spree.
    Obama should make quick work of him in the debates. Keep running that plastic mouth Mitt.

  17. Randy says

    I’ve never been to a “Wawa” or whatever it is.

    But I have been to just about every other fast food joint and sandwich shop chain, and I’ve never seen a touch screen where I could order what I wanted that way.

    Romney a dork, but this is in no way comparable to Bush 41’s scanner debacle.

  18. Geovincent says

    Those touch screens really were impressive… back when they were new. And for the love of god, it’s Wawa, not Wawa’s! Just about anyone in the Mid-Atlantic region can tell you that.

  19. Tom says

    This is the same “out-of-touch” BS libs used on HW Bush. If this is all Obama has, he had better start packing his golf clubs come January.

  20. laughing out loud says

    There’s nothing like THAT at my country club!!!! So THAT’S where sandwiches come from!

    And, he’s ready to run the national economy?

  21. Mike says

    It is a shame that this has already been edited some. The word left out from what he actually said was SHEETZ! (Heavens they can’t swear!) So that little Mormonism was left out. His aides have already stopped him from using his favorite “Golly”. Can the favorite of all Mormons “Flipping” be far away?

  22. tork says

    That’s funny….

    I am sure BAIN implemented touch screens at companies they acquired to lay off service workers and keep wages low.

    A ten year old technology that is primarily used in low service, discount retail…. and he is discovering it for the first time!?!?!

    And then you listen to the rest of his point…. and he is basically saying that we should turn over the rest of our work force to low service touch screens…. I am sorry, but I am sick of automated customer service. It might sound cool in theory, especially when you are a millionaire and have a direct line to the people that handle your business…. But I don’t really like eating from a giant vending machine with human cogs tucked into the back end somewhere working for minimum wage. It would be nice if business would actually hire people to take the money from us….

    Either he has been under a rock for 10 years…. or he is just used to other people doing everything for him.

  23. Jim says

    sort of like George Herbert Walker Bush (the first president Bush) who was amazed when he saw a bar code scanner in operation at a grocery store. Another rich Republican who was out of touch.

  24. XT says

    Just wait until he stops at a Sonic and orders “at the speed of sound!”

    The touchscreen technology at Wawa has been around for years. In fact, a lot of smaller competing convenience stores (Pantry One for instance) have also implemented touch screen technology to keep up with Wawa.

    In fact, many of the grocery stores in the area have long allowed you to place deli orders via touch screen (almost a decade ago now) and pick up the order on your way out.

    This is about as ground-breaking as being able to pay with a debit card.

  25. Dback says

    The technology thing isn’t as big a deal as Bush I and the supermarket scanner. Hell, I’m 45, and still using a 10-year-old phone, and I can’t tell you everything current phones can do in terms of apps, etc.

    What IS revealing about this, as a couple people have pointed out, is Romney’s gee-whiz attitude due to…getting his own food in a restaurant. This is a guy who’s overwhelmingly spent most of his life being waited on, or having servants and underlings kowtow to him. It’s his being so out of touch with ordinary, working Americans (as opposed to executive level VPs, CEO’s, or people too rich to work) that’s his Achilles heel, and you’d better believe Obama (son a more or less single mom, raised by working-class grandparents) is going to underline how he came up from the lower-middle class and can thus empathize with the majority of Americans and their economic situation better than Romney can.

    (Do a lot of these working-class people considering voting for Romney realize that he’s not going to help them get jobs or bigger paychecks, he’s going to encourage more layoffs and offshore jobs so that CEO’s and VP’s get richer?)

  26. Inside says

    Today, after MSNBC was caught editing a clip of Mitt Romney to make him seem wildly “out of touch,” Andrea Mitchell today played the rest of the clip.

  27. HPK says



    It is a whole lot easier to just let the chips fall where they may -so that intelligent people can make up their own minds.