1. Dave says

    There is a lot of big money business (banks) and government (CIA)controlling what you see and hear, they can control what you see and hear, it is call psychological warfare using propaganda to make you think the way they want you to think.

  2. Alan says

    Well, Jon is always good for a giggle or two. Fox News didn’t decide Wisconsin, the people did. Who knew that Barrett’s candidacy was part of Obama’s secret kill list?

  3. AG says

    @Alan: Haven’t you got the talking points? People decide only when the Left wins, when the Left loses then it’s because people were duped and bought by the Koch brothers.

  4. Dana Chilton says

    Walker won because:

    1) he outspent his opponent by 8x with 3/4 of that money coming from out of state.
    2) he started campaigning nearly a year ago
    3) the democratic challenger was not a great candidate. He lost the first time, why did they think he’d win this time around?
    4) people forgot what he actually did to deserve being recalled in the first place.

    And now he’ll probably get his own show on FOX.

  5. AG says

    To outspend your opponent is only bad when THEY do it…

    The Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain (AZ), received $84.1 million in public funds to conduct his general election campaign and raised an additional $46.4 million for legal and accounting expenses.The Democratic presidential nominee, then-Sen. Barack Obama (IL), raised a total of $745.7 million in private funds for his primary nomination and general election campaign. It was the first time in the history of presidential public financing that a major party nominee declined to accept public funds for the general election.

  6. Bill says

    Unions are done. Americans want the wealthiest to have all the money. Businesses are going to degrade labor conditions and will lower pay.

  7. says

    only americas saddest homosexuals will defend walker and this wholly-bought election.

    as usual, stupid conservatives vote against their own financial best interests in order to feel warmed by jingoistic nonsense that actually hurts THEM.

  8. kansastock says

    The Koch bros ‘singularly’ outspent all the dems. Bravo! They own Kansas, now they own Wisconsin. Nicely played. Who’s next on the Monopoly board? Oklahoma, capitulated, as did Texas. Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri,Iowa, Ohio, and Florida, look out for a ‘no lube’ experience.

  9. Dana Chilton says


    I’m not sure who “they” are or what your post implies but this post is about Walker not Obama. I’m a former republican and current independent and I fully understand how campaign finance works. Your wonky statistics aside, Scott Walker had an established legal advantage in the race; he was free from contribution constraints while his challenger was bound to limits. Walker started his campaign a year ago while his challenger was forced to wait to campaign. Politics should always be fair. Since money now equals speech (Citizens United) it was unfair for Walker to be legally entitled to more speech than his opponent. Our democracy, regardless of who’s side you’re on AG, depends on the ability of all of us to affect change, to redress our government, and to have our voices heard. Our government must always be a government of the people. When one person or one PAC controls an election we all lose. What happened in Wisconsin should worry anyone who believes in democracy.

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