1. ? says

    Ronman, I’ll believe it when I see evidence pointing to it. In the meantime, the whole “Tom is gay” crap seems to be just an unfounded rumor that someone spawned out of boredom.

  2. Matt26 says

    I feel sorry for their daughter, too much media attention already.
    Mimi R and Nicole K have never spoken about their marriages, and I guess the same will happen with Katie.

  3. Mary says

    I hope Suri won’t be traumatized. I guess it is only fair for gays to point out that having a “traditional family” didn’t guarantee this little girl stability (talking about Suri here, not Katie!) Would she have been better off with two gay Dads who stayed together? Several years ago I would have said no. But it took less than a year on Towleroad for me to say yes.

  4. Jack M says

    Instead of accepting Tom’s proposal at the Eiffel Tower, she should have taken a parachute and jumped off.

    And don’t worry about Suri, she will be assimiliated into the Borg collective.

  5. Oprah says

    You mean when Tom went all horny monkey on the OPRAH SHOW tm and climbed all over my chairs it was an act? ? ?

    Tom, baby, come out on my new network OWN and tell the world which guys’ pics you need on your headboard to sexually function with a woman.

    Oh lordy! … Gail!!!

  6. Lucas H says

    OMG! I’m shocked. Okay not really. Surprised…okay no, not surprised either.

    It’s obviously because he is a crazy, gay Scientologist. And I would still tap it any day.

    Seriously though, I kinda feel bad for Holmes. She used to have such a cute smile and she looked progressively sadder and more serious in the pictures I’d see of her since that marriage.

  7. anon says

    Tom C. usually doesn’t go into a business contract until both he and his lawyers are satisfied he’ll benefit from it immensely. I’m sure he’s happy how it all turned out and will be moving on to his next big deal shortly.

  8. Woodroad34 says

    More than likely katie will be barred from discussing their marriage. Whether or not Miss Cruise (Tom not Penelope) can’t hold on to a woman–the marriages all end after approximately the same time. Apparently Tom has personality issues that people lose patience with–I doubt it’s the Seven Year Itch (at least Joey Brown) was more honest than Tommie

  9. Scott B. says

    The rumor in Toledo (Katie’s hometown) from day one was that her family had told confidants she had signed a 7-year contract to be his “wife”. I acknowledge this was rumor but it appears to be right on schedule. I hope the sadness acting from Tom is more impressive than the couch jumping in-love acting seen previously.

  10. says

    When his career began to heat up rumors started circulating that Cruise was gay. This often happens with goodlooking young actors. But what DOESN’T happen is the way crusie went ballistic via his PR rep on ANYONE so much as DISUSSING the rumors.

    Bottom line: so far he hasn’t been married as many times as Cary Grant.

    And he’s not getting any younger.

  11. Icebloo says

    She used him to get into the A List just like Nicole Kidman did and now she realizes what a mess she has put herself and her child into. He is going to push this kid into the crazy world of Scientology. Katie is to blame for this – she knew what Tom was into !

  12. says

    I guess the brainwashing from Scientology cult wore off.

    @ “?”: We’ve been saying for YEARS that Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, Matt Bomer, and Rosie O’Donell were gay, even when they kept denying it. Guess who was right? We homos can sense our own kind, my friend.

  13. Gregv says

    @Furyoffirestorm: I don’t recall Matt Bomer or Rosie ever denying being gay. And Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin both got thrist into the spotlight as kids, had publicists pressuring them to please teeny-bopper females and tried to avoid the subject.

    Tom Cruise and Liberace are in a different category together, trying to sue the pants off of anyone who threatened their heterosexual advantage..

  14. jaragon says

    She doesn’t look very happy…as far as Tom is concerned there are plenty of starlets looking for their big break lining up to be the next Mrs Cruise ( and please if he is gay let him stay in the closet forever) It was weird watching “Rock of Ages” in which he was suppose to be a straight sex stud- no wonder the movie bombed

  15. ? says

    It was obvious Clay Aiken and Rosie were gay from the minute they first set foot in the spotlight. It would’ve been foolish for people to NOT think those two were gay.

    With Tom, it’s different. It seems that every hot Hollywood hunk gets rumored to be gay at some point in his career. Matthew McCounaghey comes to mind. Look at him today, twice a babydaddy and married. Are people STILL going to think Matthew is simply going through all that effort just to hide his “gayness”? Get real!

  16. Michael says

    Supposedly their contract was for five years. The funniest post I’ve seen on it was on CNN and went something like….

    Katie Holmes has been making rounds on the early morning talk shows discussing how she is looking for her next mate to be a little bit taller and a little more straight. She advises being taller is negotiable.

    Unfor I didn’t do the posting justice but as it was it was classic.

  17. says

    I’ve never heard a single gay rumor about Matthew McConaghey.

    Rosie and Bomer lied by omission.

    Clay and Ricky were adults. They didn’t have anyone forcing them to pretend to be straight, and they still sold albums after coming out anyway.

  18. andrew says

    Tom Cruise is a good looking guy and a fine actor. If he is gay and chooses to live a closeted life that is his business. All the gossipy queens who make smart ass comments on this site about him should mind their own damn business.

  19. Joe says

    Two thoughts:

    1. What happened to the two kids he had with Nicole Kidman? Do they share custody or does he have sole custody (she doesn’t talk about them much in the way she talks about her kid with her Urban and their are quite a few pics of tom cruise and his son).

    2. Katie Holmes, like Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz before her, is now ready to be an Oscar nominee/winner. Really this is the best thing that could have happened to her career. haha

  20. just_a_guy says

    I liked Katie Holmes before she and Tom Cruise became an item. Then I just felt bad for her. Now I like her more for dumping this loser, though I still feel bad for her to have a kid with him; it’s kinda torn her life apart, and she’s stuck with him as her kid’s father apperently. Yuck.

    I won’t watch a movie with Tom Cruise in it, and have successfully avoided them for years: Ever since he was CRAZY anti-gay with that lawsuit a few years back, he is on PERMANENT boycott for me.

    Every once in a while it’s tough, cuz a friend might suggest something, or I’m drawn in by something…but then I find out Tom Cruise is in it. So I don’t watch it. It’s one way to not have so much you have to choose from at the theatre, ya know :-).

  21. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Who are these nutters who actually defend Tom Cruise and accuse us of being “gossipy queens”? Do Hollywood PR firms hire paid trolls or something? Who on Earth actually thinks that?
    Every handsome actor in Hollywood is NOT dodged by serious gay rumors. Playful imaginings are not rumors! Firstly, such imaginings are not entirely unreasonable given that the profession has a bit of a reputation: I’m reminded of that brilliant quote recently recounted by…was it Raquel Welsh…about an actress being a little bit more of a woman and an actor being a little bit less of a man. An exaggeration, but seeded with a little grain of truth. Gay men might be somewhat more attracted to acting as a profession, but that doesn’t suggest that most actors are gay. If 3% of the population goes into something at 3X the rate of everyone else…and it can’t be much more than that for various reasons…you’d still only have 10% of actors being gay. The universal truism applies: those that scream the loudest have the most to hide. The totality of Cruise’s existence, like Travolta’s, suggests a mega closet case. Exhibit A, for both of them, is of course having succumbed to a dangerous, homophobic, mind-controlling cult. Just as Travolta hasn’t been able to keep his secrets, if there were some huge, incredibly well-hidden plurality of gay actors in Hollywood, that would have become quite obvious by now. Look at the AIDS epidemic…it caused some notable deaths like Rock Hudson and Antony Hamilton, but hardly wiped out Hollywood.

  22. DrMikey says

    It has been reported that Katie filed for divorce in NY, not CA. This stemmed from advice given to her by wife #2, Nicole. She filed in CA, and as a result, Tom got sole custody of both their adopted kids who now apparently don’t call her Mom – just Nicole. The CA decision might have been related to Nicole’s desire to take the kids to Australia. It’s hard enough to move out-of-state with your kids if divorced, but out-of-country, forget it. NY reportedly is much more likely to award full custody to the mother. The fact that CA is a community property state and NY is not obviously doesn’t concern Katie, either because of an ironclad prenup or the fact that she has plenty of her own money. She would most certainly be awarded child support from Tom in any case. But at the very least, she might be able to keep her daughter away from the brainwashing clutches of Tom’s looney ‘religion’, or more correctly his cult.

  23. stevenelliot says

    my partner runs something important(that shall remain nameless) and deals with a lot of hollywood insiders. Close acquiantances of mr cruise confirmed, emphatically I may add, that he is gay…..

    Take it or leave it, but dont give him so much grief, please. the man comes from an era when the hollywood closet had to remain locked, and it was box office poison to come out. Hes just living the way he was conditioned to exist.

  24. GregV says

    @St. Theresa of Avila:
    It was Richard Burton was said ““An actor is something less than a man, while an actress is something more than a woman.”

    I don’t know what he meant (and, therefore, whether I should be offended by it) but I would find it offensive if it is meant to suggest that “a woman is always inherently worth less than a man even if she’s a celebrity” or that a gay man is somehow “less” than a straight man.
    Without a context, the quote seems vague to me and doesn’t obviously have any connection to sexual orientation.

    Regarding your hypothetical calculations (for how many actors/actresses are gay), there is a problem that automatically skews them low.
    We already know that 4% of voters identify as gay or bi in exit polls, but that proportions refers only to OUT gay people. The other 96% of voters (and, one might extrapolate, the general public)include not only heterosexuals but also gay and bi people who are lying to not only pollsters but probably also to spouses, parents and employers (and interviewers in the case of actors/actresses.)

    So if we assume that 3X as many gay/bi people choose acting (which seems to be a number, pulled out of a hat) then 4 X 3 = 12%. But that would be 12% of actors/actresses who would be OUT. In that 12% would be names like Matt Bomer and Portia de Rossi.
    Gay actors and actresses in history like Rock Hudson would NOT be in that 12%. They (and names like Tom Cruise if, indeed, he is gay and would, like Rock Hudson or Liberace, we presume, answer “hetero” to any pollsters) would be in the “88%” group. And the “88%” group is not “heterosexuals;” it is “heterosexuals and closeted gay/bi people.”

  25. Reppin2 says

    Whatever…..saw this coming a mile away. My roommate and I were just taking about how cute and smart Tom was in Risky Business days…..He and his nutty ass friend John travolta need to get a cabin in the woods and build and spaceship landing pad …..

  26. UFFDA says

    This guy, what’s his name?…oh ya, Cruise something, is the epitome of why pop culture is so trivial-to-death. Other than a glance in news direction he’s a bore, or should be. Get a life folks, your own!

  27. ratbastard says

    Tom Cruise is 50 in 2 days. How long can he keep up appearances, and I don’t just me being on the DL. There’s only so much cosmetic surgery, make up and the right lighting will do. I know it’s none of my business, but I’m kind of fascinated from a psychological stand-point with how celebrities deal with the simple fact of aging.

  28. St. Theresa of Avila says

    GregV…the reactionary seeming yet knowing quote from Richard Burton was probably inappropriate for me to mention…but it did pop up as an unambiguous reference to sexuality by Raquel Welch, who didn’t mean it in a homophobic way at all. (And considering she attributes it to John Gielgud, it might well have been something floating around London theater circles for years…) But my point in mentioning it was actually counter-intuitive, I merely meant that acting had long had a reputation for having a higher # of gays than most professions, and that that was probably true, but it by no means meant that we [gossipy queens, as the troll said] thought everyone in Hollywood was living a closeted life. I don’t dispute your math, there probably are both a higher % of closeted and non-closeted among male actors, but that isn’t to imply that most of them are, or that even a small % of them are close to being the sort of buffoons and laughingstocks as the obviously closeted Travolta and Cruise have become.

  29. andrew says

    Why do so many gay people seem to get such pleasure in the problems of Tom Cruise? He is a not very well educated member of the Church of Scientology who is perhaps a closeted homosexual trying to have one of the greatest careers in Hollywood history. Why the need to crush him?

  30. scrufff says

    My 2 cents: I know someone who has worked with Tom Cruise in most of his movies for the last 2 decades. I once asked her about the gay rumors, and she answered, she doesn’t know if he’s gay or not.

    But her impression of him is that he’s asexual. she said in real life, although a handsome man, he doesn’t have any discernible sex appeal. And she believe’s that its his asexual nature that sets off people’s gaydar.

    Me: i hope he’s asexual, i certainly don’t want that wack job playing for our team.

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