Top Republican Fundraiser Starts Marriage Equality Super PAC

Paul E. Singer, billionaire and massively influential Republican donor and fund-raiser, has committed $1 milion to creating a pro-marriage equality "super PAC."

From the New York Times's Frank Bruni:

Named American Unity PAC, its sole mission will be to encourage Republican candidates to support same-sex marriage, in part by helping them to feel financially shielded from any blowback from PaulESinger
well-funded groups that oppose it.

In an interview on Tuesday, [Singer] told me that he’s confident that in Congressional races, which would most likely be the super PAC’s initial focus, there are more than a few Republicans “who could be on the verge of support” or are “harboring and hiding their views.”

“And this kind of effort could be catalytic in generating some more movement,” he said.

As Andy previously reported, Singer is straight, but has a married gay son. Singer has contributed massive sums to pro-equality efforts before — he was instrumental in bringing Republican support to the cause of marriage equality in New York — but he's also contributed to the campaigns of anti-gay political candidates. He's a big Mitt Romney fan, and last month hosted a Romney fundraiser which brought the candidate $5 million.


  1. Mary says

    Statistics show that a significant percentage of Republicans support civil unions, and a portion actually support gay marriage. Those who support no legal recognition of gay relationships at all are in the minority. So it may not be long before the “somewhat pro-gay Republican majority” starts to make its presence felt in terms of organization. And this is GOOD news…..right?

  2. Randy says

    This is good news. Anything to help move the clicker in our direction is good. We should not be so partisan to write off the GOP altogether. Although there are major elements within the GOP that will forever oppose all gay rights, there is also a major element that could and does support us. But they can’t for a variety of reasons.

    If you want to rely solely upon the Dems, you will be waiting forever for your rights. Even with a Democratic majority in both houses and the White House, we still don’t have ENDA and DOMA was not repealed. We repealed DADT only because of a massive push from all of us.

    We need people from the GOP to support us. We don’t need everyone, but we need some. There are some that are willing to support us, and I believe we should support them in return.

    For any truly progressive legislation to last, we need support from both sides of the aisle. If gay rights is seen strictly as a liberal or Dem cause, then it gives the haters more to rally about. But if it is seen as bi=partisan, then we gain much more support from both sides, and there will be far less chance that the GOP will attempt to undo our gains.

    It’s just good political sense to keep our eyes on the prize. We must get the votes we need, and we must keep those votes under significant challenges. It’s the only way to get this done.

  3. natamaxxx says

    You can call me jaded, and paranoid, or whatever else, but I simply cannot trust that some Republicans are “coming around” on issues concerning rqual rights for gay and lesbians. Despite the Presidents recent support of equal marriage rights, there are still many LGBT and str8 allies who are on the fence about voting for him this November, if they even vote at all. Things like this seem to me like attempts at swaying some votes away from the Democratic Party or at least make it so that some folks feel comfortable with the Republican Party who now suddenly seems to be starting accept us. It won’t matter what they say or do now – once that party controls ALL sections of government it will all go back to “Gay who? Gay what? No you CAN’T get married you silly silly gays! Gotcha!”

  4. says

    as long as people continue to financially and “socially” support people and institutions that work AGAINST equality and PROMOTE bigotry and prejudice, those individuals and groups will never change.

  5. Dan says

    Totally agree with Randy. Gay rights should not be a wedge or party-political issue. This PAC will have an impact that benefits all of us. Money matters.

    (Although I have to ask, I thought super PACs can’t contribute to a specific candidate. If so, do they just “support” the candidate by running ads in favor of the candidate’s issues?)

  6. Mary says

    Kiwi, the point is that increasingly the VOTERS are changing. This is why increased support from people like Singer may encourae Republican candidates who truly want to support equality but are afraid of the consequences financially. The polls all show growing support for marriage equality, including among evangelicals themselves. Even people who are still anti-gay politically can change due to non-political factors. My change was initially started by viewing the portrayal of a gay love triangle on a soap opera…….Yes, I know people will say “A soap opera, WTF?”…..but it’s true!

  7. Mike says

    Would like to know what was said by Mitt to encourage Singer. Especially in view of Mitt’s record with ALL anti gay causes! Just to be a “good” Mormon is to be against marriage equality. The general Public would be surprised at what a “good” Mormon Mitt has been even finically, yet the press continues to give him a pass for some strange reason.

  8. says

    here’s the GOP’s actual problem – once they can no longer use the wedge-issues of GAYS! and ABORTIONS! and JEEBUS! as part of their party-platform, they’ll be forced to have to…you know…actually talk and explain in detail their fiscal plans and such.

    which, as anyone with anything resembling a functioning brain knows, would spell doom for their party’s success.

    the GOP is a party that succeeds in convincing millions of Americans to vote against their own financial best interests. fact. how do they do it? jingoistic rah-rah nationalism and pandering to Americas Bigots by being anti-gay.

    once those cards are off the table….. they’ll have to say “oh, yeah. well, our plan is for the wealthiest to get tax breaks, and to allow their companies to outsource jobs to third-world countries, because it’s cheaper for us. sorry. oh, and healthcare is still just for those who can afford it.”

    this is why it’s just incredibly unlikely that the GOP will ever adopt anything remotely RESEMBLING a pro-Equality stance. even neutrality isn’t enough.

    to get the votes of their base they need to lie about others because they’re incapable of telling the truth about themselves.

  9. NullNaught says

    Why bother? It can’t understand you. It doesn’t speak ‘rational’ like people do. It be brain dead. Don’t feed it.
    Of course this is great news. This is a material response to the leaked memo suggesting this very thing. The more reasonable Rep.s will move in our direction now and we will win soon. After that, for 20 years and more the Rep.s will be trying to repair their image like they did after segregation ended and people will forget slowly how hatefull they were. Strom Thurmond died in office. After they stop vociferously opposing us, few will care that they once did. It will cost them little. They don’t call this ‘The United States of Amnesia’ for nothing.

  10. Tyler says

    While more pro-gay GOPers would be great, helping them get elected to Congress will hurt us. They vote for anti-gay leadership. Even if enough Republicans in the House supported repealing DOMA, or enacting a non-discrimination law, for example, do you think Boehner/Cantor would ever let it get to the floor for a vote? Suspending the rules to circumvent them takes a 2/3 vote. So I think on a congressional level this could be counterproductive.

  11. GeorgeM says

    Republicans will use the three G’s this election
    Guns, God and Gays to win. I don’t have faith that pro gay republicans will vote against the anti gay leadership. the same happens on my side, D’s vote against pro gay legislation against leadership.

    But who knows maybe they will. People’s suspicions about this is 100% understandable

  12. not x does not equal x says

    Romney supports a Federal Marriage Amendment — an amendment to the United States Constitution to ban same-sex marriage — which of course is an extremely offensive notion, and is directly and completely counter to Mr. Singer’s super-PAC.

    According to the article, Mr. Singer is raising money for Romney.


    I hope you make the right choice.

  13. NVTodd says

    In a representative democracy, elected leaders reflect their constituents.

    If you claim that you don’t know Republicans that genuinely are pro equality, you’ve lived a sheltered life at best, and at worst are a partisan hack, and a liar.

    Why is it so many gay media whores are so attached to the idea that any political party is so static that it can not reflect the *changing* views of it’s constituents ?

    It defies reality and historical fact.

    It also reveals a neurotic attachment to perpetual victim-hood.

    Not that I’m unsympathetic that so much of certain gay media whores identities hinge upon defining themselves based on their perceived bugaboos of others, it’s just very ironic and amusing. And more than a little bit pathetic and gay ghetto.

  14. says

    There do seem to be the occasional member of the GOP who is pro-equality. However, that stance has yet to trickle upward to the GOP leadership in any significant way. As long as the GOP line up consists of people like Romney, McCain, Santorum, Gingrich etc. these alleged “Pro-Equality Republicans” will be pissing into the wind.

  15. Michaelandfred says

    I think if the republicans could finally shake the grip of the evangelicals, we would start to see a major shift. This has always confused me because being gay isn’t a political left or right thing. There must be as many of us born to conservative families as liberal. In fact we know there are. The fear of coming out as gay, or of supporting gay friends or family is just still much harder to do because of the fear of a evangelical political backlash.

    My personal opinion is that with the changing times and the changing demographics, it won’t be much longer before we see a change like we did withing the black community after Obama came out in favor. A group mentality shift for those who either backed us and where afraid to speak up, or just didn’t care one way or another so backed the group mentality. Let more big conservstive donors or mover and shakers come out in support of family or friends and they’ll give cover to those who have been too afraid to do so. Big names like this could be game changers.

    That’s my hope. We’ll see.

  16. Bri says

    It’s entirely possible to be gay and fiscally conservative. Maybe someday I’ll be able to register Republican. Who’d have thought that African Americans would one day predominately choose the party that once stood for the right to own slaves? Political Parties can change and evolve. That’s a good thing right?

  17. GeorgeM says

    I don’t remember where the was but when singer endorsed Romney it noted that the two did not see eye to eye on gay marriage and I think it said singer made his belief known.
    I can try and find it

  18. GeorgeM says

    I forgot the word article… Now what the two talk about between them is between them
    At this point I want to know what Romney would do with DADT
    DOMA is going to be around for a while, marriage will come state by state and court. A constitutional amendment will not pass and Romney knows it. ENDA is going to be a hard fight, it has been for years not enough support on either side.

    DADT is the one he can screw us with right out of the gate.

    Bri good point. For me I’m fiscally conservitive, pro military, less welfare state but vote social issues because I’m gay. If republicans Ever really changed I would be at a crossroad

  19. says

    Wake up! This is NOT “good news”.

    This is just another devious attempt to peel off a few gullible gay votes in a close election & deliver them to the GOP.

    Once the Republicans regain power, you can bet they will move forward with the anti-gay rightwing fundamentalists’ agenda. They are beholden to their base…not to us.

    If you are gay and vote Republican, you may be selfish, but you have no self-respect.

  20. UFFDA says

    NULLNAUGHT – “It can’t understand you” – I laughed out loud. Just such and like kinds of remarks are the real reason I read this blog…it’s too funny. Or insightful. Or wonderful. For me how people say things is often as great as what they say.

    Just spent the day at the beach and lay there head proped on a drift log smiling at all the engaging sweethearts, dolls, pricks and pinheads I relish hereon – YOU(fun and arch), MARY(she’s changed!), OS2GUY(a prince and have you read his blog?), ERNIE, ANDY himself (first rate gentlemen), RICK (delicious, oh ya), even LITTLE FRANKENFEM (awesome/awful)- altogether the best circus in town. Though I would never call it a community since we don’t have to actually try to get along (and no one does), “On line” is an enlargement of life.

  21. Randy says

    The best way to wean the GOP off its evangelical base is to offer moderates an alternative, and to provide incentives to get away from them. This PAC will help do that.

    I agree that the religious right wing has too much power in the GOP. All moderate conservatives agree with that. But you have to BUILD an alternative to them, and that takes time and money. It won’t happen overnight, just as the evangelicals didn’t take it over overnight.

    But at the end of the day, the fact remains that the Democrats don’t have enough votes or spine to vote our rights in. And even if we do, it would require a majority in the House, and a SUPER majority in the Senate, meaning that we need 61 seats in the Senate, plus a Democratic White House.

    That is nearly impossible to achieve, and the few moments we DO achieve it, the Dems never seem to get around to our issues. Therefore, we NEED some GOP votes to get any thing passed.

    That’s just the reality of the situation. You may not like it, but tough. If we want our rights, we first need to recognize reality.

    It’s all fun and good to harbor resentments toward the GOP, to be suspicious, to not trust their motives, etc. However, I find it difficult to believe that this man is putting up his own money just to screw with his own son’s marriage. That just doens’t make sense.

    The purpose of this PAC isn’t is to get more votes for the GOP — if you actually read it, you will see that it is to give more money to existing GOP reps so that when they DO buck their leadership and vote pro-gay, they will not suffer the consequences of retaliation rom their leadership or the evangelical base.

    How anyone can spin this as a bad thing is either stupid, or doesn’t understand basic politics in Washington. And if you are either, you shouldn’t be weighing in on this issue.

  22. says

    Alan, it’s not my fault that your party and your family vote against Equality for LGBT people.

    my “hatred” is “disgusting”?

    I’m not the one voting against your rights and freedoms and promoting anti-gay bigotry in America. Your own parents are. And no wonder.

  23. says

    I have an idea! How about you gay republicans actually PROVE us “gay liberals” wrong. or rather, prove yourselves RIGHT.

    take advantage of social media. get together with your republican family and friends, and make a video, post it youtube, where you share your support message for the LGBT communities, and show us all how one can be Republican and pro-Equality.

    i mean, what possible reason could you have for not doing such a thing? after all, your friends and family are pro-Equality, and thus you have nothing to hide, since the republicans you all claim to know are, uh, “pro-Equality” or “pro-gay” and have never treated you with any form of disdain or discrimination.

    So, rather than tell people on here that we’re “wrong”, put your money where your mouth is – SHOW US that you gay republicans and your family and friends are actively promoting Equality within the GOP.

    share the URL or youtube link. after all, you have nothing to hide.


    i look forward to seeing from you!

  24. says

    for once, just once, it would be remarkable if any of these so-called Gay Republicans with Pro-Equality Family and Friends could actually show us that they are what they claim they are.

    anonymous claims are worth less than s**t.

    got a great family and republican community that supports Equality? Show us, and show us what specific work you guys are doing to promote Equality for LGBT citizens within the GOP.

    for real.

    prove your reality with facts. URLs, please.

  25. andrew says

    The Supreme Court in its “wisdom” has ruled that we are a nation to be governed by the billionaires. Of course the average American still has a vote. However, the average American is about as politically savy as a brick and will vote the way the television ads tell him/her to vote. “Hail to the Chief”: Romney.The progressive movement is going to be stopped in its tracks. Look forward to lots of new conservative Supreme Court, Appeals Courts an U S District Court Judges.

  26. Kiwi's ghost says

    I agree totally with Kiwi about the gay Republicans. They’re really a lot like that “Jeebus” character that all the Christianists worship. Asking us to believe in someone we haven’t seen or heard only FELT? Doesn’t this guy/spirit know that it’s the age of social media? He can die for the sins of mankind,…but he can’t send out a tweet? (I mean he could just write what he did in the Bible – “It is finished.” – it fits in a tweet, right?) And how are we supposed to know he turned the water into wine? What brand was it? How much was “turned”? Truly. This guy has to grow a pair and start proving himself. You would think that a guy who sits at the right hand of the Father could do some text-messaging! What are they short of digitial equipment in heaven?

    Yeah, he was born of a virgin, but so what? Did she ever march in a Christian pride parade with him? This guy is LAME.

    Let him have the cojones to show himself. I mean what good in crucifixtion if we can’t see it?

    Youtube ressurection video, please!

  27. NVTodd says

    The assumption that anyone with friends that are Republicans IS a Republican is as idiotic as insisting that everyone make themselves as much of a methed-out media whore as they are.

  28. says

    the fact that GOP-defenders can’t put their money where their mouth is and show us just exactly what specific pro-Equality work their Republican friends and family is doing speaks volumes.

    calling me a methed-out media whore (HA!) won’t change the fact that you have no testicles.

    prove me wrong, Todd. ten bucks says your wimpy-@ss can’t 😀

  29. Mary says

    Kiwi, the “Kiwi’s ghost” post was written by me. I can’t help it, Ray. Poking fun at you is so enjoyable. And you make it so damn easy! I hope you’re not offended – seriously.

  30. says

    nothing a faceless anonymous troll says, or does, can “offend” me.

    by all means – continue to live vicariously though the comments you can only make from a place of complete anonymity.

    whatever you need to do to distract yourself from the reality of your cowardly life. lord knows without a place for your anonymous brand of commenting you’d likely take your own life. wow. what a tragic loss *that* would be.

  31. Mary says

    I swtich my position and now support full equality for LGBT citizens, including marriage rights. And yet I’m still a “troll?” Some people can’t take “yes” for an answer, can they?

    Is nothing ever good enough for Little Chihuahua (as someone once called him?) He’s probably angry at the founders of the Mattachine Society for being “wusses” and not demanding gay marriage in the 1950’s.

    Life must be so easy when all you have to do is denounce everyone else for being secretive and not being militant enough.

  32. Task says

    Republicans: 57% have a family member or close friend who is gay or lesbian, 48% don’t think they can change, and yet 72% do not want marriage equality for them.

  33. Listening says

    How amaaaazzzing. No Republicans will ever same sex marriage. I live in SC which is the a@@hole of the US always. While any gay supportive Repubs. rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the Repubs. continue to contrive their gain of power, political or otherwise.
    We will have civil war soon between the haves and havenots, as the gays, the blacks, the older medicare and soc.sec. benefit recipients try to hide from the goose stepping Republican army death squads. We cannot agree enough to fight them as one unit with power, so we will continue to lose it all. There is NO debate. It draws near whether you see it or not. Most voters do not realize it is even happening in the USA. The Repubs sell us out, then a Dem is voted to remedy their mess, and when the Dem cannot, they go back to another Repub. to make even a greater mess, and so on and so on. It’s all political. There may be gay and black and Jewish Repubs. but after they are used, they will be turned on by those who still hate them underneath their false Repub. faces. Here in SC, our church pastors preach against us, and teach their Jesus congregations to hate us all and to vote against us in Christ’s name…hallelujah. If only I were a straight Republican, I could expose my neighbor, hate them and cry, crucify them, crucify them. We, however, should start building our party and our own army. Don’t forget the populace government of Germany, killed gays, gypsies, and Jews and all they labeled as degenerate. It will happen again. They do not respond to the truth about people. They need someone to blame and that is us. What is the solution? Tell me. Only if we match their tactics will we be a viable foe. When we trust they can be changed or reasoned with, we are lost already. The Repubs use us and we are to blame. Do not give them an inch. Fight them in every way,on every front. If our lives are worth saving, be militant. They are. What is YOUR solution?

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