Towleroad Guide To The Tube # 1145

PULLED: The anti-trans Cake Boss scene TLC rightfully yanked.

REMATCH: Conservative Paul Cameron sits down again with progressive radio host David Pakman.

‘Doing Fine?': New Romney ad mirrors an 2008 Obama ad to slam the president.

‘TAKE A WALK': Video for Passion Pit’s latest track.

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  1. Patric says

    I cannot for the life of me understand why this or any LGBT site would post the advertisements of a homophobe like Mitt Romney who has repeatedly pledged to wage war on our community. It’s great that this site is showing the President’s ads but it’s frankly an outrage that you repeatedly show Romney’s as well.

  2. mikenola says

    okay so I rarely watch the videos on here from the Tube. But I saw this title, “PULLED: The anti-trans Cake Boss scene TLC rightfully yanked.” and figured I should check it out. I have never seen anything on Cake Boss that was homophobic or anti-trans people so I was concerned.

    then I watched it and frankly I am sitting here going WTF? where is the “anti-trans” sentiment in this clip that was so horrid that it was “rightfully pulled”?

    The trans-woman voluntarily joined in a prank to bust the chops of a straight man on camera in front of his friends. She absolutely knew that he might be shocked and she should of known (as a trans-women) that the reveal can cause negative reactions.

    the one showed in the clip was mild and in fact showed no disrespect towards her personally. The man decided to leave, probably in embarrassment, instead of making a scene or getting hyper-macho and attacking her.

    Are you folks so thin skinned that you consider this anti-trans sentiment? really? that is absurd. The trans-woman was in on the JOKE and whatever motivates your bruised feelings you certainly don’t speak for all trans people, some of them actually have a sense of humor, you apparently don’t.

  3. Book 7 says

    @Mikenola – it’s the fact that being attracted to a transwoman is HILARIOUS to these guido idiots that makes it a PRANK and a JOKE. Carmen is being used as an object of ridicule because of who she is. Ugh.

    I have never watched this show. I can’t even look at Buddy Whatshisface without shuddering. So much anger and idiot drama goes into those cakes, I’d never want to eat one. And whether he and his friends and family are actually goombahs or are just pretending to be, I don’t want to watch wanna-be Sopranos talk to each other. UGH. This clip does nothing to change my mind.

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