1. ??? says

    The first paragraph is pretty darn misleading – the poll you link to doesn’t seem to ask voters to compare candidates, but rather hypothetical candidates holding certain positions. Sounds like a push poll you’d use to convince people a candidate has support rather than real evidence of support.

    If you’re going to encourage us to support this guy (which I’m considering), why don’t you tell us more about his positions and who his opponents are (as well as his chance of actually winning the general, which I understand are slim even if he wins the primary)? Also, are there actual polls indicating his chances in the primary? I’m not being sarcastic here – I think this information would be pretty helpful.

  2. lazerlightbeams says

    Good for him! will certainly support him. even posted about him on my facebook to encourage my friends to be better informed about this guy

  3. Likens says

    Sadly, if the black population of Michigan has any say, he wont be collecting their votes. The homophobia within the black population is what led Michigan so ignorant and backward in terms of anti gay laws.

  4. Jake says

    @ likens, I was sadly thinking the same. Hope he’s not running anywhere near Detroit who will inevitably vote against anyone they deem gay. It’s sad having lived in Detroit area for 14 years.

  5. tominsf says

    As someone who escaped Detroit many years ago I can say that the above comments are true. He would be undoubtedly rejected by the city of Detroit. Homophobia, racism, xenophobia, etc., are out of control in Detroit. I return annually to visit family, and it gets worse with every visit. Where can I send him money?

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