1. Brad says

    Joe Beretta has a serious of hilarious clips with his friend, under the youtube search of “Barats and Beretta”

    good stuff (and they are both adorable)

  2. Jersey says

    Cute as they may be I ain’t buying the “not all conservatives are hateful poop-stains” banter. Speak the truth boys.

  3. David in Houston says

    Holy crap, Joe is attractive. Yeah, if he’s not gay, God is very cruel.

  4. Dr Mortimer says

    “There are plenty normal, nice and cool people who opposegay marriage – too bad she gives them a bad name!”

    Yes, i feel the same about all those nice decent people who opposed desegregation and who were badly portrayed by the ku klux klan, what a shame.

  5. Not that Rob says

    “I want him inside me right now.” Towleroad commenters, always keeping it classy. Ew.

  6. Matt says

    You guys couldn’t be more wrong. It’s all about Elliott Morgan. I want him in my bed NOW!

  7. says

    You might want to edit the headline of this post—it implies Karger wrote the emails, not that he received them.

  8. endo says

    LOL uffda. I’ll be sure to let my partner of 7 years know you think so.

    You’re a pathetic tool. It amuses me that you think you’re some sort of badass.

    I can tell you’re fat from your comments.

  9. UFFDA says

    LOL indeed. I’ll chuckle all day about this. If you have a partner who actually wants you why are you calling out for someone else to be “inside” you right now? O ha O ha O hahaha – my big jelly belly is just a’sway’in.

  10. endo says

    My gawd, you’re stupid. Your critical thinking skills are so poor, you couldn’t get into Devry. I’m honestly surprised you’re cognizant enough to operate the internet.

    Do you seriously think that a) Joe Beretta would read that comment; b) I actually intended Joe Beretta to read that comment; c) he’d oblige; d) he’d miraculously find an anonymous stranger on the internet in order to oblige; e) that I was in any way, shape, or form serious?

    Get a sense of humor, you impotent, insipid, pathetic fat cretin.

  11. UFFDA says

    “Do you seriously think…” Full Stop – with laughter. ENDO I would never seriously think about anything you say. You’re just cheezy, light weight entertainment, always willing to expose yet more of your vast humor and towering intellect. Come on Sparky – what’s next?