1. Jack says

    What’s gay about it? Two seconds of two fully clothed guys next to each other on what might be a bed. I’ve seen more homoerotic dances from mainstream ballet companies.

  2. DRG says

    Not everything on this site has to be gay. It’s a site with “homosexual tendancies”. Gays like dance.

    I loved it! more. more. more. It’s a great idea.

  3. Rrhain says

    OK, there was cheesy singing during a ballet of modern dance. It would seem these people are just to pretentious for their own good. Hint: “Ballet” does not mean “toe shoes” nor does the presence of plot preclude it from being a ballet (else why does everybody know _The Nutcracker_ and _Swan Lake_?) Same for modern dance (or _Rodeo_ would not exist).

    I don’t see how this is any different from the other dance pieces that have come down the pipe such as _Contact_ or _Steppin’ Out._

  4. says

    Saw this hour long play (dansical) during Toronto’s recent Fringe festival a couple of weeks ago. No dialogue anywhere, the dancers tell their stories through movement and video clips. The routines are quite good throughout. The version we saw was apparently the abbreviated one, meant to promote the ‘real’ (sexier) version coming out in August. If you’re in Toronto or area, I’d recommend checking it out!

  5. Randy says

    Re: “What’s gay about it?” Not all gay people are male. I saw a female couple.

    That said, I expect a lot more male-male romantic dancing from mainstream dance, not to mention something actually called a “gay dansical”.

  6. says

    I saw the final night Pre view at Toronto Fringe and can’t wait to see the full show at Tarragon theatre in August!
    Sick dancers,beautiful love story,dating story sexy stories and friendship that just happened to be gay characters… My straight girlfriend was the first to stand up and cheer!

    A must see show if you are in Toronto in August.

    Check out this review if you want to know more.
    Dave…. And did I say the boys are hot… :)

  7. says

    LOVE the Dansical!!

    Most time at a dance show,it’s great dancing but who the hell knows why these people are jumping around? The short video intro to each piece was F ing brilliant and supurbly shot I must say.
    The dancers are out of control and must be trained, as in super sexy hot dancers you can’t keep your eyes off of.
    The girls are beautiful and the boys do end up in underwear at one point and believe me they all got goodies that Ciara would jump on.
    Dave is right Go and see this show.

    Miss Kayla Lee
    this is a link I found

  8. Frank says

    What makes it gay???? … Well,the story is about ALL gay characters dealing with gay issues (like the preoccupation with “masculine men only” in gay dating) and not so gay issues (job loss, depression, challenges in supporting your partner…). And there’s a drag queen, and a leather daddy orgy number, and a lesbian make-up sex piece. There are sexy naked sweaty parts, but there are also poignant, heartfelt emotional parts, too. And yes, there is a big drag show finale. … how much gayer could it be?

  9. says

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