Billionaire GOP Donor Paul Singer Donates $150,000 to Maine Marriage Equality Efforts

Maine's Press Herald makes note of a large donation to Maine marriage equality efforts:

SingerSinger's $150,000 donation to the Freedom to Marry PAC was noted in Monday's story about Republican politicians who have decided to join the effort to legalize same-sex effort in Maine. However, the billionaire hedge fund manager's involvement in the Maine effort is noteworthy for a few reasons.

Singer is perhaps best known for his support of Republican candidates. A recent New York Times story noted that Singer, who runs the firm Elliott Management in New York City, raised $5 million dollars for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney during a single fundraiser.

But Singer, whose son and son-in-law are gay, is also known for supporting same-sex marriage efforts in other states and he has spent close to $10 million to advance the cause. Singer has given $1 million to the American Unity PAC, a new super PAC designed to encourage Republican candidates to support same-sex marriage. Campaign finance laws also shields the identities of donors to the PAC.

Earlier today, I noted the formation of Republicans United for Marriage, a new GOP group consisting of 20 Maine lawmakers who support marriage equality.


  1. billywingartenson says

    WE shall see. I personally gave 18k to Maine equality and I’m anything but a billionaire. Well off but not like him, my goal would be that everyone of my family had a mil apiece.

    Theres an expressionabout not biting the hand that fed you, but if I were him, I’d throw in 10 mil.

    I’m also perplexed by Gates and his other key lt giving 100,000 k to WA state equqality . $50 mil should be easy.

  2. candide001 says

    Why can’t these high-level GOP guys, like Singer and Mehlman, hook up our advocacy groups with the GOP media groups who are so expert at putting together media campaigns that manipulate voters’ emotions to their desired end? Our side is still completely inept at defusing the lies and distortions the professional bigots use to tap into voters’ deepest fears and anxieties about gays and children and the end of civilization as we know it. Until our side starts tackling those lies head on, we will continue to lose.

  3. neptune says

    If there is going to be a vote, heck yes I will donate money and heck yes I want to “win.” But the real victory will come when the people of this country demand these votes cease. Bigots will always have the upper hand – fear is the ultimate motivator. I truly believe we’d still have some states without interracial marriage without Loving v. Virginia.

  4. Name: says

    What is this country coming to!!! How dare these republicans donate to gay causes!!! What will become of gay terrorist blogs like JMG!!! Will they survive or go the way of video stores and record stores???

  5. amy says

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