1. Bart says

    A meeting of the minds. Rub their two heads together and you wouldn’t get a spark but very possibly a burning bush that would say, “You two are douchebags! Quit using MY name to further your hatred and stupidity.”

  2. Icebloo says

    Once again ….. I hope all you self hating, head in the sand gay Republicans are taking note of which political party idiot Huckabee represents ! Just how many attacks can you stand before you wake up Grublicans (Gay Republicans) ?

  3. GeorgeM says

    I think they both suck
    But is it legal for a town to not allow them to build because of this? I think one of the best revenges would be to let them build then drive them in to the ground.

  4. Graphicjack says

    I wonder, if they are against corporations getting “bullied” by a segment of the population, how then do they feel about “One Million” Moms asking for boycotts for JC Penney, Starbucks, Oreo Cookies, etc. for their support of gay rights?. They probably just think that’s exercising their free will as consumers. The hypocrisy is telling. A majority population wants to boycott a company for supporting equal rights? Free Will. An oppressed minority speaking out against companies that support measures that seek to continue to oppress them? Bullying. We’ve just gone through the looking glass or in Bizzaro World, folks. These poor, poor bullied bigots.

  5. Brad says

    ICEBLOO: You’re always talking about “self hate.” I think you’re probably the most self hating person in the universe. Somebody learned a new word!!

  6. Simon says

    When the bible says not to judge, ‘christians’ say it’s ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘freedom of religion’.

    When Christ gave the commandments to love God AND love thy neighbor as thyself as the greatest commandments of all biblical laws, Hate-Fill-AntiChrist organizations like Chick-Fil-A and other ‘christians’ support and vote for many discrimination laws like DOMA as the highest federal discrimination law of all state laws.

    When REAL Christians and gays go against the antiChrist antigays, the latter call it ‘bullying’ or ‘intolerant’.

  7. says

    The point is being missed by both Huckabee and Brown. It is not because they are a “Christian” company, it is not just the statement that Cathy made, though it did spur the argument, IT IS because corporate money is used to support HATE groups such as the AFA (SPLC designated hate group), EXODUS International who recently backed away from reparative therapy and of course NOM, of which Brown is the head of. The question is, “Do gay’s really want their money going to those organizations?”

    As for Huckabee and Brown…the “KKK” is a Christian organization, do they support them too??

  8. Bill S. says

    It’s called the free marketplace of ideas. Chick-fil-A has every right to engage in anti-equality speech, and the people have every right to not do business with them.

    Once again, the Christofacists think that “freedom of speech” means “freedom from criticism.”

  9. Francis says

    Anti-gay Christianist bigots have the audacity to go OUT OF THEIR WAY to attack our community but then cry victim when called out and criticized for it. These people are crazily self-entitled, it’s always “the others” who are at fault, always looking for people to blame to justify their actions. And that doesn’t begin to mention their obvious hypocrisy.

  10. J. Leo says

    I have only one thing to say to these people who spread hate and then claim to be victims. We didn’t start this fight…but we sure as hell are winning it.

  11. Mike says

    Good lord, can you imagine people arguing against boycotting a company that bashes interracial marriage? Remember, the Bible doesn’t like interracial marriage either! Appropriating words like “bullying” for misuse by the side that does the bullying is repulsive.

  12. Rob Zeleniak says

    What incredible hypocrits. They’re just freaked out because the boycott is gaining traction. I will never support businesses or organizations like NOM that participate in damaging my family. Wake up and smell the coffee, boys.

  13. Rob Zeleniak says

    What incredible hypocrits. They’re just freaked out because the boycott is gaining traction. I will never support businesses or organizations like NOM that participate in damaging my family. Wake up and smell the coffee, boys.

  14. says

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  15. says

    Nothing will deter us from fighting back the bigotry of these ranting dopes……no matter how much they phuck up the English language.
    “Alice in Wonderland” has become their country of choice where words mean what they want them to mean…….and true to Karl Rove strategy they turn our points on bullying against us. But that manifest attempt at cleverness will be kicked back in their face.

    @ BRAD : you are just a Quisling……through your stupidity you want to hand over SCOTUS to the fascists, immediately triggering an anti gay rollback of all our equality initiatives.
    Yeah Brad, reinstate DADT, uphold DOMA, define marriage so as not to include same sex partners,……all of this will happen if that two faced snob of a hypocrite Romney gets near the White House.

    Well I’m so glad Romney defined himself as “Anglo- Saxon”……at least that alienates all of Irish descent…..namely the Celts……who are certainly not phucking Anglo Saxon.
    Gays, women, blacks, Latino, all must unite to get the vote out against this blood sucking vampire of manipulative upper class society.

  16. says

    Huckabee talking about “hate speech”….ha ha ha……
    What a two faced piece of $hit..
    “They don’t get into politics that much…..”
    Is he pure stupid ????
    These two are just a mutual admiration couple……..sad narrowminded twisted bigots. That’s exactly what they are.
    “Chic Fil A” are being banned not because we disagree them…..they are banned for their bigoted discrimination against gay people.
    This dumb a$$ interview must be preserved forever…….in years to come it will be shown to demonstrate the last hold-outs of malice and prejudice.

  17. john patrick says

    So the owners of Chick-fil-A don’t get into politics? They just donate to campaigns that fight rights for LGBT people and that is not hate? They call us names and make bigoted remarks about us and that is not hate? And NOM – the organization that lies about LGBT people and tries to turn people against us – is a highly respected organization?

    I support “traditional” marriage (which is not that long a tradition) of one man and one woman. I don’t know of any LGBT people who don’t. But I also support marriage equality. Dan Cathy, Brian Brown and Mike Huckabee do not. They are anti-marriage. They are anti-family. They would exclude us from marriage and dishonor our families.

    I sometimes wonder about the world in which these self-identified “Christians” live. They seem to think their brand of Christianity is the only valid one. They seem to think their version of reality is the only valid one. They seem to be unable – either through self-delusion or through dishonesty – to own up to their own hate speech and actions and to be projecting hatred onto those of us who react angrily and righteously to their hatred.

  18. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    That’s an old picture of Huckabee: BOTH OF THEM are fat. Oh–sorry–I’m sure that will offend some who post here. Very well–Both of them are overfed.

  19. AJ says

    The thing that cracks me up the most about this Chick-fil-a nonsense is that they are stepping forward to alienate part of their customer base and then seem all butt-hurt that people think they are crazy. Economics 101 says when you are trying to sell something, you don’t single out a group of potential customers and say “We don’t support you”. I’m not saying that any other fast food chain or corporation is actually FOR equality, it’s just good business according to some precious idiotic numbers they have somewhere. If some report came out saying that Chick-fil-a’s business shot up 150% because of this, every single corporation and fast food place out there would come out against us in much the same way. Corporations have no conscience. They do what the numbers tell them to.

  20. dan cobb says

    The fact is that Dan Cathy said that gays were “shaking their fist at God” by trying to “redefine” marriage. Nice. I guess all the God lovers are now the enemies of gays. Of course, they always were.

  21. anon says

    MH is a desperate politician with a TV show trying to stay relevant. This is like a stunt Oprah would have pulled in her early TV days and is getting close to Morton Downey Jr. territory.

  22. jamal49 says

    “Economic Bullying”? God, ya gotta love those evangelicals. They sure know how to make up stuff, don’t they?

    Hey, Mike, it’s called a boycott. It’s not bullying. It’s a response to the hateful bigotry of the owner of that fast food garbage dump.

    Huckabee, you’re a liar and a bigot. Worse, you are an evangelical. In other words, pond scum. No, I’ll take that back. Pond scum nurtures life. What you are, Huckabee, is toilet scum. There.

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