1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Reminds me of alchohol-abusing Mel Gibson asking, “Do I look gay? Do gay guys have a body like this??”

    This woman needs to be warned: that type of dishonesty is the fast lane to low life, as Mel Gibson amply proves.

  2. ratbastard says

    So what do black lesbians look like? Gary Coleman?

    Actually, sounds to me like this Cole woman has a vendetta against the Lt. Governor.

    google Carroll’s wiki page. She has a very interesting and diverse background. Born in Trinidad, moved to the U.S. at age 8, lived in Uniondale, NJ, was a jet mechanic in the U.S.A.F., now a Republican Lt. Gov. of Florida. I know nothing else about this woman, just commenting on her interesting and diverse background.

  3. Mitch says

    Sounds like the Lt. Governor of Florida has a “wide stance”.

    And all this has even greater soap opera qualities: “Beatriz Ramos, a travel aide for Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll, admitted to starting a fire that could have set the state Capitol ablaze.” This after she tossed a cigar that she thought was extinguished, but apparently still lit, into Cole’s trash can.

    Lt. Gov Jenny, you might want to talk to former Gov Charlie about how hard it is to keep these things under wraps…

  4. Don says

    This is so rich it must be fattening!

    I have long said that Fla. Gov. Rick Scott is a repressed closeted homosexual, and now this! His outing will be next!

  5. jakeinlove says

    ‘So usually women that look like me’, really? No wonder so much of the black community, no matter how successful we can be, is still decades behind in thought and perception.

  6. Babs Kramer says

    “So usually black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that.”

    Well, this is not quite true, given the concept of “lipstick lesbians”. And Republicans who use arguments this almost always engage in relationships like that. You know….a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, yada, yada, yada.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “No wonder so much of the black community, no matter how successful we can be, is still decades behind in thought and perception.”

    Oh, are we? Words of wisdom from Archie Bunker…homo syle.

  8. nisha says

    I posted on her FB page yesterday and as of today she has removed my post and blocked me from any other comments. Here is what I posted

    ‎”Usually black women who look like me don’t engage in relationships like that” — Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll response to accusations of a relationship with a female aide. I AM OFFENDED. My wife is better looking than you and most certainly engages in that type of relations with me… I really can’t believe that you as a female minority politician would allow that stereotype to leave your mouth. I swear the black community still thinks only ugly run down females are gay. Once again ashamed of the “leaders” of this state and the hate they embody.


    I am also checking back for some type of apology/statement regarding your comment “Usually black women who look like me don’t engage in relationships like that”. I find it shocking that you are heading a panel reviewing the stand your ground law – a law now brought under criticism due in part to the actions of a certain someone based on stereotypes. Now here you are stereotyping yourself. Perhaps you are not the correct person for the job.

  9. Dan says


    Do Republicans give you some kind of weird drug high? You don’t even know who this woman is and you’re shilling for her and defending her innocence. What is it about the word “Republican” that automatically triggers your allegiance with Pavlovian predictability?

  10. ratbastard says


    I’m shilling for no one,boss. I simply said:

    A) I think from what I’ve seen of this case that the woman has some kind of personal vendetta against Carroll, just my personal opinion.

    B) Carroll has an interesting and diverse background

    I also said, Dan, that I knew nothing more about her and was ONLY COMMENTING ON HER INTERESTING BIO. What about that don’t you get, Dan?

    Loosen you a** muscles, Dan.

  11. Icebloo says

    Cole “is a minister.” There you have it. End of discussion. We know she can’t be trusted. Never trust a religious person. They are the biggest liars and most f*cked up people around.

  12. terry says

    carroll doesn’t have short hair or carry a softball bat so that means she’s straight? Cole took a poly, now how about Carroll? As stated above this sounds like a “wide stance” moment.

  13. dexter says

    Ms Cole probably got fired because she didnot knock the door before she enter i know a lot of people who never knock the door before they enter maybe the boss try to teach her a lesson of discipline and Morale at Ms Cole age she suppose to have discipline and Morale but i am not saying Mrs Carroll didnot do it because its nothing new because what i heard in the news everyday are these people who suppose to protect the law who broke the same law is that what these voters who put them in office got in return

  14. says

    Thus leaving his fate the same, and not changing history in the slightest. With the idea of time travel comes the fantasy of going back and seeing the dinosaurs, and meeting the long lost grandpa. But if travel is achieved by means of a time machine,

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