1. P says

    No doubt Cheney will be excoriated for this moment of honesty. Versus Obama making the exact same political calculation in 2008 (‘evolving opinion,’ code for stalling), which will no doubt be treated as if it is somehow less meretricious than Cheney’s, but that forgiveness will be largely based on his other political stances, not on the ones pertaining to this ‘newsflash.’ This article is a pretext to blast Cheney. Both sides are corrupt, but at least Cheney has the honesty to say that he is a politician and that his decision was driven by votes. Now I know what he’s interested in from his own words. I doubt Obama will be so honest.

  2. kpo5 says


    One word that says so many things in this context:

    Why risk my political career?
    Why stand up for my daughter’s equality?
    Why don’t I try to console myself by believing this was in her best interest because it would have been a media frenzy otherwise?
    Why put my neck out for the freedom of other Americans?
    Why lose the highest position in this country (let’s be real, Cheney ran the show) when I can just pat my daughter on the head and tell her, “I’m proud of you.”

    And the GOProuders cheer on…

  3. AJ says

    He put his own political career over a human rights issue. Typical politician. This reminds me of a line from “Titanic”. “Waiting for an absolution that will never come.” Live with it, dude. Among many other things that wretched administration is responsible for.

  4. says

    Has he done anything to help any other people get married, or does he just give lip service to his own daughter’s marriage?

    Think of all the people he knows.
    Has he lobbied ONE?

  5. AJ says

    Let me preface this by saying Cheney is a war criminal, and I disagree with pretty much everything else he has to say except this. Those two particular statements are very true. Palin was a mistake for the Republicans. If he pushed for gay marriage 12 years ago on the Republican ticket, it really would have been bad for him and Dubyah. I can appreciate him coming out in support of our rights after the fact, though. To have a voice that powerful on the crazy side of the political spectrum that says “hey guys, there’s actually nothing wrong with gay marriage” is a good thing.

  6. Randy says

    Part of being a leader is to take positions that the electorate SHOULD take but don’t. Cheney just admitted he is no leader and no statesman — he’s just an rank politician, nothing more. His entire career should be viewed through this lens — doing what will be popular in his mind, and doing things for political advantage.

    Yes, he supported war and torture, and now more than ever before, I realize we went to war to bolster W’s chances for reelection.

  7. andrew says

    Cheney is an evil man. In his youth he got 5 deferments to avoid service in Vietnam. In his old age when he was safe from harm he joined or led the neo-cons to send thousands of our youth to their deaths in wars we all now know were unnecessary.

  8. andrew says

    Cheney and Kissinger are evil men who have the blood of tens of thousands of Americans and foreigners on their hands. James Holmes, that mutant, killed 12. Kissinger and Cheney had tens of thousands killed.

  9. RJ says

    @P… Nice attempt to turn a Cheney post into an Obama-bashing opportunity but I think Darth Cheney will be excoriated for a wee bit more than not publicly supporting marriage equality while running for or while in political office.

    And your “both sides are corrupt” false equivalency speaks for itself.

  10. anon says

    DC was considered a moderate until he became VP, but somewhere along the way (5 heart attacks?) his stances on many issues hardened and he fell in with the activist wing of the party, resulting in all the policy overreaches that he was endorsing. What he needs to explain is why his position on so many things changed. And, yes, it does seem that he did not attend his own daughter’s wedding, which should also be explained.

  11. Caliban says

    You know, it’s really really weird that EVERY time I try to make a comment about the GOP’s toxic self-interest that prevents them from breaking rank UNLESS it effects themselves directly (Cheney having a gay daughter, for example), that comment gets blocked and won’t post. There are no “bad words” in why I say, but time after time when I’ve tried to post basically the same thing, using the same points, the comment won’t go through.

    I comment enough here that I know the system and it’s really odd, a little fishy in fact, that ONE opinion won’t go through.

  12. Caliban says

    Is Marco Rubio’s name blocked?

    Is Maureen Walsh’s name blocked?

    Illegal immigrants?

    Because I use them as examples of those who only take a different side of an issue because it effects them.

  13. Paul R says

    Have you ever been to an even with the POTUS or VP? It’s not fun these days. Having him attend Mary’s wedding would have required an insane amount of Secret Service and derailed the day. She asked him not to come, and not for political reasons. Imagine if there was a shooting or bombing at your wedding.

    I don’t care for the man, but he said in 1990 that banning gays in the military was “a bit of an old chestnut.” His views have always been clear—as has his political calculus not to enunciate them more clearly. But he’s never shied away from Mary, his favorite child.

  14. Jay says

    Wow! I’m glad he confirmed that political power, personal opportunity, and self-advancement have always been a higher priority for him than what he knew to be right…and more important to him than the health, happiness, and well-being of his own daughter.

    Thanks for being honest…you effin pig!

  15. t says

    horrible man, horrible family.

    yeah, it would do no good to have a major republican say something decent about the group they vilify.

    burn in hell

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