1. Mike says

    Ummm, @Dickg. I don’t think that Red Sox or Yankees fans would appreciate you calling that hat a Yankees hat đŸ˜‰ BoSox hat. That being said, I wish the hat wasn’t there as He looks like he has a pretty rocking body.

  2. say what says


    but this part from the article was more touching for me

    “….Rottman also posted a photo of himself and a woman tagged Stephanie Rodriguez who Rottman calls “My hero.”

    “This is the amazing young woman who made a turnakit [sic] for my leg out of her belt after I was shot. Her bravery is simply inspiring. I cannot thank you enough for helping a stranger in need! You are a true guardian angel!” Rottman wrote….”

    that made me choke up

  3. jason says

    I’m sorry but I’m not feeling the Christian Bale love. He’s made an awful lot of money by appearing in ultra-violent movies such as Batman. As an actor, Bale profits from the fetishistic violence that apparently triggered the maniac in Aurora.

  4. Mike C. says

    Isn’t this the gentleman who was arrested for trying to beat up his own mother, and who was recorded verbally abusing his production crew?

  5. Rick says

    “Wow not a bad Robin for a hot Batman. I’m imagining the healing now.”

    I wonder if massage therapy is part of “Robin’s” healing process and whether he is accepting volunteers, even if he is a Red Sox fan…..I would even throw in a free massage of “Batman” as part of the “package”……

  6. Drew says

    Nice move on his part. However, the article doesn’t mention whether or not he yelled at the orderlies when they got in the way of the camera flashes.

  7. DickG says

    @Mike, of course it’s a Red Sox cap. The point being the intense rivalry between the two teams. The joke that a Yankees fan would shoot a Red Sox fan is of course, just that. An attempt of humor in a horrible situation. As for any actions in C. Bale’s past, we are all complicated people capable of both kindness and cruelty.

  8. Frederick Shuffrey says

    I know it’s not what I should be thinking, but that guy on the bed is super mega hot!

  9. Jason 2 says


    Those were the first thought that came to my mind. And then I quickly forgave myself because he’s really hot and awfully cute laying in bed there. God I’m horrible.

  10. jaragon says

    Oh please any hot blooded gay man will think that the shooting victim is very attractive young man.

  11. Jason 2 says

    Ok well, there’s “attractive” and then there’s an exuberant “WOOF! ” followed by vigorous panting.

  12. Blake says

    I feel less ashamed that I am not the only one who thought the guy in bed was attractive.

    I claim it as a coping mechanism.

  13. DG says

    Mike C – yes, he is the same man. And you’re right, those actions are objectionable. But you know what? This doesn’t. In fact, it’s gracious, kind, and meant a great deal to many of those affected by this horror. And he did it of his own volition.
    In other words, save your preaching for a situation that warrants it, and accept that people CAN be complicated – and good deeds deserve acknowledgement, not ridiculousness.

  14. amy says

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  15. Jack M says

    Mr. Bale made a very nice and kind gesture. Too bad some bitter posters on this site have to turn it into something else. Grow up guys.

  16. V-8 says

    I secretly hope they made out for a couple hours after this picture was taken… that would be so freaking hot….

  17. ratbastard says

    Bale sounds like an intense but down to Earth guy. His visit is part P.R. but I’m sure he’s sincere also.

    And yeah, he’s made a very nice living off of playing ultra violent psychopaths. Ironic.

  18. jamal49 says

    A very compassionate and classy gesture on the part of Mr. Bale.

    I do hate it, however, when trolls like AMY drop their refuse here. Makes me wish she’d been in that cinema.

  19. Seattle Mike says

    Good for Bale. As for the criticism of him for doing this, I’m sure if he hadn’t made the visit the same people would have attacked him for not visiting the victims.

    (And, yes, this victim is a cutie-pie.)