Conservative Group Piles On School’s Gay Book Ban

FamilybookLast month, after crumbling to conservative pressure, the Erie, Illinois School Board banned The Family Book because it mentions, on only one page, that "some families have two moms and dads."

The board then removed all materials from GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

"[The board's] further move to limit the use of our materials to grades 6-12 is both puzzling and deeply counter-productive," said GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard at the time. "GLSEN has a stellar track record of providing educationally- and developmentally appropriate resources to thousands of districts across the country for grades K-5, and our materials for the elementary grades enjoy broad support throughout the education and youth development worlds."

Well, this week, over a month after the controversy erupted, the right wing Alliance Defense Fund decided to stir the pot a bit. Said ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco about GLSEN's materials, "Public schools should not be coerced by outside groups into indoctrinating students into homosexual behavior by exposing them to inappropriate sexual materials."

"Schools are supposed to be places of learning, not places where schools push propaganda on students. The school is right under these circumstances to prohibit access to the GLSEN materials and not cave to the ACLU’s demands," he wrote at the conservative website One News Now.

The excellent Zack Ford at ThinkProgress takes obvious issue with ADF and others' position, rightfully pointing out that "any kid who comes to school and mentions that she has two daddies is 'indoctrinating' her classmates into 'homosexual behavior.'"

"The claims are simply outlandish. Having same-sex parents is neither inappropriate nor sexual, but Tedesco’s comments reflect how conservatives insist on equating anything gay with sex," he writes.

Besides, if being gay were all about sex, wouldn't many of us being having more of it?


  1. says

    The conservative group went on to criticize the inclusion of “The Diary of Anne Frank” in school curriculums as it “painted a biased portrait of Jews as people who didn’t deserve persecution despite the fact that they all conspired to kill Jesus Christ.”

    so f**k them.

  2. says

    Excellent comment by Zack Ford….they do equate anything gay with sex.

    Conservatives are actually closet perverts, (yes, all of them,) who have their perversions barely under control and then theb believe that because of their “self-control” they can lecture the rest of us.

  3. Manhunt says

    “if being gay were all about sex, wouldn’t many of us being having more of it?” What? It’s not even noon and I’ve already had anal sex with a stranger from the internet. I’m pretty sure being gay is mostly about sex.

  4. says

    it’s so lame. My mum talks about this all the time, and it comes up with parents of gay kids a lot – SEX SEX SEX.

    They’re obsessed with imagining what they think we’re all doing to each other’s bodies in the throes of passion. Constantly. Which is so weird, as my Mum says “Do you sit around thinking about your straight children having sex?”

  5. jamal49 says

    The “money” quote by Jeremy Tedesco of ADF:

    “Schools are supposed to be places of learning, not places where schools push propaganda on students.”

    Mr. Tedesco, I recommend a book for you: “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster).

    You might wanna get back to me after you’ve read it. Then we’ll discuss this “propaganda thing”, OK?

    I’d rather have my grandkid learning about families with two mommies or two daddies (he already knows about that because in his school there are several families like that) than some of the Eurocentric bullsh*t propaganda that passes for “history” that you want to push on kids.

  6. Mike says

    Why do these anti-gay Christians keep trying to hide the truth about gays? Sooner or later the truth always comes out. This makes me think that these anti-gay Christians are hiding a lot more than just a page of a book with two dads and two moms on it. Somebody needs to investigate these anti-gay Christians and find out what else they are hiding. People who act like they do have secrets they are hiding. Helping them come out of the closet on what they have to hide might be good for them and the LGBT people who have to put up with their hate as a result of what they are hiding. You know what they say about the people who protest too much about gays, they say they they are gay themselves, only they are hiding it in the closet.

  7. Samuel says

    This post misses the story. The school board rejected GLSEN’s model curriculum, not a single book. The GLSEN curriculum was rejected because it included materials that promoted crossdressing. The curriculum had young elementary school students putting dresses on male superheroes like Superman. Of course it was rejected.

    Once again, gay kids are going to be hurt because a gay organization has decided to put the ideology of “LGBT” above their interests. GLSEN cares more about future transvestites than it does about gay and lesbian kids. Those same kids will grow up and enter the workforce with no anti-discrimination protections because other gay orgs decided that their top priority was bundling transvestitism into ENDA.

    After homophobia, “LGBT” is the reactionary concept that causes the greatest injury to LGB people today.

  8. jamal49 says

    @SAMUEL If your posting wasn’t so filled with nonsense, I’d say you’re probably a AFA troll.

    You’re wrong. On all accounts.

    LGBTQ isn’t about “ideology”. It’s about who we are. And, oh by the way, when I was a kid I used to dress up my GI Joe with my sister’s Barbie dresses. And she, vice versa. Interesting but it wasn’t ideology.

    Please, bite.

  9. cb says

    The key words with most anti-gay groups are “tax exempt”. If all the money made by groups like this were TAXED, they would fine a real job. I just do not think gay life is that big a deal for most people? Most of us have a hard time worrying about our own life. For anti-gay groups it is all about the money. But if you DO spend every day of your life worrying about “the gays”, you may just want to talk to someone.

  10. Jesus Christ says

    amazing how some gay people hate trans people, where trans appears to be the next thing beyond re being gay.

    Shame on you gay people like that – the battle is all the same, and the bigots are all the same.

    shame shame shame

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