1. jason says

    Yawn. David Beckham is a highly overpaid do-little who gets a lot of money for simply turning up these days. How much did he get paid for playing for LA galaxy, and what did he achieve?

    As for the British fans’ reactions, it’s sad. They’re a bit dweeby in the UK.

  2. Joey Y says

    There are few things more pathetic than a jackass sitting in front of a computer criticizing world class athletes and their fans, and the way that one brings joy to the other. Also, you have people who are excited to see their idol, and a boy crying because he’s overwhelmed by the excitement of the situation, and yet you label it as “dweeby” and “sad.” I’m sure your friends are JUST as excited to see you, you’ve brought much more to the world than any of them, and you are in a position to look down on everyone from your Cher-themed tower.

  3. Wyett Earp says

    Despite of what you think of him, he is a huge celebrity in UK and many parts of the world. And I’m not even a soccer fan. For the folks who get to meet him it’s the highlight of their life that will be retold over and over again. I don’t mind getting a hug and kiss from him either.

  4. David in Houston says

    I’m not a fan of David Beckham… but that was all kinds of awesome. For most of those fans, that was one of the biggest moments in their lives, and it was great that David took the time to do that.

  5. Daniel says

    I wouldn’t normally give a toss about David Beckham and I know this vid was designed to play me.
    It worked!
    That was sweet and made me smile from eye to ear.

  6. Michaelandfred says

    Very touching.

    When they start giving out championships for being an ignorant ass on the internet, we’ll be sure to put you forward Jason.

  7. Michael says

    You must be a total ogar if you don’t tear up a bit seeing that boy be overcome by emotion. Who gives a flying flip if you don’t like Beckham, it obviously affected that boy in a profoundly positive way.

  8. AJ says

    So great. Everything I’ve seen about B makes him seem like a great guy with a decent sense of humor. He loves playing pranks on Ellen. And that little boy’s reaction was very touching. He’s a big deal to the Brits; and I can’t say I wouldn’t freak if he walked into a photo booth I was in and I have never watched soccer.

  9. jason says

    What on earth has David Beckham done for gay rights? He walks around the Earth and gets fawned over by the silly British press for doing hardly anything. If he turned up to the opening of a toilet bowl, he’d get paid handsomely for it and be called a hero for sewage disposal.

    He has done little, if anything, for gay rights. The Brits tend to go gaga for these highly paid do-littles.

  10. Don with a D says

    GET A GRIP. It’s a video of a handsome world class athlete giving a fun surprise to his fans. I’ll jack off to this video and it’ll make it more gay for you, okay??? Sheesh.

  11. Alvin says

    Get a grip Jason. Not everything is about gay rights. He has been doing a lot of charitable work. Unicef…MLS Works… just to name two. He also actively works with disadvantaged youths. He lends his name, time and money to a fair few children oriented charities. So what if he has not actively champion gay rights…Grow up Jason…

  12. jason says

    David Beckham is not particuarly gay-friendly in my view and, yet, he gets fawned over by Gay Inc. And for what purpose? His looks? Sheesh, that’s hardly a good reason.

    No wonder we will never achieve full gay rights when we keep falling for looks before substance. A lot of us tend to form our opinions based on sexual attraction rather than substance.

    Personally, I’d rather sit on cactus with a skunk for a neighbor than sustain an image of David Beckham.

  13. endo says

    We will never achieve full gay rights because we have mindnumbingly stupid people like you in our ranks.

    And for the record, we ALL wish you’d go sit on a cactus, preferably one as far away from the internet as possible.

  14. ratbastard says


    Too bad many ‘Brits’ don’t share your enthusiasm for ‘Yanks’. As a matter of fact, many don’t like being called Brits or British. And Beckham plays for ENGLAND, not Britain.

  15. Chuck says

    He is a fellow human being doing a fun positive thing, isn’t it enough he made people smile that day. We all should just take the time to make others smile !!!!

  16. Bob says

    NOTICE the Gay guy kissing Beckham on the cheek, around 0:32
    DON’T NOTICE the queeney comments that keep disappointing me that we haven’t moved beyond 1970

  17. ST says

    Jason, I’m trying to work out whether it’s more Beckham or the British that you seem to detest. Do we label all Americans as whining, hyper conservative, self-involved, bible-bashing gun toters? No. Generalising against any nation is about as intelligent as your vacuous comments. Beckham is where he is because a certain demographic of people love him; I couldn’t care less about the man, but he has done some amazing things with his fame for charity, and he is notoriously supportive of the gays in the British press, not that you’d know.

    You must make for a very important and impressive, if desperately insecure, figure in real life.

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