Don Perry, VP of Chick-fil-A Public Relations, Dies of Heart Attack


Donald A. Perry, the Vice President of Corporate Public Relations for Chick-fil-A, has died.

WRBL reports:

Ross Cathy, the owner of the Midland, GA Chick-fil-A and family member of company CEO, Dan Cathy, tells News 3, Perry passed away this morning from a heart attack.

Chick-fil-A released a statement:

We are saddened to report the news to you that our dear friend Don Perry, vice president of public relations, passed away suddenly this morning.

Don was a member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years.  For many of you in the media, he was the spokesperson for Chick-fil-A.  He was a well-respected and well-liked media executive in the Atlanta and University of Georgia communities, and we will all miss him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


  1. Josh-2 says

    I wish he and his family the best during this difficult time. Yes, he was bad at his job but he was still a human being. The internet is going to have a field day with the timing of this unfortunate event.

  2. grench says

    I do not wish death on anyone and, despite his intolerant views, extend comfort and peace to his family. I just have to wonder, however, whether God is sending a message.

  3. Chris says

    It is always sad when someone dies unexpectedly, however how long will it take for a right winger site to claim that the stress put on him by gay people killed him, or some other conspiratorial nonsense.

  4. THE QUEEN says


  5. Jack M says

    Hush up Queenie!

    They’ll blame us, of course, but people have always blamed minorities for the bad things that happen. I wish only peace for the man’s friends and family.

  6. Gregoire says

    There is a direct line here between God’s vengeance and the evils of the company he worked for. I mean, using the logic of Christians who pointed to natural disasters as being caused by gays.

  7. endo says

    There is no omnipotent fairy man in the sky. So no, he was not being punished.

    I’m sure he’s had a very stressful week. May he rest in peace.

  8. Lymis says

    “I mean, using the logic of Christians who pointed to natural disasters as being caused by gays.”

    Except that when they try to use that, generally God misses the appropriate target by weeks, or miles. The parallel would actually be if someone in a mail room three blocks away who once looked at a chicken died suddenly.

    So, either a vengeful God takes much more careful aim when He’s on our side, or this has nothing to do with God.

    Our point is that family is important during both the good times and the bad times. I wish his family all the best during this difficult time, and if this tragedy happens to help some of the other narrow minded people there see that family is important, that would be a nice thing.

  9. say what says

    Uhm Gawd’s age is catching up to him because his aim is way off

    just can’t smite the evil gays for the sake of his righteous chicken cookers like he used to

  10. Steveo says

    It was an inside job. The Cathy’s are the fried food mobsters with money to take our all in their path. They took out Perry to blame teh Gay’s….

  11. greg says

    I’m very disappointed with Towleroad putting this headline here to elicit comments about this topic. This seems like pandering to start a controversy. Your website has been wonderful for so many years, but this is petty.

  12. Michael says

    1st off, RIP…

    2ndly, gee, you spend a great deal of fortune demonizing the LGBT community and when you finally come out vocally about what everyone has already known, the backlash gives you a heart attack.

    To the bigots who keep wanting to support Chick-fil-A, go ahead. The more you “support” them the sooner you’ll have a heart attack.

  13. Zlick says

    I won’t rejoice for a second, and do indeed feel bad for his family and friends. As others have alluded to, this must have been a very stressful week in that PR department, but to the extent it included efforts to lie about the safety of Jim Henson Co. toys or to create fake facebook accounts, I’d say the stress of hypocrisy and guilt were contributing factors equal to or exceeding the national brohaha set off by his boss’s comments.

  14. Drew Boo says

    I guess they are going to blame us for making his job stressful.. well actually it would be Cathy’s fault for that. Or maybe, it was the food product – actually thats most likely the case.

  15. Michael says

    I’m sorry, but we’re suppose to take the moral high ground on this? How many of them, and how quickly, do you think would jump on the chance to say, “Look! This is without a doubt God striking his vengeance upon you for using His Name to justify your bigotry.” I mean, my God, the VP of their Public Relations was just “struck down” with a heart attack. Countless numbers of them would be jumping up and down with glee that they had proof God hates us just as much as they do.

    So, yes, let’s take the moral high road because, God knows, they never would. It’s just obnoxious if the tables were turn there would be no greater proof for them that they were on the right side.

    However, I am chuckling at the thought of all these homophobes, who are probably so overweight to begin with, digging their graves at a faster rate by eating at Chick-fil-A.

  16. Icebloo says

    We need to stand strong against this evil company. Don’t get soft just because someone has died. We STILL deserve our equal rights whether he is dead or alive.

    KEEP UP THE PRESSURE ! It’s working !

  17. theotherlee says

    To GREG and DANSWON….

    If you haven’t noticed Chick-fil-A has been in the news, and has been featured in several articles here on TowleRoad. Considering the number of Chick-fil-A articles, AND Chick-fil-A being in the national news as well.. AND considering… TowleRoad has never been.. “All gay news, All the time…” There is nothing inappropriate about reporting on this story, and its association with the rest of the Chick-fil-A news.

    Condolences to his family.

  18. ~Wrath~ says

    “We don’t want gays to be able to get married.”
    Hey homophobic Christians…you know all the times you claim something is “Gods wrath”? I think you just learned that coincidences do exist.

  19. Michael says

    Hey, if anyone is up for it, CNN has an iReport, currently being highlighted on their front page, from a homophobe talking about Chick-fil-A. The hypocrisy just stuns me. It’s AOK to boycott 10,000 companies that are pro-gay but when the tables are turned they all start freaking out.

  20. EYEROLL says

    @GREG: This restaurant has been in the media for weeks about its anti-gay stance. The guy who has been dealing with the media and is the spokesperson for that company dies of a heart attack. It’s news…and quite frankly, downright freaky!

  21. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    I will make an argument that is strictly medical rather than religious, an argument in which no divine entity intervenes. Working to deny people equal rights is not just hateful; it’s also stressful, and that will take a toll on people’s health. Hate is always a medically unwise choice. The adverse health effects of living with hate suggest that Mr. Perry would have been wiser to change his belief system early on and avoided the added stress that a hateful life puts people through. I am in no way relishing anyone’s illness or death. Quite the opposite. I’m simply offering sound advice for living a less stressful life.

  22. Mary says

    Knowing the conservative movement as I do, there is no doubt in my mind that as I write, there are right-wing posters on other websites claiming that the gays are responsible for this man’s tragic demise. And yes, I’m glad that there are many decent Towleroaders who express sympathy for him and his family. I second their views. But I have to wonder if many on the right are not learning an important lesson from this. All their “Disaster X is God’s punishment for abortion rights, disaster Y is God’s punishment for sodomy, etc..” comments may be causing them to rethink things. The problem with what they claim is that no one can know the mind of God. Any disaster could be retribution for ANY violation of God’s will. Could Jerry Falwell’s sudden and deadly heart attack alone in his office have been punishment for him saying that God “doesn’t give a flip” about his obesity? There’s a “mix and match” quality to this kind of analysis. Pick your disaster and pick your personal pet cause where you assume God is as offended as you are. It feels mighty good to make these claims. But even from a theological perspective it is an amateur’s game.

  23. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Mary,

    Well put, Mary. I have never used the argument that “Disaster X is God’s punishment against people that I personally dislike,” and I’m certainly not going to start using such a foolish argument now. Many of us are not religious, but even for those who are religious, “no one can know the mind of God,” as you say.

    My argument in my previous paragraph is that hate and bigotry are unwise medical choices because they inevitably make a person’s life more stressful. Not only that, hate makes someone a magnet for negative reactions, creating even more stress for the bigoted individual; I think we all learned that in kindergarten. My honest advice is for bigots to change their belief systems because of the benefits that would accrue: they would lead healthier, less stressful lives and probably live longer.

  24. Caliban says

    Considering how much Chik-Fil-A and their anti-gay policy has been in the news for the last week, yes this is valid news for this site.

    The stress from the last week may have been a factor, but that stressful period was started by the public statements of Dan Cathy and none other. Without them, things would have continued on as they had in the past.

    My condolences to Mr Perry’s friends and family.

  25. Markt says

    It is amusing – let’s face it. He works for a company that just said we’re inviting god’s wrath and then a guy in just the right position drops dead. I always thought gays like the opportunity for a good laugh.
    All condolences in these comments are completely insincere. None of us had any idea that the man even existed. One just can’t be sorry that someone died who was actively working to deny you basic rights when you were completely unfamiliar with them as a person. I mean someone worse may step in his shoes so WE may have a reason to be sorry but the false attempts at moral high-ground come off as – false.

  26. Steve says

    For his family I wish them well.

    The rightwing will simply say we persecued a good christian and he died defending his faith. That martyr stuff is central to all fundies whether xtain, muslim or some other flavor. It beats finding any rational explanation plus you get free sainthood.

    I hope our side stays on the high road with this.

  27. Mary says

    Artie, we’ve had exchanges in the past and I respect you a lot, but I’m having a hard time understanding your reasoning here. It is true that hate is bad for a person – it tends to harm the person who has it rather than the person who is it’s object. But you are not really referring to hate itself here – you’re referring to a set of political beliefs/actions which you are assuming is motivated by hate. As proof, you claim that these hate-filled people should “change their belief system” rather than “find a way to justify their beliefs that doesn’t involve them hating others.” What you really want is for all anti-gay marriage forces to simply give up. Essentially, you’re using the “hate charge” to insist that the issue of SSM be settled in your favor.

    The fact is that a person can oppose gay marriage without being the least bit hateful toward gays, and even while becoming more sympathetic to their causes (as I did.) People on the Left forget that their own hatred was famous as “rage” in the 1960’s. Even political views or fears that turn out later to be baseless can easily be the result of faulty thinking rather than ill intentions.

  28. truthteller says

    My condolences to his family and loved ones.

    I take no pleasure in the death of another human being nor do I allow the haters to dictate my feelings.

    His family is going through an incredible loss. Let’s be mindful of that and although some people on the right would not give us that dignity, we are different. We know better and we must act accordingly.

    My sentiment does not justify the policies of the company he worked for nor his important job within it. Being callous will not bring equality any faster and will show us to be just like those who seek to oppress us.

    We are fighting for our humanity and we must give Mr. Perry and his family the same dignity we so desire at this very difficult time for them.

    RIP Mr. Perry.

  29. Markt says

    I love Towleroad and usually love the comments. But there are not many people offering comments here with whom i would like to spend time – Sanctimonius much?

  30. Shelly says

    In all honesty, a glance at the comments blog on either side of this issue reveals plenty of viciousness and dehumanization being tossed around from angry people on both sides. Yes, obviously “they started it,” and they are the ones working to deny us equal rights, but I think the decline of civil discourse and the sharp rise in violent rhetoric on every side of EVERY political issue at the moment takes a stressful toll on all of us, whether we’re dishing out or receiving. Worse yet, it only serves to harden the opinions on both sides against one another as, rightly or wrongly, people feel victimized by each other’s anger and use that as a weapon to smear their adversaries as irrational monsters out to destroy everything good.

    Of course, vicious rhetoric has taken its toll before in the Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting. After a few weeks of public attention on the issue, nothing ever came of it. So it will be here, I suspect. But I think that powerful interview with that woman attacked in Nebraska gets it right when she pleads that we all remember that people are not pawns but human beings. When we lose track of that, all hell breaks loose.

  31. DanSwon says

    I’m really disappointed in some of these comments. There is no dignity in celebrating someone’s death or making a joke out of it. Yes of course I hate Chick-A-Fil (or whatever it is, I’m English) as much as the rest of you. But I think we’ve always retained the moral high ground by fighting our battles with dignity and compassion.

  32. Carlos says

    I don’t feel ANY sympathy for this mans death. Am I supposed to? Or better yet, should I be fake and say I feel horrible for a man who’s company mission is to destroy gays is destroyed himself?… Nope, still don’t feel sad.

  33. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Mary,

    First, I won’t mince words about what opponents of marriage equality are proposing. They want same-sex marriages to be illegal. That means that if someone pays for social security insurance out of their paycheck throughout their working life, just like everyone else, their same-sex partner won’t be able to receive any social security benefits. Nor will same-sex partners be entitled to private or government health care benefits as a spouse.

    I’m certainly aware of arguments against marriage equality that are worded in very benign, positive terms. “It’s for the good of society to deny same-sex partners benefits,” etc. I just don’t believe the people who use those arguments, not for a minute. It’s an unfortunate fact of human existence that people lie, and I think that benign-sounding arguments against marriage equality are dishonest. I think that those who dedicate themselves to stopping marriage equality are simply motivated by the desire to cause injury and prejudice to people that they personally dislikes.

    I expect that you will think me overly suspicious. The only alternative is to accept the argument that individuals are concerned with what they think is “for the good of society.” All right, let’s say I drop my suspicions and go with that argument. It should be obvious that it’s not up to any one person, or any single American state, to decide the question. We have four states with marriage ballot initiatives in November: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington State. If we go with the “good of society argument,” rather than my suspicions about people’s motives, then we have to look for a consensus this November from four very representative American states. I’m certainly willing to discuss the results of those ballot initiatives with you, but I feel certain that the American nation is searching for a consensus.

  34. Collin TX says

    Are gay people seriously supposed to mourn the death of the leaders of the new version of KKK? Good humans deserve my empathy. Rotten humans leaving this planet is chalked up as the circle of life. MANY people die every day. This man is no more special than them and in some ways, is far less worthy of attention.

  35. says

    This company had donated millions to the most anti gay organizations in the world, some of which truly are out for our genocide. Expecting the gay community to mourn the death of those who want us destroyed is laughable to me. I agree that the world needs less people like this and Dan Cathy in it.

  36. BARI says


  37. Lazerlightbeam says

    They have the blood of every gay teenager that killed themselves on their hands. They have made themselves a staple of homophobia for years in the South, contributing to the hostile environment for gay youth. I could t care less one of them leaves this planet. They truly hav evil in their hearts, an those of us in the south know it!

  38. 2Fathers says

    People die every day. I don’t feel terrible when a human aligned with horrible humans dies. I feel sorry when a humane person dies. If I were to feel sorry for every person that died, good person or bad person, I wouldn’t be able to leave bed. To suggest we HAVE to feel sorry for him…. No we certainly don’t HAVE to feel anything. You Conservative can’t control our feelings either, no matter how hard you try to control everything in our lives.

  39. Thiotes Tocalles says

    You just knowwww if the PR guru for the KKK died of a heart attack, all these mother teresa wannabes on here attempting to guilt us into feeling sorry forthis guy would be the first to celerate that death. How is what Chik Fil A doing in contributing money to organizations that facilitate those who kill us abroad, who makes the lives of gays miserable here and who have said they want to destroy gay families any different than the KKK? Chik Fil A in some ways are worse than them considering the pull they have.

  40. guest says

    @ Bari,

    Last Sunday on HBO’s “True Blood,” some religious zealots were trying to convince the Eric Northman character to join their cause, and here’s what Eric Northman said on prime-time national television:

    “Never, you bible-banging c*nts!”

    Bari, did it ever occur to you that you’re living in the wrong country?

  41. says

    I find it insulting that LGBT are constantly told to not react to our opressors. To “be the bigger person” which I hear people spew often. That right there is some homophobic BS spread by those who want us to be kicked and not fight back. It actually makes me MORE angry, not more gentle. Don’t you dare tell LGBT in this day an age, where discrimination against them is celebrated, to not be reactionary. What, would you rather we bottle up inside and not react to bigots? You’d love that, wouldn’t you. That way the bigots get to keep on being bigots without excessive pressure put on each of them.

  42. Truth says


    Stop coming on here and lecturing us about how to act accordingly to your values when YOU are not and have repeatedly stated you are not willing to give us full equality under the law. The very last person qualified to give advice to the gay community is someone like yourself who advocates for the discrimination of gay couples, gay families and gay children. You are NOT qualified dear.

  43. Ryan M. says

    Ohhh I’m sooo sick of the ‘gays, you act like mother teresa and don’t you dare get out of hand even when faced with extremist bigotry” sorry skrew that meme!!! These people are ruthless and deserve the same back. I don’t care that the head of some brand that seeks to ruin the lives of gays is dead. I care about the gay child who took his own life because people like this and his brand ruined his life. *thats* who my sympathy is reserved for.

  44. Stefan says

    I don’t understand why this story is even here. I can’t think of a way this relates to gay rights unless it’s coming from a pretty petty place. A man died suddenly and unexpectedly, and that’s very difficult for any family. I’m heartened by the kind comments wishing his family well. I’m dismayed by all the others.

  45. Coolcat says

    @ Ryan M.

    I’m also noticing the trend of telling gays to consistently be the better person. I’m almost wondering if it’s a sick ploy to get gays to be complacent when faced with homophobia? I’ve noticed a pattern here that regardless of the story, you’ll have a few posters suggest the gay community not react harshly and be sensitive to the side of the bigots. I’m starting to wonder if they are really just trying to groom gays who will be indifferent toward issues that effect them, less silent, an as a result their voices louder and seeming like the majority

  46. Dynex says

    Mary… Go away you cunty troll. You think any self respecting gay person will take pearls of wisdom from you? You lonesome, unemployed, housewife who has nothing better to do than camp on gay sites and desperately attempt to make us as indifferent toward our issues a you choose to be? May this mans fate be yours in the near future.

  47. says

    No, being opposed to gay marriage is NOT just a political difference in opinion. It’s people’s lives. Don’t you dare trivialize the life and livelihood and freedom and rights of my gay brothers and gay sisters with your played out talking point. Anyone who doesn’t support gay marriage is a bigot. You will be called a bigot. You will loudly be called a bigot to your face. Take ownership of it; it’s who you are.

  48. Steve-ATL says

    Would you demand the latino community to mourn the loss of someone who demonized them? No. You wouldn’t

    Would you expect black people to ‘feel remorse’ for an organization that worked hand in hand with other organizations that attempted to wipe their existence off this earth? You certainly would not.

    I find it disgusting, truly repulsive, that we’r being asked to somehow feel sorry and pay tribute to people who are responsible for the misery gays around the world face. That sugests we’re worthless.

  49. Scholar Gillato says

    Umm, in contrast, can we get a picture up of every gay child who killed themselves over homophobic bullying? Or moreover, a picture of every gay person who was the victim of an anti gay attack? Now THAT’S something to feel sorry and remorse for.

  50. Mary says

    Whoa, what hostility there is tonight! Can my critics here please remember that I am now PRO same-sex marriage (switched two months ago) and have contributed to several gay rights organizations. At least save your rage for actual opponents. I thought my posts made it clear that I was being critical of hypocrisy and foolishness on BOTH sides of the political fence. You can agree with a cause and yet still think that the wrong tactics are being used by its proponents. As Kiwi like to say (and some of my critics here are probably Kiwi under aliases) – learn to discern.

  51. LAXJFK says

    Why is everyone bending over backwards over a death. This guy was a creep, our enemy in a war that is being fought every day. People die every day and in wars people die. He chose who he worked for and if the stress of that job and a diet of junk food killed him that’s his choice. Why is everyone apologizing in realizing this is one less bigot we have to fight? I couldn’t care less about him or his family–he has friends and family who will do that. I am a stranger who this man and his firm have singled out for bigotry. The fact he wears a suit and a smile makes him no less a bigot than those of the past.

  52. ty says

    @ Bari- Us queers have been murdered, beaten and abused by the hetero majority for too long. We are sick of it and are not going to sit by and let the abuse continue. You like to focus on how we have sex? Your mind is in the gutter. We are human beings who have a huge taxpayer supported enemy in the church.
    Pissed off human beings

  53. IonMusic says

    That’s a very valid point. Why are gays required to feel bad when one of their opressors passes? Why are gays told to befriend people who work to strip them of their liberities an then convince them ‘we simply have a difference in opinion’

    I actually wish more gay people held on to their convictions and weren’t timid in loudly stating their rights, anger and passion. We have every right to be passionate considering that our lives are used as a political football.

  54. Mary says

    It is true that this man was an opponent of gay equality and there is no reason why gays should feel especially sorry that he’s gone. And yes, people die every day. We certainly can’t cry over all deaths. I was just trying to say that it looks bad to seem to be rejoicing over a death. Not asking anyone to be saintly (I’m no saint myself.)

  55. Jeff Olvensky says

    No! I don’t feel ‘sorry’ for this man. I don’t KNOW this man. I don’t know if he’s worthy of my heart and emotions. I do know he didn’t partner with good people, but my emotions and heart is reserved for people I know who have made a difference in my life. Like my granda in the hospital. That’s who deserves my heartfelt sympathy. Not some stranger who worked for an anti gay orginization.

  56. Susie Pingleton says

    Another sudden death of a true Patriot who stood for conservative Christian beliefs. America? Are we awake to what is going on in the Nation. Perversion and disregard for our Holy God is mocked…..spit on by the homosexuals? Wrath is coming!!

  57. KC says

    I agree with at least a few here. In this time, the family deserves – like anyone – respect and compassion in a time of loss. Repeat – we *ALL* deserve respect and compassion, period, especially in a time of loss. I disagree with Chick-Fil-A’s public stands on many things, but the family deserves some basic silence and understanding in their time of loss. I can only hope they would do the same in return… history will tell.

  58. William says

    Christians have been saying god’s wrath against gays caused deaths, tragedies and disasters for eons — with the most bizarre and disconnected logic possible. And they were serious. It’s a false comparison to equate that with any sarcastic remarks about this guy’s death today. Frankly, this lightening bolt is about as clear and straight forward as god has ever been.

  59. Tanoka says

    Wow, so many trolls.

    The irony here is of course that this man, with his faith and rightousness, will soon see that if he was right about heaven and hell, he won’t find himself in heaven…

    How long before the Breitbarts come up with some conspiracy? THE MILITANT GAYS KILLED HIM! OMG! OBAMA! DRONES! POISON! MICROWAVES!

    As long as we’re randomly speculating: What if he had a change of heart (ooh, pun!) and wanted to support the SSM cause, but was torn between that and his job/boss/whatever.
    Sounds stressful to me.

  60. Markt says

    Why do people keep bringing up his family? Maybe his gay son is glad he’s dead; or maybe he doesn’t have any family. I guess we’re all just awed by death being the great equalizer or something – because there is no reason to care that this guy died except that it’s amazingly ironic and timely.

  61. Tellie4Max says

    He supported a company that supported NOM with millions. NOM being the organization that said honosexuality and pedophilia are the same. People like him funded them. You will NOT get sympathy from us for him because most of us value our integrity more than ‘respecting’ a NOM ally!

  62. says

    Oddly that was done by the spirit of death which now attacks chic fil A for speaking so powerfully against its gay attack upon America! Even more strange the false spirit of death/satan has been found by Science and can be seen on the websites at and on all pages of the website are many proved facts of this being God’s our Lord Jesus Christs Epic day of Reconing/vengeance Deuteronomy 32:43 Respect to Chic Fil A’s founder and vice president

  63. says

    Also go to the prophecy and the signs page for evidence of the Minister of the site being so powerful he smites death/satan each day in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The signs listed on the page were posted now three years ago and the signs listed there now fall each week as morning news such as the Japan quake and tidal wave, and the Washington D.C./Virginia Beach quake which our Lord brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue in D.C. { Which more quakes now come to V.Beach/D.C. as we speak } contact the site for sounding and for answers or questions of the now soon inheritance Matthew 25:34

  64. truthteller says

    Schadenfreude may feel good but it carries a big price with our allies and potential allies.

    Let me be clear. You have a right to your feelings. No one is asking you to mourn or feel sorry for this man’s passing, please don’t misrepresent others’ posts to justify your over-dramatic full of vitriol rants. You hear what you want to hear, just like those on the other side…Let me ask you this. What is the best way to achieve our rights? Is it by being vindictive and hurling insults at a dead man or by respecting the pain his family and loved ones are going through and holding back the personal attacks at this point?

    Chik fil-a is on record as trying to obstruct and destroy the possibility of GLBT people’s equality in marriage. We have a right to be angry about their hurtful actions. I am not asking anyone to forget their policies. On the contrary, the best way to defeat Chik fil-a and those like them is by being adults with a strategy, not temperamental kids who spew insults at a dead man.

    Can the following writes please quote the posters who asked them to feel or do the things they claim on their posts?

    2Fathers writes: To suggest we HAVE to feel sorry for him…. No we certainly don’t HAVE to feel anything.

    Collin TX, writes: Are gay people seriously supposed to mourn the death of the leaders of the new version of KKK?

    Carlos writes: Or better yet, should I be fake and say I feel horrible for a man who’s company mission is to destroy gays is destroyed himself?… Nope, still don’t feel sad.

    FanOfDance writes: Expecting the gay community to mourn the death of those who want us destroyed is laughable to me.

    Human rights is NOT a sport. Stop acting like it is.

  65. truthteller says

    I find that Mary has demonstrated a spirit willing to learn and grow in spite of the harsh treatment from some members on this site.

    I have disagreed with her in the past but she has spent time on this site and gotten to know some of us and she now supports marriage equality. That’s progress and we should learn that some people genuinely want to do the right thing but lack information.

    I celebrate your evolution Mary and look for more from you.

  66. DeeperStill says


    Are you saying the rest of us lies, and only you don’t, are are you saying that you alone hold the only truth there is?

    You seem very self-righteous to me.

  67. Realist says


    spare us the lecture. You Miss America type gays always try to get on your soap box in these stories and lecture the community. We have every reason to react. You want us to dial it down. We certainly don’t have to, and human nature dictates it healthy to express emotions and feelings and not constantly be role playing an act for politics. Sometimes it’s appropriate if not NEEDED to tell someone off. You and your kind have no strategy, you have the same ploy in every circumstance
    “Sit down, have tea and a treat with hate mongers”
    in every circumstance, that’s your vision of change. Sorry some of us don’t live in a Pixar film.

  68. says

    @ Truth Teller
    while you preach about effective behavior, here’s a little advice for you, most people don’t follow orders or even tips from people who come off like entitled, pompous know-it-alls. You and your post take the crown for said traits. Reevaluate your own approach before you tell us to polish ours!

  69. truthteller says

    Well, I see I hit a nerve with the reactionaries who decided to attack me instead of hearing my point of view.

    Realist even said: “You Miss America type gays always try to get on your soap box in these stories and lecture the community.”

    A Miss America type, really? And you don’t find that misogynist in the least? Do you find women inferior and feel the need to use them as a slur to demean me?

    “Sometimes it’s appropriate if not NEEDED to tell someone off.”
    Oh, big man you are, telling a DEAD MAN off. Delighting in others misery is just awesome of you.

    You know nothing of me or my activism yet, from one post, you generalize and lump me in with ‘You and your kind have no strategy, you have the same ploy in every circumstance
    “Sit down, have tea and a treat with hate mongers”‘

    I find your post really sad. I have marched on the streets, I have protested, volunteered, sent letters and raised money to benefit gay causes and to fight injustice. What have you done so I don’t judge you from one post.

    Art Smith chimes in with: “most people don’t follow orders or even tips from people who come off like entitled, pompous know-it-alls.”

    ORDERS? I gave you orders? I suggest you take a reading comprehension course or at least a critical thinking lesson.

    My posts are my opinion, they validated the anger we all feel about the actions of chik-fil-a. But of course it is more fun to react to something you think you read rather to what I actually wrote!

    Let’s just agree that you have the right to vicious attacks on dead people and I have the right to be disgusted by it and call you on it on this blog. Even if you find it to be “entitled, pompous know-it-all”

  70. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Truthteller (“Truthteller”? A new username, perhaps?)

    I understand your advice about not being gleeful about the death of people that you personally dislike. After all, Christianists have turned that into an art form regarding gay people, and I’m certainly not trying to imitate Christianists. If you’ll go back to my replies to Mary, you’ll see that I was noting that living a life guided by hate has bad effects on people’s health and level of stress, not to mention that it makes the bigot a target of understandable negative reactions, which would increase their level of stress even more. The person would live a healthier, longer life if they changed their belief system. My suggestion is not hostile; it’s just common sense.

    Mary disagreed with me on the point of people’s motives. She feels that opponents of marriage equality are not motivated by hate, but rather more sincere motives. I’m not sure whether she meant some, most or all of them. (And yes, I understand that Mary has recently decided to support marriage equality.) I replied that I think many opponents of marriage equality are being dishonest about their motives, and disguising hate with more socially acceptable arguments. I think they too would be adding stress to their lives unnecessarily.

  71. texaspigeon says

    Good riddance! Hate killed this man! His heart blew up because he was such an SOB. Now he is no longer sucking on the same air that I am. Peace be with him???? Heck no!!! What a pathetic life he lived. PR lackey for a P.O.S. company! What a waste! Time for you to go! Um bye bye.

  72. Rob says

    Religion is all about social control, and religion is finally losing its grip. On women, on gays, on young boys. There will be some social upheaval but doctrinaire followers are starting to sound pretty stupid. Mary, you clean up the catholic church, we’ll take care of this.

  73. Michaelandfred says

    Would I wish anyone’s death? No. Is this sad for his family? Of course. Do I feel sorry for them? I can empathize. Do I feel sadness or hurt for the death of a stranger who was part of an organization that has contributed to untold pain and suffering to the LGBT community? Not particularly. Not as sorry as I feel for Mathew Sheppard crucified on a fence post, or the lesbian who had “dyke” carved into her stomach, or the teen in Florida who was set on fire or the transgender kid in San Francisco shot in the head or the thousands of LGBT youth living on the streets, thrown out by their own parents living by “biblical principles.”

    Is there delicious irony in this story? Of course.

  74. Fritz says

    I’m sure the man had just had the most stressful weeks of his entire career. Was it his having to justify his company’s discriminatory policies that did him in? Maybe he was such a fervent believer in his own self-righteousness that being challenged by the rest of the world sent him over the edge. Or maybe he realized that his company’s position was antiquated and he knew it had to change. Either way, there’s a lesson here: carrying around a lot of hate isn’t good for you.

  75. GETALIFE says

    I see some of the religious “patriots” are posting on here. For one thing, God knows what you are doing. Trying to turn the Chick-Fil-A saga around on “the gays” as an attack on you is ridiculous. He sees that and will ask you about it at the gates of heaven. CFA started this when the owner decided to spout off with pride (God doesn’t like that either) about their funding of anti-equality groups (God would rather you spend that money helping the poor). He made that comments and got “the gays” upset and they responded. So don’t act like all of a sudden you were minding your own business and you were suddenly attacked for being christian. God knows what you are up to. Just like he knows you may be religious fundamentalists and guess what? He doesn’t care! It isn’t going to get you into heaven any faster and it doesn’t mean those that aren’t over-the-top in their views won’t get in. So, bring it down a notch and stop judging others because God knows and he isn’t happy about that.

    You should also stop visiting gay websites…God will get you for that! Sarcasm.

    Sidenote: if a homeless or really poor person walks into a CFA, do they turn them away for not being able to pay, or do they do God’s work and feed the poor?

  76. truthteller says


    I find it curious that you felt you needed to defend yourself from an attack on you I didn’t make. I happen to agree with your positions and find your post well though out and non-hostile.

    BTW My moniker, truthteller is just fine. Your use of quotation marks around it would have been a clever observation if I was making up facts or flat out lying, but I am doing neither. I am stating my opinion, which of course, you don’t have to agree with. Your dig is a non sequitur.

  77. Guy says

    Wonder if Chik-fil-A management will see this as a sign they’ve been following the wrong path. If they adhere to Biblical teachings as they claim to, they will.

  78. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Truthteller,

    I didn’t think you were attacking my comments at all. We can both see that you didn’t mention my comments in any of your posts. I only thought you might find some interest in my point about people doing their health and stress level more harm than good by adopting bigoted positions and fighting against equality.

    Yes, your username is just fine as is. You should use whatever username suits you.

  79. Just_a_guy says

    May this pr guy RIP.

    Dan Cathy and his minions of gay-people-hating supporters are the real villians here. I don’t want to presume too quickly that this pr guy meant or did bad–unless he did. If being forced to work for the cause of hatred stressed him out, honestly, schucks, that’s a sign that he might have been a good, honest man–put in a situation where doing evil to gay people was foisted upon him.

    One question: Did he try to stand up to Dan Cathy et al.?

    In any case, my condolences to his family; a loss like this cannot be easy, and the family was probably ill-prepared for the public light his position working for hater Dan Cathy put him in.

  80. Terry says

    My thoughts are with his family, may they remember all the good times and dedication he had to them. May his family be comforted with this unfortunate loss and may people remember that though the company’s stance is something we are against because of the invidious discrimination, they should still offer up prayers for his famil

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