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    @MATT26 No, not in many, many states, and even in states were it is (like MD, where I live) if you’re a private club like the BSA, it’s still legal.

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    @MATT26 No, not in many, many states, and even in states were it is (like MD, where I live) if you’re a private club like the BSA, it’s still legal.

  3. ratbastard says

    Has he ever been accused of inappropriate behavior? Everyone says he’s a good guy and scout leader. Yet, here in Boston a little league coach named Jose Ortega was arrested 2 days ago for ‘enticing’ his minor players. But the real story is he was well known for doing this for at least 10 years, all the players knew he was a perv, yet he was allowed to be a coach for at least 10 years by the organization.

  4. ryan says

    I’m not sure how this works actually, It is one thing to exclude someone from membership in a private club even in states where there are protections for sexual minorities, but being fired from an actual job, in a state that has a state level ENDA is a completely different matter. If he was in a state that had something like that (I suspect Missouri does not) he would probably have a pretty strong wrongful termination case.

  5. anon says

    The BSA is an odd organization with an odd mission. The original goal was to create little soldiers for spreading Christianity and the UK empire, now it’s largely an American organization (does it even operate in the UK anymore?) run by Mormons. It whitewashes its own history while all the time seeming quaint and anachronistic. I should think a rival and more inclusive organization would have been created by now, but without large donors I don’t see that happening.

  6. ryan says

    The Scouts are alive and kicking in the UK. I’m an american eagle scout who has been involved in scouting in the UK since moving here a few years ago, it is a much more inclusive organisation over here in every sense of the word and is largely about providing a sense of moral decency (without an overt religious agenda of any kind) and civic commitment as giving people an opportunity to grow themselves and others.

  7. Fenrox says

    I’m tired of these stories. There is no surprise that BSA hates gays, they will kick you out if you are gay or too closely related to gayness. They always do this, they are entirely allowed, get over it!

    There needs to be a campaign to destroy the BSA on their bad history, or somebody needs to start a better international kids scouting agency. Until then, yes fire is hot, ice is cold and the BSA will fire you if your gay.

  8. Swiminbuff says

    The BSA is different from Boy Scouts in Canada. The Boy Scouts actually had a booth set up on Church St in Toronto during Pride which clearly could not happen south of the border. I wonder what justification the BSA uses when they look at Scouting organizations in other countries to justify their continuing prejudices.

  9. Yeek says

    Depressing and weird.

    My hunch is that he and the director both knew ahead of time that this interview was going to happen, and recorded it because they disagree with the BSA policy. I certainly have heard talk of camp leaders who have clandestinely defied the BSA when it comes to their attention that a counselor or scout is gay. And it’s hard to imagine a bigot consenting to being recorded.

  10. Walter Beck says

    I empathize with Eric, I’m likewise an Eagle Scout and former camp counselor. I lost my camp job this year due to my sexuality. I worked on camp staff for nine years and still got the shaft. It breaks my heart, we’re loyal Scouts and they still kick us to the curb.

  11. Bill Callahan says

    One thing we can do is prevent the BSA from using government property free of charge. Since they are a private institution, there really is no reason that the BSA should be able to go into schools and use their resources. One reason the BSA opened its new permanent home for the National Jamboree is that military bases will no longer let them set up on their land for free. If our military can accept gay people, while not the BSA?

  12. YeahItsMe says

    I always the outrage over these decisions hilarious. The kid knew he was not allowed to be a counselor per BSA rules, and acting ll butthurt because they didn’t make an exception is LOL! funny. I do agree that the cuselor was in on it as far as the documentary – this kid is QUITE clearly homosexual.
    In the end, many parents would not be comfortable with a gay 19-year old by being in chage of teen boys, in the same way they would not want a hetero 10-year old boy in charge of teen girls. Quite reasnable and understandabl.
    The BSA wll not change, nor should they. If there is such a groundswell of peple just dying to have homosexual scout leaders, then start your own organization. We will wait.
    And laugh.

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    I personally knew him and had him as a counsler at camp he was a great scout and a great teacher he may of knew it was against policy but i believe he did it to prove gays can be just as good of boyscouts so it may of been “frowned upon” but he didbt deserve to lose his job