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Gays Driven by 'Venomous, Seething, Demonic, Heterophobic' Hatred, Says AFA's Bryan Fischer: VIDEO


When Bryan Fischer looks at a rainbow flag, he sees hate, Right Wing Watch reports:

I am convinced that there is plenty of hatred in the debate over homosexuality, there's a lot of hatred, there's a lot of vitriol, there's a lot of venom - it is coming from homosexuals themselves. The real haters are homosexuals. The real venom is coming from those that support the homosexual agenda, either homosexual activists, homosexuals, or those that support the homosexual agenda. They are the real haters. There is a heterophobic hatred, there is a Christophobic hatred that is just seething, there's a dark, venomous, demonic hatred that is in the homosexual community.


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  1. Bryan you need to look in the mirror. You make a living fomenting hatred of people that have done nothing to you and are only defending themselves. Seems to me your most recent comments reflect who you are. Now who is the demon that is possessing you? They all have a name in your world right?

    Posted by: Rob | Jul 12, 2012 9:14:55 AM

  2. He is pretty much trolling at this point. I really dont know why we are giving him any attention at all.

    Posted by: Rallyxx | Jul 12, 2012 9:17:46 AM

  3. The man is mentally ill and is driven primarily by greed.

    Posted by: mike | Jul 12, 2012 9:19:00 AM

  4. serious case of DEFLECTION here

    Posted by: Disgusted American | Jul 12, 2012 9:22:04 AM

  5. ...It is past time to let it sink in that Fischer and those who "follow" him are in deep sh*t. They simply cannot accept that we exist and they are sputtering like dying whales. The hate is coming from him and his minions, not most of us. We pay our taxes (unlike him, thanks to "religious" exemption) try to be good citizens and contribute as much as any to our society at large. These people are floudering and think by their rhetoric that we will just vanish. The same was true with the civil rights years, when far too many people just like him wanted the "negroes" to vanish. I know you know what I mean. I am not in any way saying our struggle is the exactly the same, but facts are facts They simply cannot get their head around the fact that "we are queer, we are here, get used to it!" We aren't going away. They are the losers, fighting an unwinnable war, not us. Pity.'Tis a real pity...what sad, sad people they are.

    Posted by: thom | Jul 12, 2012 9:27:43 AM

  6. I don't understand the obsession with this guy. I doubt that most people, gay or straight, would know who he is or care.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jul 12, 2012 9:34:53 AM

  7. This guy is demented.

    Posted by: Tintin Malfoy | Jul 12, 2012 9:36:51 AM

  8. This guy is demented.

    Posted by: Tintin Malfoy | Jul 12, 2012 9:36:57 AM

  9. Sounds like someone is projecting, here. Dirtbag.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Jul 12, 2012 9:42:11 AM

  10. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    Posted by: JR | Jul 12, 2012 9:50:11 AM

  11. Until a few of them get Matthew Shepardded (do not condone anything of the sort, not even threats) over their anti-equality beliefs, they have no business calling *us* the haters.

    Posted by: kpo5 | Jul 12, 2012 9:54:17 AM

  12. Who said gays are heterophobic? I love straight people. They make gay babies.

    Posted by: Stephen | Jul 12, 2012 9:58:11 AM

  13. Everybody hates me, Wahhhh!

    Posted by: Jack M | Jul 12, 2012 10:08:57 AM

  14. Miss Bryanette is upset because no one will share their poppers with her.

    Posted by: Tamika | Jul 12, 2012 10:18:14 AM

  15. Please stop posting updates about Bryan Fisher - it just isn't news. Really? He said something hateful about the LGBT community today? Shocking! All we are doing is giving him a voice and contributing to his view counts.

    Posted by: Christopher | Jul 12, 2012 10:28:58 AM

  16. Brian Fischer is correct. We ARE driven by by a 'Venomous, Seething, Demonic, Heterophobic' Hatred..... HIS hatred and the hatred of those like him.

    Spot on Brian.

    Posted by: Geoff M | Jul 12, 2012 10:29:12 AM

  17. Bryan, you have it wrong.

    We don't hate hetero people, we simply don't like the actions of the ones that seem to want us all to deny who we really are, disappear back into the closet or die.

    Really, I don't hate you. I just feel very sorry for you because you are mentally ill and can't help yourself.

    Posted by: johnny | Jul 12, 2012 10:38:55 AM

  18. Someone should really try to do something about all those straight bashings.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jul 12, 2012 10:59:19 AM

  19. I agree with Johnny, by and large. Clearly, as he recently revealed in that interview, this man is mentally ill -- driven to project his own pain and misery onto millions of others because of unresolved issues in his past. It would be best not to give him another forum to spread his dis-ease. Because what happens when one of these pathetic people starts spouting off and gets spread all over the internet? The most venomous and nasty people on both sides start shooting off their mouths and making threats at one another and it only adds fuel to the perception that every lgbtq person and every Christian are seething with violent rage and out to destroy everyone on the other side.

    Mind you, I am not saying these perceptions on either side are equally valid -- there is no doubt whatsoever we are much more likely the recipients of hatred and violence than they are. But I've been in enough comment sections to see folks on our side acting more or less identically to folks on their side (you can actually play Mad-Libs with the posts in most cases -- switch out a few key words to smear the other side with the synonyms your tribe will associate with the scariest, most evil imaginable and the posts write themselves), and that only gives nonsense like this diatribe the perception of reality for people who don't know any better and are likely to be swayed by this guy.

    Posted by: Shelly | Jul 12, 2012 11:12:49 AM

  20. This is like beating a dog with a stick, stabbing it with a cattle prod, throwing hot oil on it, then pointing at it and saying in a shrill, nasal voice "see, it tries to bite me. I told you!"

    Posted by: Robert | Jul 12, 2012 11:19:05 AM

  21. Exposing bigotry with the bible :

    Hatred is the greatest sin which goes against the greatest commandments of Christ. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Christ has clearly mentioned that the way to have eternal life for his followers is through his commandments to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. He has mentioned that those laws are above all other biblical laws of any other prophets.

    Homophobes promoting hatred are antiChrist who do not believe or pretend to believe in Jesus Christ but do not acknowledge Christ's commandments to love God and to love thy neighbor as thyself, to be the highest of all biblical laws. The antiChrist, like the devil, is a master of quoting biblical verses except those 2 top commandments of love from Christ, they avoid using Christ's name but use other names, even 'God', to bring all sort of biblical verses or 'facts', to lie and to prove their justification to hate. AntiChrist deceive people that those 2 commandments of love were not above all laws for Christians, and they are around in many organizations pretending to be of 'religious' faith.

    The issue of homosexuality, same sex marriage and many other issues (sexual/non sexual) are different forms of a test of the Christian faith on that choice of who they really believe in the end, to love (Christ and His greatest commandments) or to hate (succumb to temptation of verses NOT from Christ's greatest commandments to justify their hatred).

    Posted by: Simon | Jul 12, 2012 11:26:56 AM

  22. Anti-gay Christians are the venomous, seething, demonic, gay haters. Think about it Christians are suppose to be loving and helpful but today the anti-gay Christians are giving the good Christians a bad name by spreading hate of gays and minorities. The good Christians have failed to control their anti-gay Christians who hate, making the Christians who love look bad.

    Posted by: Mike | Jul 12, 2012 11:31:49 AM

  23. He's right, I hate him!

    Posted by: Jim | Jul 12, 2012 11:32:52 AM

  24. No one has made an insult about this homophobe's race yet. Well, you do it with..... What about his age? No? OK.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 12, 2012 11:39:26 AM

  25. OH NO! Mr. Fischer has figured me out! 95% of my friends, family, and co-workers are heterosexual, AND I HATE AND ENVY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

    If you believe that, then please report to the nearest doctor's office and have your head examined. If you believe that "hating straights" is caused by demonic possession, please kill yourself so as to not spread your Fischer-esque stupidity.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Jul 12, 2012 12:00:38 PM

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